Round Two!! Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, and Side of Chest Lift - Houston, TX

I also have a review for my first surgery that was...

I also have a review for my first surgery that was done in January 2014 that has more of my background. I had a breast lift and lower body lift including tummy tuck. I am still amazed by the changes Dr. Lomonaco made to my body on a daily basis. I cannot wait for him to finish me up. I will have my husband take some pictures today or tomorrow and post them.
Hey there, how did the surgery go? I hope you're doing well and resting. We're looking forward to your updates! :-)
wow!! It is tomorrow sweetie!! Best of luck!!!

It's done!

Wow, I guess I shouldn't have been so cocky about this surgery being a breeze. This is actually harder on me than the tummy tuck was. I need way more help than I did last time. I haven't seen my thighs yet but my arms look amazing!

Thigh pics

Feeling a tad better today

I'm a horrible patient. I hate having to let others take care of me and wth this thigh lift, you have to be very careful not to put too much stress on your thighs. Having the arm and side of chest lift done at the same time makes it even more fun to get around. I do feel much better today as far as being able to hobble around the house without getting dizzy or nauseous. Thank god our couch has power recliners on each end, I'm living on the couch for now. I will get some better pictures taken at some point in the next fews day, I haven't even seen my thighs standing up yet, but even sitting down I can see all that skin that hung off them is gone! My arms are amazingly tight and smooth also. I haven't been able to see the side of chest yet but I'm wrapped tight in a bandage and there's nothing squishing out under my armpit, so it must have worked!!

More pics

Got the hubs to take more pics. I didn't get any before ones done, I'm gonna see if I can get them from the dr. I am swollen big time but even still I love how everything looks!
Your incisions look really good. Take it easy and wishing you continued healing!

Slowly getting better

Boy this surgery has been so much rougher on me than the first. I'm more tired and it's harder to get around. Saw the dr yesterday and I'm healing well. I can go from the bandages on my thighs to some type of compression garment. I have already ordered some sleeves for my arms to cover up the incisions when I go back to work. The swelling in the thighs is a tad better but I still can't really see how they are going to look. I guess I just have to be patient!
Wow your thighs look freaking awesome! Still jealous of your lift only boobies! Awesome lift! Funny that you say this was worse of the two! My 1st surgery was the worst for me....but i wonder how much of that is all the darn leg liposuction as opposed to the LBL?
Thanks for sharing your story. I'm scheduled for the same surgeries, but with some lipo on the thighs and an incision all the way to the knee. on October 7. How long before you were comfortable going back to work?
Are you back to work? How long did you take off? Do you have updated photos? They looked so good!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I have a review for Dr. Lomonaco under my other review. All I can say is I was right about him and his staff when I started this journey with them. They have all taken wonderful care of me. His results speak for themselves. I couldn't have picked a better doctor for my transformation!

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