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I've hated my nose since I can remember. It has a...

I've hated my nose since I can remember. It has a large dorsal hump and a droopy tip that curves to the right. Plus, I have breathing difficulties as well. I shopped around and met with a few ENT's until I found the right one.
My surgical date is October 1st. I trust the surgeon and am looking forward to the operation. Hopefully taking 10 days off to recover will be long enough!
There's not really much else to write at this point. I'll update y'all after the pre-op appointment!
Congrats! Mine is October 8th!! I'll be watching out for your updates. My nose has the same issues -___-

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's a list of supplies you might find handy for recovery.

Please keep us posted!

GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!! You are a very beautiful girl and once the dorsal hump is removed, your features will really start to shine :)

Things I'm looking forward to

1. enhanced confidence
2. kissing my boyfriend without poking him in the face with my nose
3. ability to try more diverse hairstyles
4. less mouth-breathing
5. not having to "turn to my good side" for every photo

Imaged Pre & Post

please forgive the smudge on the imaged "post" photo.
I'm looking forward to keeping up with your recovery and results! I'll try to give you advanced notice of anything that could be helpful to you.
Thank you for your kind comment :)

friggin' insurance woes

The insurance I have is kinda screwy and will only allow me to have an operation in the OR of the hospital where I work, otherwise insurance won't pay for the functional part.
This sucks but it looks like I'm going to have to have only the cosmetic aspect done at this time.
Has anyone else been in this situation?

my doc is so considerate

I spoke with my surgeon and told him about my insurance issues. He's still going to do the turbinectomy/septoplasty and cosmetic rhino but put a discount on his fee to offset the fact that insurance won't pay. In the end, the price is right and the surgery will proceed as scheduled.
I am so very grateful for everything he and his staff have done to accommodate me. It has gone above and beyond what I expected.
Wow your face is perfectly balanced other than the bump, you are going to look amazing when this is done!! Good luck and I will follow for sure. Any questions just ask!!
thank you!

more "before"

Ya can tell the tip veers off to one side slightly. Can't wait to take selfies without this crooked, oversized schnoz!
You're gorgeous now but you are gonna love it after. It's that subtle change that softens our looks. Excited for you!
Thank you! I

one more week

I've wanted this for close to 16 years. One week from today I'll be home in bed recovering from the surgery. I go in for my pre-op appointment tomorrow. I'm so nervous but excited at the same time!
I agree with SwedishGrace below. This will only improve your looks. :) My nostrils are just as asymmetrical. Just feels like it throws everything else off since they sit in the center of the face!
You are already very beautiful, and your rhinoplasty will only enhance your other nice features. Wish you the best of luck!:-)
thank you :) I've also enjoyed reading your review. Your results look great!

pre-op done, 5 more days!

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday with my surgeon. 5 more days and I couldn't be more excited!
I must say, I feel so much more prepared for everything after joining this site and reading all of your reviews. So thanks everyone!
Hope you are doing well post-surgery! Can't wait to see your results!
Good luck tomorrow.
Thank you! I've never had surgery before, I'm so nervous.

done and done

All my nurses, anesthesiologist and my surgeon kicked booty today :) I was slightly nervous but my mom was more nervous than me! Everyone did a really fine job at reassuring her.
The last thing I remember is laying down on the operating table. The nurse said she was going to give me some Versed and then I woke up in post-op.
I felt hot and nauseated. They gave me some Zofran, which seemed to help. Then I had to stand to move from the stretcher to the recliner, nausea and dizziness hit me then. I was fine after some Phenergan.
Then I ate some yyogurt and took a pain pill. Nausea, again. I almost tossed my cookies but it stayed down thank goodness!
My mom, sister and boyfriend are all taking excellent care of me and I'm very grateful for their help.
I haven't looked at myself yet, figured there's nothing to look at right now.
The pain is very tolerable, maybe a 3/10, if that. My throat is sore from the breathing tube and that's the worst part, a 6/10 when I swallow. I think I'm gonna live :)
Anyway, it's nap time. Nighty night.
Yeah, get some rest. Happy healing.

day of surgery

Woohoo, let the bruising begin! It'll make me look tough, wonder if people will believe it when I lie about being an MMA fighter...
You have a beautiful face and I'm sure are going to look even more so after! Looking forward to your results!!
Thank you! I'm almost glad I have a week to prepare for cast removal, gonna need that long to mentally prepare.
You over the hurdle...take the drugs and have fun...take pictures and get your rest! Lol. I was immediately bruised bright purple and it got worse over 2 days. But I was high and happy In a lazyboy pretending to be at a spa. You'll do great and before you know be at the doc's office getting your cast off. Keep us posted.

and more bruising

I can feel my nose swell under the cast when I walk around the house and that's a little bit uncomfortable. There's some bruising and swelling between my eyebrows and a nice purple/yellow under the eyes.
Other than that I feel pretty good. Can't wait to get the stents out of my nostrils on Friday!
You're looking good :) I hope you have safe and quick recovery!
same to you! Did you get splints inside your nose? I can't wait to get these darn things jerked out!
I don't think I have anything up there, just a splint, lots of tape, and some non-disolving stitches. I bet Friday cannot come soon enough!

hopefully this is as bad as it gets

I feel much better today. Took a bath, took the dogs out for a walk... I feel like this is as bad as the bruising is going to get. My eyes were swollen yesterday but not so much today.
The purple really brings out my eyes, don't you think? Ha ha ha
Glad to hear you are up on your feet! Good luck with your appt tomorrow!
You are definitely looking good, and FEELING good also, walking the dogs and stuff. I could have never done that, on my second day post I felt so crappy and swollen, couldn't see through my right eye. I think you are right, this is prob as bad as it's going to get, lucky you:-) Happy healing, can't wait to see your result! x
Thank you, pretty girl :)

The dreaded splints are gone!

Yay, the splints are gone! The removal was a little weird but quick and pretty much painless. The doctor suctioned my nose a bit (also felt very weird) and said everything looked good and to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm scheduled for the cast removal on October 8th.
Happy as a clam so far :)
Anyone wanna see the splints? I have a picture...
Is it weird I want to see the splints? I'm kind of curious. Glad to hear it went well though :)
you asked for it!

the splints

They're about the size of snow peas
Hope you're doing well! Wish you all the best with cast removal tomorrow! Yay! :)
Damn! Look at the size of those things! Gosh, that musta felt great once they were out!
Interesting! Did removal help your breathing?


The cast came off today. I got a little misty and and a lot anxious when it came off. I was thinking, "This is it. I'm either going to love it or hate it. Lordy, I hope I don't freak out if I hate it, that will be so embarassing."
The doctor did his whole exam before he gave me the mirror.
What a relief! I still look like me, just better!
Oh, my left nostril is bigger than the other one. I'm tossing it up to swelling and not gonna worry about it. The incisions for the septoplasty were done on the left so it makes sense.
So far I love it.
The doc gave me some nasal exercises to do, where I pinch and apply pressure to my nose in different areas. It's supposed to keep the bones narrow. It's definitely sore/numb/sensitive right now.
I go back in one week for another follow-up.
Anyway, I'm a happy girl. So happy. I'm so glad the big unveiling wasn't very shocking.
Here's some photos!
looking good!
thank you!
Wow, your new profile is so much straighter! I'm really impressed with the new look. Very sleek profile! Hey, I'm also experiencing different nostril sizes, attributing them to swelling as well :)

swelling is going down

The swelling is going down and so far I'm still very happy. My poor nose is peeling like a snake but that's OK. I put some Aquaphor on it to help it along.
BTW, Aquaphor is the shit. I've been using it on my lips and inside my nostrils and it's been the only thing to actually keep those areas moisturized.
Happy healing, everyone!
You look great ,and your eyes are beautiful, that green !! Xx
You look great! Your swelling doesn't look bad at all. My tip is soo swollen 4 weeks post op. i'm sure your very happy with you results so early on :) happy healing!

so much better

I've had my cast off for a week and my nose went through some interesting changes in that amount of time. Here are the bad things:
1) My nose was very swollen, greasy and the skin felt weird for 3-4 days
2) The skin peeled like it was shedding from a bad sunburn
3) Zits, zits, zits...everywhere, probably from not being able to thoroughly wash my face for a week. The skin on and around my nose was the worst, go figure.
Here are the good things:
1) I don't feel like I'm pecking my boyfriend in the face anymore when we kiss. I don't think he ever noticed but I did. The kissing experience has improved for me, yay!
2) I don't really have a good side/ bad side anymore. Yay! Had some photos taken with family and I willingly participated. This is huge for me, I used to refuse and then get grumpy when forced to have my photo taken. Not anymore!
3) I find myself looking in the mirror LESS now than before I had the operation. Confidence is liberating.
4) The swelling has decreased substantially in the past week.
I'll post some photos in the next few days.
Nice and natural looking result! You look great :)
Very Happy for look awesome. Your nose matches you perfectly, and you look the same, with nice better straighter nose. I cant imagine what its like waiting to see your nose for the first time.... Thank you for sharing!!!
Wow! Happy for you! Your story is similar to mine. I had breathing issues and wanted to improve the way my nose looked. I had insurance woes as well, I ended up paying out of pocket and forgoing the hassle. I still have sinus infection issues that may need to be addressed with sinus surgery, but my breathing has improved. You have very little swelling, my dear! Your nose looks great! Can't wait to see your progress, pretty lady!

3 weeks post

So far so good, I'm still loving it. The swelling has gone down tremendously.
Hey I am considering having a similar surgery procedure and reading about yours has given me confidence. I too have a good side and hate having my picture taken. It would mean everything to me to have my nose straight. I know it won't be perfect, but closer to the norm would make me so happy. I wanted to tell you, that you have gorgeous green and eyes and lips. I'm happy the procedure has given you the confidence you deserve.
glad your happy who notice your nose with eyes like that :D
You look really great! How are you doing now?
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