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I got my nose job about a month ago and so far so...

I got my nose job about a month ago and so far so good! I have always hated my nose my whole life! It was so big to me & had a big bump in it kinda like a witch nose :(, it wasn't so bad from the front but I hated it from the side. I always wanted a nose job and I finally did it and couldn't be happier! I had never had surgery before or even gone to the hospital or gotten my blood taken ever so i was terrified.

Luckily my family and friends were so supportive of me and helped me out alot. Honestly I just remember getting the anesthesia being rolled into the OR and then waking up. The first day was the worst just because of the packing thats in there but it wasn't unbearable I had little pain it was just uncomfortable.

Next day packing was out yay! But they still didnt want me breathing out of my nose alot. My overall week of bandages and recovery was not that bad, the worst part was it was just so boring sitting there! I am a very active sporty person and it was driving me crazy not being able to do anything. Then YAY a week later got my bandages off!

It was still very veryyy swollen and tender but i could see a change. It was a little weird going out after because I didnt want to tell alot of people because I thought it was embarassing, but I got over that and was very open about it telling everyone who asked me how it was and I'm happy so they are happy for me! Anyways alot of the swelling is down now just have alot in the tip still and a slight bump that they said will go away soon! So heres some pics!Updated on 24 Aug 2011:So it's been a little more then 6 weeks since my surgery and everything is going great! I had a check up the other day my doc said everything is looking good and I can go back to my normal routines (playing volleyball, working out, wearing sunglasses again) so YAY thats good news! Still swelling in the tip but its not noticeable.. so yup I'm very happy with how all this is going, i'll post some pics! :)Updated on 21 Sep 2011:Everything is going great!! Almost all the swelling is gone, scar is healing nicely and im so happy with the results so far :)Updated on 22 Dec 2011:Hey everyone! So its been about 6 months since my surgery and everything is amazing! Im so so happy I went through with the surgery my life is just so much better now! It is probably one of the best things I couldve ever done for myself. Im pretty much all healed up, i have had 0 problems and it looks great! Now i even have a few friends going in for their consultations with Dr. Bressler, so im excited for them! But yup everything is great here if you have any questions feel free to ask :))

Hey Everyone!!! So its been a little more then a...

Hey Everyone!!! So its been a little more then a year and Im completely healed now, YAY! Wow this year has flown by I cant believe it! Well everything is wonderful and my nose looks great! I can't tell you the confidence I have in myself now. Since the surgery I have had so many great opportunities including working for promotional teams, I now have a job as a wings team member for Red Bull, I also am a part of a dozen girls that represent our university which we model, make calendars, and do promotions for multiple companies. Its nice have the way I feel on the inside reflect on the outside. But other than that everything is great! No complications and I now have 3 of my friends who have all gone to Dr. Bressler and have had amazing results as well! Well Ill post some new pics!! :)))))
Dr. Bressler

He was the greatest doctor I could ask for! Him & his staff were so friendly and took good care of me! He made sure it wouldn't look like I got a nose job, just look natural and did a great job!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look so awesome!!! Congrats!! : D
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ahh congrats how exciting! I loved reading your story and I especially loved all your frontal views and how different but in a subtle way it looks. Lovely results- I'm hoping for the same up here in NY
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Aw thank you soo much your too sweet! Im sure you will look beautiful, good luck with everything!!
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Thank you so much for your response!! I'm not too familiar yet with how this whole site works, so I sent you a "private" message I guess? LOL..did not see you responded until I actually checked my email! I hope you are able to see the "email" type messages I sent you! LOL. Would love to talk to you more! Thanks again for responding! I know you're out enjoying your new nose!! :D
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Your pics look great!! Such cute outfits too! LOL...glad it went well for you! I have decided to go with Bressler as well and seeing your success with him makes me feel great! Still nervous but very excited! Again, you look great!
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Your so sweet thank you for the positive feedback! I wrote you back in my messages so ill hear from you soon!
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You look great, congrats!
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Thank you so much! :)
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I had my surgery done with Dr. Bressler almost 2 weeks ago.. Your blogged has helped me out bigtime. I love Dr. Bressler. I am very happy with my results so far & know that it will continue to get better. Can you post some more current pic's?
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Omg thank you that makes me feel great Im glad to see that this blog is helping people! And yes ill post some pics right now actually!!
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Can I ask how much Bressler's consultation is and a ball park amount of the whole procedure itself? You really liked Bressler? The results are very nice...very natural which is ideal....did you try other doctors as well? Do you know anything about Dr. Siegel?
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Gosh sorry so late responding to this i forgot about it! But in total is was around 10,000 that includes everything though the surgery the visits the check ups everything! He was the only doctor I visited and I instantly knew he was the one for me, my mom researched for months and narrowed it down to 3 doctors Siegel was one of them but she though Bressler would be the best fit with a reasonable price and that if I didnt like him we would keep looking but I just knew he was the one for me!
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I submitted my "blog".. it should be up by tmrow! The title is "Reviews of Houston's Top Rhino Docs." Hope it helps!
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can't wait to hear your feedback! :) im thinking about starting my blog too... & i guess dr nguyen will be my 3rd doctor :) its soooo hard choosing.. especially if they all have great results
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i strongly advise going to AT LEAST 3 doctors.. i have a lot of info I would love to share about my consultations! I will be back in town next sunday and will begin my "blog" of consultation feedback.. i've seen several Houston Top-Docs and would love to share! Will post back next week!
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I'm glad you mentioned the 3 Dr recommendation--I thought that might get expensive but I know it makes sense.
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Hi bnosey! I am interested in hearing the info you'd like to share about your experience with visiting different doctors. I've seen three now, Siegel, Bressler, and Funk, and I've narrowed down to two.. and am still torn on who to choose!
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hi sarah!

your posts are so helpful! you've done a good job of answering Q's! Im in Houston, and I am thinking of going to see Dr. Bressler. Would you mind answering the following when you have time?:
1) does he do the imaging or does he have a nurse, etc?
2) does he show you a lot of recent pics?
3) his charge for a consultation is kinda expensive, but is he pretty thorough??

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I went in for a consultation with bressler about a year ago... I spent about an hour there for the consultation.. so i can answer your questions.

1)the nurse was the one who asked what i didnt like about my nose, and the nurse did the imaging.
2)Dr Bressler had TONS of pictures to show me. He showed alot of noses that were similar to mine. Litteraly all of his work is AMAZING!!!
3) I believe his consultation is about $169.. My insurance paid for most of it so I only had to pay $30.

I felt that Dr Bressler is very nice and very caring but he doesnt actually spend alot of time with the patient during the consultation, I felt somewhat rushed. But his work is truly amazing... He had a cabinet full of binders filled with pictures of his work. And every picture i seen looked amazing. If I could I would have him do my surgery. But he is just too expensive for me. I'm only 19 years old & i will be paying for my surgery myself. My insurance will only pay for a small portion of the surgery & thats only if i meet my deducitable, which i doubt i will
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thank you so much for all the information DRose92!!! I will posting all the info I have been getting soon! Thanks again, and best of luck!!
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your welcome :) your info would be appreciated & helpful. I am having trouble deciding who i want to do my surgery. I am planning on having it done in may. I am reall leaning toward dr athre. he spent alot of time with me & made me feel very comfortable. but i might scheldule a consultation with john t. nguyen
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!) yes him and the nurse were in there asking me questions and what i wanted then he left the nurse did the imaging and then he came back in and we talked
2) yes he showed me bunches of pictures he has a whole book of them!
3) yeah it is a little expensive but very thorough, it was so worth my time, he erased all my worries and answered all my questions!!
hope this helped!
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Thank You! I did see him a couple of weeks ago. He was very experienced and extremely helpful. Although, I didn't end up choosing him- he and his staff are great! Thank you for all the info you gave to us too!
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Hi, Sarah, you seem very happy with your operation! You are really gorgeous! :) Thanks so much for sharing your results and progress. You really helped me out, as I was having a hard time finding a trustworthy surgeon in Houston. I'm hoping to see Dr. Bressler as soon as this semester is over.
Thanks again!!
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Aw thank you so much you are sweet! I love to hear that this helps people out! Yes Dr. Bressler was AMAZING I actually have a good friend that scheduled with him too. I hope everything goes great for you and keep me posted! :)
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