Was Freaked Out, But Now Happy - Houston, TX

I purchased the laser pixel on a groupon for $99....

I purchased the laser pixel on a groupon for $99. My friends and I had gone to this medspa before and had great results, (I did IPL photofacial on face and chest, botox ect) so I trusted them. The staff minimized the downtown. I had it on a Friday afternoon at 5:00 and had to be back at work by the next Tuesday, which I assumed would be plenty of time!

The laser itself hurt like hell! I left with the numbing cream on, which soothed some of the pain. They made it sound as if my face would dry up, peel, then by Monday be back to normal. They did give me pre/post care instructions that were more detailed. The next few days my skin was extremely TIGHT and uncomfortable. It was like wearing a clay mask on your face, but you can't take it off!! I wore a baseball hat and layed low all weekend. You definitely don't want to go out in public.

By Monday I called the spa and was in a total panic..was my face ever going to be normal again!!?? I literally had anxiety that I had made a huge mistake and should have gone to a Dr. and I had ruined my skin. It had almost a gridlike appearance, with tiny scab marks on it. Here it was almost four days later and still super tight and uncomfortable. They acted as if I was being dramatic (which I admit I tend to be) but I had to be back at work Tuesday. I looked like a crazy women and was going to call in sick!

The next day when I woke up it actually started flaking off my chin and nose. I did go to work but felt insecure about it. I feel you should know that you need a good 7 days to recover completely. I think if I had known that going into it I would have been more relaxed. It's Wednesday now (I had it done last Fri) The skin has finally started flaking off (VERY SLOWLY) and they were right, the skin underneath is like a baby's butt. It is VERY SOFT and pretty.

My cheeks and forehead are still a little tight with the grid marks. I'm at work and have makeup on. People aren't really noticing. The spa ran a special 3 treatments for $600, which I went ahead and purchased because it was such a great deal, however I don't know that I'm going to be able to give up another week of downtime like this anytime soon.

The results thus far seem to be really nice. The skin that is coming out is beautiful and soft. I'll check back in a few days once everything is back to normal. It reminds me of a snake sort of shedding it's skin, with new beautiful skin underneath. I am a little shocked by how much people are paying for this treatment. I know in Houston if you keep an eye out, and make sure the place is reputable, there are places that run great specials...fyi!


Thank you for sharing. What office did you go to?
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That is great info that a person should plan on about 7 days to heal, and I love your honesty about being dramatic - but who wouldn't be if they thought it should be all cleared up in a few days & it wasn't. Don't blame you a bit!

So glad the results are coming out good now - will be looking forward to your updates as you continue to heal up. :)

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Well it's been 11 days and my face it totally back...

Well it's been 11 days and my face it totally back to normal...and somehow, I guess like child birth - I sort of blocked how bad the treatment was and will be doing another pixel again soon. I definitely notice subtle changes in the texture of my skin. I had a few marks from stubborn black heads that have diminished and my pores seem smaller. The med spa owner said that to get optimal results you should do 4 treatments. He also said your treatments after the first one are a little easier, and that he could turn down the setting so that the downtime isn't so long. I will keep you all posted! I've got three more treatments to go..I'm trying to talk a friend into doing the next one with me, so we can watch movies and look crazy together.


I had Pixel in March - my skin was so very bad after - the downtime is longer than they advertise. Severe reaction to the Post Laser Gel - but you have to put something on - to keep your skin moisturized so it will flake off without scaring. I had another one scheduled for Friday - May 28th - but had severe anxiety attack = had to reschedule (ANOTHER MONTH before they can work me in) - That is NOT good. Now it has been two months (I am afraid I have lost the effects of my 1st treatment) - I prepaid - so the Spa has my $2250.00 - and they act like they don't really care how long it takes me to get back in to get my next treatment. My skin does look better - but unless you are at the mercy of the SPA - and can take off a lot of sick time - I would recommend taking off Thurs, Friday and returning to work on Tuesday - but I have to go back on Monday........Will keep posting on how treatment #2 and treatment #3 go............Keeping my fingers crossed for a better recovery. Took me 4 weeks to get rid of the acne .........
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this is the 3rd 1/2 day and no swelling but redness that turned brown grids and flaking. Some little bloods spots and extremely dry. It is very ugly. I found it much more comfortable to use the vaseline type gel given to me for the dryness. The first time I kept it on all the time. My friend didn't use it at all so I decided to see how it goes without it this time thinking the dryness would speed up the peeling. Better to use it!
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Did have any redness or swelling after?
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