My Results from Lip Augmentation (Perma Facial Implant) - Houston, TX

6 months ago I received the perma facial implant...

6 months ago I received the perma facial implant in my top and bottom lips.

I thought it was the answer to thin lips (especially my top lip), but after 6 months, the implant is still in "mustache area" and has not dropped. Not sure why or what to do.

Has anyone out there had the same result??? My top implant has not dropped. The last time I went to the doctor (at 4 months), he said he was still at the "between where the wet and dry part of my lip." I don't think it will drop anymore. It is very obvious when talking to people that I have an implant in my top lip because it is not actually in my lip - it is still in "the mustache area."

My doctor suggest taking it out and putting it back in, but I bruised quite a bit and was swollen, so I would probably have to miss a few days of work (again).

Has anyone had a lip implant that did not drop? Is it from scar tissue? I'm considering having it removed permanently. Any suggestions or answers for me?

Most of the time physician uses Juvederm for the Lip Augmentation. As generally seen that Juvederm side effects are mild in nature that usually resolved in a weeks. common side effects that may resist are redness,pain,swelling,lumps,itching,risk of infection.
Oh I am so sorry, but it sounds like the doctor didn't know what he was doing. There should be no 'dropping' for this implant, as the dr. creates a tunnel where the implant resides. It's not like breast implants. I would seriously check with a lawyer but I would definitely have it removed.
Please send some close up front and side views for evaluation.....per surgery and as they are now.will the evaluate.
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At 6 months post surgery, I don't see any difference and don't think it was work $2,500

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