My Mommy Makeover Experience - Houston, TX

I'm a 29 year old mother of 3-ages 8 years, 19...

I'm a 29 year old mother of 3-ages 8 years, 19 months and 7 month old girls. I got a breast augmentation when I was 18, but having kids and weight fluctuations throughout the years has put a toll on my body.
It's 2 days before the big day and I am an emotional rollercoaster! Scared, nervous,excited..
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fortes and his staff have made me feel very comfortable so far.

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I'm thinking you're a day post op now? I hope you're doing well and are staying comfortable. When you feel up to it, please let us know!

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Good luck with your surgery and recovery! I have a week and a half before my surgery and I am already a mess. But I keep telling myself that after reading everyone's posts, it is worth it. Keep us posted on how it goes! I hope you have a quick recovery. :)
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