Mother of 2! Hernia Repair and Panniculectomy - Houston, TX

Hello everyone! This is my first post concerning...

Hello everyone! This is my first post concerning my journey. I have had 2-c sections and on my 3rd hernia Repair Surgery within the last 8 years. I'm having the hernia repaired ( component separation technique) and a Panniculectomy. I'm excited and can't wait! I have my pre op visit next week. Will chat again soon! God Bless!

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Picture of my before tummy

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Getting nervous!!

So I go for my pre-op on Monday and I just hope that everything goes well. This will be my 3rd hernia surgery. I want a flat tummy! What do you guys think? Do you think that i have a good shot at a great outcome?


I'm having my panniculectomy and lipo on July 10 :) I'll be following your story! Hope you get great results!
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Thanks!!! I will be sure and post every chance I get. I'll be checking in on you as well. :)
Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Not long now until the big day! Are you all prepared?

You mention that you've had two hernia repairs in the past. Are the hernia's coming through in the same place each time?
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This has been a good day!!!

Well today I actually got a chance to eat! This hernia has been quite painful especially after every meal. Been eating like a bird, for the past couple months because of the path that the food has to go through during digestion. The stool softener has helped to keep things steady moving. I can't wait for all this to be finally done. Hopefully back to my pre pregnancy figure!!!!! One more thing having some trouble with the posting from my phone. I'll get the hang of this soon ;)


Yes, my Dr mentioned putting some surgical covering/ dressing but I have my pre- op in the morning, I can get a better understanding of exactly what she along with the General surgeon will be doing.
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Oh I hope this is the last time you need a hernia repair! You have been through a lot this year.

Will they be covering your incisions with something, to protect them from the CG?
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Thanks Mom of 6! I'm excited! And staying prayed UP!!
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Night before Pre-op with PS

Well I'm still up thinking about my Pre-op in the morning, and that I will be catching a flight at 6:00 am!
Lol I think I will just take a power sleep before I have to leave home at 330am to be at the airport in time. Got lost of questions for the Dr, thanks to all you ladies that I have been reading about and the info that you post has helped a lot!!!!! Well I will post more pics that I took this evening, seems like my hernia/ tummy is huge tonight for some reason . I just want to put this all behind me and be on the flat side!!!!!! Hugs and Kisses TTYL!!!!!!


Hello sweetie, How did everything go? I pray well.
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I had my hernia of 10 years repaired on the 16th. I pray it doesn't come back. I'm not having more children, so hopefully it sticks. Good luck!
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Had mine on June 9th! Hope to see an update soon! Heal up well!
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