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Hello, I am a mother of two. 5ft 4 inches tall and...

Hello, I am a mother of two. 5ft 4 inches tall and weigh 120 pounds. My bwd is 11.7 and 12. I had breast aug, nipple reconstruction, tummy tuck, and the liposuction of abdomen and flanks that came with the tummy ttuck. My surgery went well and was yesterday, I am in pain whre the sutures are from the tt and my breast feel really sore like when my milk came in during prrgnancy. I had signed a paper letting my doc choose between 325cc or 350cc and I cant tell now but I think he went with 350cc. So far I love them. My husband thinks so too. Oh and I went for silicone mod plus profile.
I had a consultation with Dr. Steely a few weeks ago. I love him. He was so easy to talk to. He even made me laugh. The girls were very welcoming. I felt very comfortable the entire time I was there. You look great for one day post op.
Thanks Sandra!
You look like you're doing GREAT for being 1 day post op! Congrats and thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf. What has been the hardest part of recovery so far?

1 day post op care

I had been taking my pain meds every 3 or 4 hours but last night I went for about 6 and it was painful. As soon as I came home from the hospital, I ate congee (vietnamese rice soup). And im eating a lot of fruits and drinking gatorade.
Any advice you may have I'd appreciate. And I hope you keep us posted on your recovery. I'd love to see how you are coming along. Best of luck. :-)
I think youll be satisfied sandra. I was happy with the whole experience. One advice I would give is to keep visiting the docs office if you are uncertain about the size for breat aug. I cant even remember how many times I visited. Ill keep posting pics.i know how much it helped me so ill keep posting updates and pics. I was trying to find a preopt pic but ill have to do that when I feel better. Still feel nausea and light headed when I get up.
Oh thank you. But yes do what you can as you can. I imagine your body is like what the heck! LOL I want my breast to be "normal" for my frame. So I do worry about what size to go with. Don't want to big but not big enough. Did he have you "try on" sizes? I heard some docs do that somehow. I can't imagine how it would work. Is that why you kept going back?

tummy tuck 1 day post op

I just saw my stomach today and I love it so far. The incisions hurt and I am so afraid of messing them up by moving around. But I also know its important to walk around to prevent blood clots to my legs. I am attaching a photo.

tt incision

Sorry heres a picture of my incision

day 2 po

Day 2 is a little better but getting out and into bed is still hardest since I had the muscle repair. Boobs look a little small today but I still like them. Hubby is fine with them too. They are hard and boxy looking. Hopefully tomorroe I can dr steely and he can give me advice. Food I ate was cereal, fruits, a half sandwich and very small amount of noodles. I am trying to drink lots of water.
Hi there. Glad to hear you are doing well. I had my surgery with Dr steely on Dec 12. I had a tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo and breast lift without implants. Today makes 10 days post op for me. Days 5-7 were pretty emotional and painful for me but after I got my drain out things got much better. Keep us posted!
Twinmom, are you satisfied with dr steelys work? I think i am so far and I do get emotional at times but I have a good amount of help, my mom, my my husband, and my mother in law. I cant wait to take the drainage out too. Did you wear the compression garment right after surgery?
How often are you draining your drain fluid? I am 4 days post.

good morning day 3 post op

Good morning, I am on day 3 and I am suppose to see dr. Steely today. Waiting till 9 when the office is open. But today I feel much better. Down to taking 1 pain pill vs 2 every 3-4 hours. My back and my butt is really hurting though. I looked at my breat again today and kinda down bc they lool uneven. I know it might be too soon to tell. I think they sre finally getting softer. Im afraid to look at the tt scar still.
okay, I was doing it 3 times a day, but one time I only had 2.5, I am 5 days post and I had less than 20 in 24 hours so I think I may get my drains out tomorrow.
I'm glad you had your MIL there to calm you!

day 4po

I had a bowel movement today! Yay! I was getting worried there but finally got one. My boobs are starting to drop a little and looks great. I havent been able to see the doc yet bc he was in surgery monday and today and tomorrow is christmas eve and christmas day so I have to wait to see him thursday. I am already given instructions to massage the boobs so that probably helped it drop a little. Tt is still the same. In the morning its most painful bc I lay still in one spot for too long. I cant wait to have the tube out of my pelvis! hopefully 2 more days. Btw the thing that helped me have a bm was prune juice. Dulcolax wasnt doing anything for me. Ill post a picture of my tt later when I shower this evening
Yes I'm satisfied with his work. I haven't seen my incision scar yet because it's still covered with tape but from what I can tell I looks like it's thin. I've seen pics of scar that were really red and jagged and wide. Yes I wore the compression garment but it got to be very uncomfortable. It was digging into to bottom of my breast and bunching up on the side and digging into my sides. So i ordered a Marena body suit garment online and it feels much butter. Dr. Steely was fine with it too. II'm on day 12 and still not walking upright and still swollen. The rolls on my back are completely gone due to the flank lipo which I wasn't expecting. So yes I'm happy with him. Just can't wait for this swelling to go down and being able to walk upright because I have to return to work on Jan 2.
Twin mom, im also satisfied with my incision for the same reason! And I am recovered much faster than I thought. I am on day 8 and I am already walking upright. I find that yoga breathing helps witg my posture. I did it this morning. My stomach looks really bloated though I think due to swelling. Glad you like the results! Good luck to both of us!

day 8 post op

Hello everyone. Im I'm feeling great todsy. Already walking upright bit wearing the garment helps. Oh forgot to mention that yesterday was tough bc I had Had constipation agian so took a dulcolax twice. But I think I shouldve taken only 1 instead. Horrible bathroom experience but I got through it. Had to drink gatorade and eat crackers after that. But before the whole bathroom experience, my stomach was super swollen and I was very uncomfortable. So in a way I am glad I was able to go bc today I feel great. I was able to walk around all day today and only rested once.
Oh my gosh!!! You look amazing. So happy for you. Can't wait for when I finally take the plunge. Thank you so much for your updates. I'm keeping up with your progress and so happy for you.
Glad youre taking the plunge sandra! And thank you so much. I wasnt sure how I was feeling about myself because you may not see it but that is not how my stomach looked before. Its the swelling!

day 10 post op

My tummy im the morning looks good bc swelling is minimal but man at the end of the day, it is so bad. Other than the swelling everything is fine. I feel fine. Going out with the family to do some shopping today.

day 14 po

Hello day 14 now and went to see dr. Steely today. Got my tapes removed to see my scar for the first time. Some parts of it is a very thin scar line but my right side looks bad. Its puckering up quite a bit and I think has dog ears (thats what ive seen other girls show online and think I have). I was also given spectragel today to put on my scars twice a day. Does anyone have any reviews on using that? I just tried it after my shower and may have put on too much (directions says to apply a little bit with fingertips). So far I dont know if I like it. Feels sticky and the reason why I said I may have put on too much is because it wouldn't dry so I ended up putting my clothes on over it while sticky. I have 2 entomology which is like a massage and then ill see dr. Steely again and will definitely ask.

day 18

Gets better everyday! My swelling has gone down alot except the incision on my tt. The scar is coming along. Ive been putting on the scargel twice a day. Seems to help but cant really tell yet. I want to ask about the silicone strips I read helps a lot for others. I went to the two fitting boutiques dr. Steely suggested and loved one out of the 2 stores. I was surprised they knew right away I came from dr. Steelys office and had only good things to say about him. Makes me feel so good that I chose a good doc. I am a 32D! Yay! Was hoping for at least a 32C. I liked the Wacoal brand alot! I was actually a faithful Victoria secret customer for many years and will now be dumping them. :) the wacoal bras seem to mold right onto the girls. Loved that! And they give me support. Some of the other bras just didnt fit right even with the right size. I suggest every girl who gets a BA to go get fitted (not at VS). Message me and ill send the name of the store. Oh but I ended up buying a cute bra vs the comfty brand bc I coukdnt pass it up. it fit well and was so cute for such a good price. I can order the wacoal online for a good deal myself so got the one of a kind affordable cute bra instead today! Sorry have a new obsession for bras! :)
Bra shopping!! How fun. They look great on you. Glad to hear you are coming along well. Hope your tt scar heals well.
What a cute little figure you have! Enjoy your bra shopping, I know I am ;)

btw the mentor card says 350cc both breasts. so happy with the girls.

Sorry not much to update today. Went back to work on Monday and was ok. I was still walking slow but I can walk upright so my coworkers didnt detect a thing. My endomology is tomorrow at 9am. Everyday back at work gets better except today I was stressed a bit and got a bit short of breath. So I think if u can stay home a little more than 2 weeks then you should.
You look amazing! Glad you're recovering so nicely. Just take it easy at home.question, I'm considering a BA. How does it feel to have your new breasts?
Hi Precious22. Thank you so much! And glad you are considering BA. It feels great to have the new girls. I went from a 32A to 32D which is nice. They don't look as big as they sound though and bra manufacturers make different cup sizes so I can probably wear anything from 32C-32DD. I like that! At first they do hurt right after surgery. If you had kids before, it feels like when your milk first came in. But after maybe 1.5 weeks they don't hurt any more and you may occasionally feel soreness but now that I am almost 3 weeks out, I don't feel any soreness and tingly sensation. And mines have dropped a lot already. One side still needs to drop a bit more so I am doing the massages as instructed. Just make sure you massage them and don't be shy. I massage hard but not too hard to the point they hurt :) Good luck to you!
Sorry to cut in but great question and answer. It got me thinking...how do they feel to the touch? Does your hubby like the feel or feel a difference? Can you feel them inside you? You can tell me to shut up if I'm bombarding you.

25 days post op

Tt Scar is getting better but right side still has a bit of wrinkling. Im going to order oleeva soon to see if that helps. Work is stressful but not affecting my body. Swelling has gone way down. I think the first endermology worked. I have another one of those this week and then will see dr steely. I think ill tell him about my right tt scar. Girls have dropped and feeling softer but still need alot of massaging. Still feel sore sometimes at the end of the day only on nipples. They look natural except the scar. Spectragel worked better for breast aug scar than tt scar. My belly button is starting to scare me a bit. Its changed and looks swollen so ill need to ask dr. Steely if its ok and not gonna look like that permanently. Otherwise I can walk straight. Btw, my work clothes are looser I think down one size. Ive cut back on sodium so could be the loose skin removed, lipo on sides, and diet. I still cant wait to get back to the gym to get tone again.

Oh and victoria secret had a sale and I couldnt resist. Got 10 bras even though they said the breasts might change some more.

my addiction to buying bras

At VS semi had bras for $15. I bought one in almost every color
I need to head to my vs now. I got tons of bras at Dillards, like Wacoal for $5-$10 in every color.
Wow mommy711 good deal on wacoal since they are normally $50...thanks and sorry about vs semi ended. Hope theey extended!

week 7 tomorrow and results are fantastic

This week was a turning point...at week 7 I really feel like the look of my breasts and tummy are amazing. The belly button however still looks funny because I got some weird reaction breakout to the antiobiotic ointment at week 3 or 4. It had weird tiny bumps around the navel and very small amount of discharge. I freaked a bit and called the doc and they said it was not an infection. So im on week 7 and the bb is still healing from that episode. Hubby was scarred of it the other day. I started using silicone strips for my ba and tt scars and I like it so much better than the spectragel. I also need to go buy a new pair of spanks bc the ones I have are not feeling as tight as the first few weeks. But scars are coming along.. healing...looks alot better than day 1! :)

pics at 7 weeks

more 7 weeks photos

Absolutely gorgeous!! Pheuw! Pheuw!

about 3 months?

Boobs dropped alot and tt scar still looks the same. Nipples are nice. Bb doesnt look nice. Still some darkness around and inside the bb scar. Very little swellling...only after a workout at end of the day. sad about the stretch marks but o wells.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Steely and his staff were great. Not one of those offices where you step in and feel hollywood. He explained everything in detail and is flexible with his schedule.

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