I'm So Ready, just 11 More Days!! Full TT, Lipo, and Breast Augmentation - Houston, TX

I'm turned 30 this year and I have one...

I'm turned 30 this year and I have one beautiful son. He's 13 and such a cutie! If I decide to have another child in the future...my PS said all I would probably need is a mini-tummy tuck, if needed.....but he said more than likely with a good diet & exercise during a 2nd pregnancy I probably won't need another TT.

ANYWAY.........as of right now at this moment all I want to do is focus on is my upcoming surgery which is on May 11, 2011. I'm getting a full TT, lipo of my back, flanks, & inner thighs, and (D-cup) high profile saline breast implants placed under the muscle. I'm soooo anxious, excited, and nervous all at the same time. I've never had major surgery before so this is HUGE for me! I haven't told anyone but my mom and I hinted to my son that I'm getting a "mommy makeover" but he didn't seem too interested. LOL!

My PS is triple board certified and well respected in the industry which is why I chose him. Pre-Op is set for May 3rd.....which is only 7 days before the actual surgery! (that kinda freaked me out!) but I think I'll be okay. I think I'll pick up some items this weekend from Target. Also...what vitamins can I get to stop swelling ???

10 more days very anxious!

10 more days very anxious!

Okay it's Sunday...and all I can think about is my...

Okay it's Sunday...and all I can think about is my surgery in just 9 days! My pre-Op is on May 3, 2011 this coming Tuesday. During my pre-op I'm gonna try on different implants and sizes to make sure that I get the full D-cup I desire. I'm also gonna ask him about both saline and silicone because I'm interested in both....even though I have many friends who have high profile saline and they look and feel very natural.

Anyway......I'll let you guys know in a couple days which ones I decided to get. Either way I'm sure they are going to look and feel great :) so excited!!

Okay tomorrow 5/3/11 I go in for my Pre-Op appt......

Okay tomorrow 5/3/11 I go in for my Pre-Op appt...
I've already started writing a list of all my questions and concerns about the surgery. I'm really confused about which implants to use....hopefully all of my confusion will go away after tomorrow! So anxious and can't wait til the 11th is here so I can get this over with and start my healing process.... Well....love u guys...and will keep u posted :)

Okay...I want to pinch myself...it's FINALLY ...

Okay...I want to pinch myself...it's FINALLY going to happen! I paid in full and now I'm ready to get this done. Pre-op went great! My PS was very optimistic and the staff was wonderful! They gave me a large tote bag full of vitamins and materials for my recovery. I started my period! The nurse said it won't affect anything though...thank goodness!!!!

Geeeze! I'm starting to get that guilty feeling.....

Geeeze! I'm starting to get that guilty feeling.....I guess because it's getting so close. I can't help but wonder if I'm doing the right thing...

But I know this is going to make me a better person...a better mother because I won't be so depressed about my body anymore and I can FINALLY enjoy going to a water park or to the beach with my son! Once this burden has been lifted than I can finally be the free-spirited person that I am deep down inside. There's no turning back :)

Hey I found a really good tummy-tuck shopping list...

Hey I found a really good tummy-tuck shopping list on a site called tuckthattummy.com They give you a printable list of everything you need before, during, and after your recovery. I'm taking the list with me when I go shopping for stuff later. It was very helpful.

here it is --> http://www.tuckthattummy.com/preop_shoppinglist_print.htm

So nervous! Just 2 more days to go....it's hard...

So nervous! Just 2 more days to go....it's hard to sleep at night now. So many different things keep running through my head. I will continue to pray about it to help ease my anxiety.....I keep reminding myself that this is only for the Best and by telling myself that makes me feel much better :)

Well I decided to go with 525cc's.....so that will make me a VERY FULL D...or maybe even a DD. lol. That's gonna be nice!

Anyways....Hope everyone is enjoying their MOTHER'S DAY!! Talk to you soon :))

Omg! I can't believe I did it finally! I went...

Omg! I can't believe I did it finally! I went in @ 6am this morning and was done around 10am, All I remember was feeling like I had drank 3 glasses of wine and then waking up with my mom and boyfriend standing over me...that was so comforting! The pain is not too bad....just tightness, and soreness. Actually my breast are more sore than my tummy. The nurse is stopping by my house tomorrow to help me with this binder and other stuff...so while its off i will post pics.


I couldn't imagine getting a tummy tuck without a...

I couldn't imagine getting a tummy tuck without a pain pump. So far I'm getting in & out of bed on my own and I am already to stand up straight!!

No nausea or vomiting so far. I've been urinating...

No nausea or vomiting so far. I've been urinating alot but that's because I'm drinking a gallon of water a day as instructed by the nurse. Also I have to sleep on bed pads because the liposuction is leaking from my back so bad...UGGGH!! No one warned me that lipo was so messy!
I really recommend to anyone wanting a TT to also get a pain pump because it's makes a huge difference in how you feel. I'm feeling pretty good and I'm almost standing straight and it's only been 1 day since surgery! My only complaint is the leakage from the lipo, moderate soreness, and that I get tired easier. Other than that I feel okay :)

Photo Update

I've added some more pics below. I'm very pleased...

I've added some more pics below. I'm very pleased with what I see so far. The pain is very tolerable and I'm almost standing straight up. I woke up this morning and my body was slightly stiff. It felt like my stomach was pulling! Then after taking my vitamins with some warm water I started to feel much better. Still no severe pain...just some soreness and mild bruising on my back. The liposuction areas are still leaking out but not as much as Day 1. I walk around my house every 2-3 hours to prevent blood clots. I'm so glad I did this for myself !!

3 days Post-Op: I'm feeling nausea for the 1st...

3 days Post-Op:
I'm feeling nausea for the 1st time since surgery...just took some anti-nausea meds so Im just waiting for that to kick in. I still have some swelling & bruising but not too much. I couldn't sleep last night! My breast felt TIGHT!! Compression garment felt too tight. I kept jumping in my sleep and couldn't find a comfortable position for the life of me! I'm sleeping on like 11 pillows!! 6 pillows behind my neck &back, 3 pillows under my legs, and 2 pillows on each side so I can rest my arms. Everyone has been so helpful..and my son loves helping me get in and out of bed...he's such a sweetie!

Woke up feeling pretty good...I had my 1st BM this...

Woke up feeling pretty good...I had my 1st BM this morning! Yay! Thank goodness for Dulcolax stool softeners they are a life saver! I don't have any pain at all just tightness and soreness of my stomach and breast. My pain pump finally ran out of Demerol last night and now I'm left with an empty tube in my hip! That sucks :(
I am starting to slowly feel like myself again....thank goodness I don't return to work for another 2 weeks! My breasts dropped a little this morning....and they feel so natural already! Everyday I am realizing that I made the right decision. I posted more pics I took this about an hour ago ;)

My skin is itching all over my back and legs...I...

My skin is itching all over my back and legs...I wonder if I'm having an allergic reaction to Doxycycline. I Googled the side effects and itching was the first symptom on the list! I'm not gonna take Doxy tonight....I think I'm just gonna wear my binder, drink plenty water and get some rest! My stomach is numb in some areas and the itching just adds to the frustration! In 2 days I go for my first Post-op appointment and then maybe I can get these drains removed that same day. It will make me feel 10 times better!

I just got back from my post-op appointment and...

I just got back from my post-op appointment and everything went good! NO MORE DRAINS!!! YAY!! They were weighing me down..thank goodness they're out of me :) I thought it was going to hurt and sting but it didn't at all. The nurse told me to take a deep breath and count to 3....and I was like R u done??? She said yep! I was very surprised at how quick and painless it was. My PS said that my breast should drop very soon and he showed me a massaging technique that will help shape my breast..boy did that feel strange! I still have some bruising on my inner thighs because of the liposuction and my back is killing me from being bent over. Usually by the afternoon I can stand pretty straight....overall things r going well :) I added a couple more pics I took this morning.

Day 8 Post Op: I'm in- love with my new slim...

Day 8 Post Op:
I'm in- love with my new slim tummy and my new boobies....still waiting for breast to drop but so far so good :) Still some bruising and swelling on inner thighs where I had the lipo but I'm slowly feeling back to myself.....still slightly bent over when I walk....ugggggh! I wonder how long it will be before I can walk completely straight again??? My next post-op appointment is next Thursday 5/26/11. Hopefully by then it will be much better...

Added 6 more pics!

Added 6 more pics!

Photo Update

12 days post op I DROVE my car today for the 1st...

12 days post op
I DROVE my car today for the 1st time since surgery!! I picked up my son from school and he was so happy to see me. It was kinda difficult because I had to bend my whole body to get in such a low car and it hurt my side a little...sucks to have a CLK right now :( I must admit it felt GREAT to have a change of scenery and get some fresh air for a moment! Being stuck in the house is driving me nutts!! LOL. Well... I noticed that I am walking straighter and straighter everyday but I still have that "pulling" sensation at the incision site. It's not as bad as last week though. I've been wearing my compression garment and it really helps keep the swelling under control...so I can't complain :) Still waiting on the boobs to drop....but so far so good. I posted a few pics that I took around 4 pm (central time)

14 days post op I'm standing up completely...

14 days post op
I'm standing up completely straight and I'm starting to feel like my old self again. I felt a little exhausted earlier while out shopping but I pulled through. It's soo hot outside so I wore a tank top and a pair of jeans...feels nice to be in regular clothes again. I felt like a sexy momma! LOL. I went by Target and found some really comfortable micro fiber bras with no wire and lots of support. I posted some pics below with me wearing one. I also picked up some Spanx from Macy's which I have on now and they feel much better than the compression binder my PS gave me. The swelling and bruising is definitely subsiding and I haven't been in pain at all. I slept on my left side last night and that felt great. My 2nd follow up appointment is tomorrow morning and hopefully I can get these stitches removed from my belly button. So far so good :)))

I just finished watching Oprah's farewell show and...

I just finished watching Oprah's farewell show and I am so emotional right now! I love that woman!

Day 16- Okay well I went to my 2nd follow up...

Day 16-
Okay well I went to my 2nd follow up yesterday but I had some fluid and swelling just below my navel and right above my incision because I think my drains were removed a little too soon after my surgery. So at my appt yesterday my PS and his assistant told me to turn my head and he pulled out this BIG needle and stuck it directly in that area! I didn't feel a thing! I couldn't believe I was still so numb! He literally sucked the stuff right out of my stomach. Tripped me out! Other than that everything went well. He said I'm healing beautifully and he wants to see me in 4 weeks so we can take after photos for his data base.

Day 18 Okay I got fitted for a bra yesterday at...

Day 18
Okay I got fitted for a bra yesterday at VS and I am a 36DD. Wow! I've always been no more than an A/B cup...so I was very amazed by it :) Feels good to have breasts finally.. Everyday I am feeling better, except the lipo in my inner thighs still very sore. I've been using a heating pad on it....and that helps alot. I'm back to wearing regular clothes again. I had on some jeans earlier while I was out but I had to un-botton them while I sat down in the car....too tight around the incision! haha! However, things are looking and feeling great. Can't wait to start doing yoga again! I'm still taking my vitamins and I'm also taking some organic herbs for overall health. Very glad I did this :)

19 DAYS POST OP I bought my first bikini today! ...

I bought my first bikini today! I haven't worn a bikini in 14 years!! I posted the pics below...

DAY 27 Post op I'm feeling really good. My tummy...

DAY 27 Post op
I'm feeling really good. My tummy tuck scar is healing very nice. It looks like a thin little line now. Hardly any noticeable swelling at all. I'm still taking Arnica and my multi-vitamins which is helping alot. My PS said I'm only 20% swollen but he said it will disappear pretty soon. Still haven't purchased a bra yet...but after I got measured again I was told that I am a 34E or 36DD. Well I posted more pics below for day 26 and 27!! Be back soon you guys :)))

6 weeks post op- Can't believe how time just...

6 weeks post op-
Can't believe how time just flies by! I almost lost count of the days.. Well, I went to my last post-op appointment with my PS on Thursday, June 23rd. He said now I can exercise if I want. I can't to get back into gym...however, I still won't be doing any sit-ups or stomach crunches or anything....just treadmill and bike. He said sit-ups will put too much stress on my abdomen too soon. Anyway...I feel great and my energy level is pretty good.

I posted some pics below. I took yesterday.

I meant to say I can't wait to get back into the...

I meant to say I can't wait to get back into the gym. lol. I was typing too fast!

Exactly 7 weeks and 1 day today. Feeling...

Exactly 7 weeks and 1 day today.
Feeling wonderful but Why am I so afraid to do a FULL workout?? I went to the gym a few days ago but I was too afraid to do leg curls or arm weights.....I kept thinking that I was gonna to put too much stress on my stomach muscles! WTF?? I kept reading about stories online where women actually popped their internal sutures while being too strenuous in the gym and I guess it's causing me a little anxiety. Well as of right now...I'm sticking to the treadmill and stair steps for a while.

I'm still on my period but I posted some more pics below. I took these about an hour ago :))
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He's very detail-oriented and he listens! He's also an artist which is why he can create a beautiful proportionate body. His staff goes out of their way to please his patients. I would recommend him to anyone !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow you look great!!! can you tell us how much all that cost or the breakdown?
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Ur dr did a great job. I want to look just like u in the next couple of months. U look gud.
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Also did you not get a lift??
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You look amazing! :)
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Happygril30, you look amazing. I also have chosen Dr Newall to be my surgeon (I think he is the best). I decided not to do the tummy tuck because I am such a chicken for pain, so for right now I am just doing liposculpture; today is my post op appointment and my big day is the 8/3/12. I am with you right there mommypie so scared and so ready for it. I will post pics and start writing my reviews this weekend.
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I just found yr web today. How are you doing?? Thank you so much!! You gave me the whole picture what I've been thinking of doing. I've been planning these procedure since 3 years ago. Checked out 3 PS and Dr.N has been my first choice. I went there twice already but I was so scared! I have one daughter who I love above anything, I am so scared to go through the surgery under full anesthestic. I am turning 40 this year and I am so ready!! After I read yr journal and see your pictures, at least Iknow what I am going to go through. Thanks so much for sharing the lipo leaks.. ugh.. that doesn't seem fun :-( the tummy tuck pictures are kinda scary too.. But again, thank you for sharing every details, at least I can prepare my self better. I am thinking to go there next month with my payment check ready (to show him that this time I am serious about it)!
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You look AMAZING!!! wow
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You look amazing I am goingn to schedule a consult with Dr. Newall asap
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You look great! Looking at everyones story on here and pictures is making me more excited to do the procedure. I have my consultation on Monday December 26, 2011. I can't wait. Thanks for sharing.
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thanks for posting the so now i have a real clear i idea or what recovery looks like... be well
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Wow... Your results are definitely a head turner and maybe a car crasher lol. Go girl!! Look great.
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Girl, you look AMAZING. Your PS did a fantastic job plus I can tell you were working out!
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congrats you look good,your scar healed so good one of the best..can you plz give me your doctor name and contact info
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WOW! you look great! I was a little apprehensive about the TT but now i'm excited about it and just left Dr. Newall a message (i'm in Houston also). lol! cant wait for my consult. i like how low he did your scar.
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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutly georgious. I am 5"4" and about 128 lbs SOOOO excited because I am able to see others who had great results.
Question. what profile implant did you get???
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Great results!! Shake your grove thing girl!! I sure would!!
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You look smokin' hot holy moly! ! Wow are you thrilled?? Are you happy you went with the high profile? My dr. does not want me to go with the HP but I really want to~ What are your thoughts?
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You look absolutely stunning x
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Hi! I wanted to thank you for the warning about leaking with lipo. Oh my God! What a mess. Because of you, I was prepared. I don't think I could have gotten in my car other wise. Thanks again and you look so wonderful.
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oh good information! I didn't think of that all all!! I need to go buy pads too!
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Look great!!!
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OMG You look incredible!!
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I'm sorry I read ur comments and saw u were 125 5'3 thank u what profile did u go with ? Under muscle?
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What weight and height were u pre op if u don't mind me asking?
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