6 weeks post op today!

I am 49 years old and finally taking care of me!...

I am 49 years old and finally taking care of me! C-sections and numerous other tummy surgeries have left me with lots of extra! I am having a mommy makeover that will be a tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast lift, liposuction of flanks and liposuction of sides next to my breast! I can't wait bt I am nervous, anxious and all those mixed emotions we all seem to be!

This week has been really busy with getting things...

This week has been really busy with getting things checked off my list for the surgery. My PS wanted a medical release from my primary doctor for the surgery - so I had that done. They took blood and urine samples and an EKG. PS also wanted an updated mammogram - so did that this afternoon too. My husband came home for the weekend. He is presently working out of town. We talked for quite a while about the surgery and after care. He won't be home during my surgery. He won't be coming home until the week after my surgery. My best friend and my mother are going to be taking care of me after surgery. Getting more excited.

Ok... you know I'm committed! I'm posting...

ok... you know I'm committed! I'm posting pics of my before... those are tough to do! I promise to post progress after surgery!

As of yesterday all required paperwork is in, and...

As of yesterday all required paperwork is in, and all exam results are in and cleared and my pre-op is set for 3/13. Two days after I return from vacation. I almost feel like I'm obsessing over this. Are any of the rest of you that way?

Well, my countdown ticker says I have 18 days left...

well, my countdown ticker says I have 18 days left until surgery. After reading some of my fellow tt girls and such, I'm getting even more nervous. Will this really help me? Are my expectations too high? How hard will my recovery be? Pain meds... oh my... just don't get me started... I'm a veteran of surgeries and going under... that doesn't bother me... kinda strange I know... but I just put myself in God's hands with that and know that the alternative to waking up is being with my savior! Not a bad alternative... but I still have lots of living to do! LOL... I think my biggest worry is that my husband is going to be so far away from me during my surgery and I won't get to see him until the next week when he comes home. I know I'm just rambling but needed to see what my fellow tt, mm women would say!

Wow! Pre-op was yesterday and I just have to say...

Wow! Pre-op was yesterday and I just have to say how much I love my PS... I think he is amazing and am in awe of how comfortable he makes me feel! I was all nervous and butterflies in my stomach going in and by the time I left I was giddy with excitement! We did decide to do another lipo area on me and so with that being added I will stay overnight at the hospital. I guess when you get to my age and are finally able to get all of this done, you want it done in one fail swoop! I will be under for 7-8 hours... wow! We decided to go with a small D cup on my breast reduction/lift. All the pictures were taken, prescriptions filled, discussed a lot of what I've read on here and quite a bit of it he does not recommend... but I do feel good with his recommendations. So, 8 days until surgery and here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been reading y'alls post - both pre...

I've been reading y'alls post - both pre and post for a couple of months and until now I just thought I was nervous. The week of surgery is here! I am getting really stressed and having problems sleeping. I just don't know what to expect with my body after surgery. Am I going to like it, am I going to feel like I should have done something else, not done the surgery... Thankfully, my husband is going to come home now for my surgery. I know that will comfort me.

OH MY!!! What a day! Sunday evening I could...

OH MY!!! What a day!

Sunday evening I could feel my va-j-j swelling on one side... I knew what was happening... I was getting a cyst. Then yesterday my cyst was swollen so I did what I always do... got it a hot bath and soaked. Sure enough, it ruptured. I thought all was well. (you see, I get these about once a year)

Then as I was reading over my pre-op information, it said to call the office if I have any infections, cysts or boils the week prior to surgery. So this morning that is what I did. I spoke with the nurse and she said she would ask Dr. about it and get back with me.

At around 4 this afternoon, I got a phone call back from the nurse and she said I needed to go to the doctor asap because if there was any infection what so ever my surgery would be cancelled and he didn't have another surgery opening until June!!!

So, I went directly to an urgent care facility and saw the doctor there. The doctor was great! She confirmed that it was a Bartholin cyst and they did blood work and drew urine from a cathether (so it wouldn't be exposed/contaminated by anything on my outer body). Did I mention that was uncomfortable to say the least?!?

After all was said and done, she was faxing all the information over to Dr. Basu's office. I was cleared for surgery and am now on two differerent antibiotics (Flagyl - 4 x's a day and Cipro 2 x's a day) to treat/prevent any infection.

I would have just cried and cried if I couldn't have my surgery! Husband flying home from 5000 miles away for it... he would have not been a happy camper!!!

So please say prayers that all goes well now. I am not leaving this house again until I leave for surgery! Except to get my hubby at the airport LOL

Ok, I know I did this last night... but don't...

ok, I know I did this last night... but don't see it, so I'm trying again! Surgery was on Friday and I am now on day 3 of recovery. I don't know how you girls got on here right after surgery LOL... Ok, statistics of things... Began surgery 9 a.m. Friday and it went until 5:20 p.m. I certainly don't remember anything about that day! They took 5 lbs. of skin off my stomach. Then they took my boobs back to a C-D cup. They also took 4 Liters of fat from my waist, flanks, and back. Needless to say, I am in a lot of pain. I haven't had any problems with having a bm. Matter of fact, I had one in the hospital the first night LOL... the only thing I can suggest there is to begin taking your Colace before surgery and don't eat anything heavy the day prior to surgery. I feel really great all things considered. There was only one time - the day I came home for about an hour that I wondered if I had done the right thing. I was in horrible pain after an hour drive home but once the pain pills kicked in I was good to go. I am really ready to feel better but am not pushing it at all! Will try to keep you all updated as I can. Oh yeah, I also have 5 drains!!!

Thanks to all of your for your support. now...

thanks to all of your for your support. now according to my ps... yesterday and today are the worst days. so I am hoping tomorrow is a better day. my pain has been well maintained with the pain meds, but would sure like to start getting off of them. I go in tomorrow for my first po visit. will update more then. I also want to say thank you to all of your girls who went before me and kept me updated. I can't say enough how much that helped me prepare for my surgery! I'm on the flat side now and by the way... I can see my tootie for the first time in many, many years!!! WOW!!!

Day 4 PO... went in for po appt. all went well. He...

Day 4 PO... went in for po appt. all went well. He said I am doing great! I feel good and like some of my other friends, I keep waiting on the other leg to fall. Have a bit of nausea every so often but just eat a couple of crackers and all is well. Trying to go off so many pain killers this evening. Took 2 tylenol in place of my vicodin. Will take vicodin again tonight before bed. So happy!!! I go back to the doc on Thursday and they will be removing most of my drains - may still have 1 or 2. Let's just say I can't wait!!! Today was the first day I saw myself without my compression garments. Let's just say I am extremely happy!!! All I can say about my PS is that he is an amazing artist who just happens to have perfect surgeon hands! I can't believe the difference already. He said to just wait, that my results won't even be showing their true beauty until about 3 months! For those still waiting, it is worth it! I promise!!!

Day 5 PO - Good Morning. Figured I better get this...

Day 5 PO - Good Morning. Figured I better get this post out because I see some naps in my future today! Good news - slept 8 hours straight through the night!!! Bad new - went 8 hours without pain killers and awoke to the most excruciating pain I've experienced so far! WOW... I cannot put into words how much pain it was I can only say I felt like my whole torso was on fire! After I finally worked myself through the pain to get up I went and downed 2 vicodin. Figured I would fall asleep quickly when they kicked in and climped back in bed. Needless to say, didn't sleep so got up and feel much better with drugs in me! Will definitely be napping today! Oh yeah, I only have 2 drains producing anymore! Yea, so that means at least 3 will be pulled tomorrow!!! I just can't imagine how good I feel with only 2 drains left! Hopefully will get some pics at the appt. tomorrow! Happy flat tummies to all!!! Oh, and perky boobs!!!

Only had one picture to show. It's at the...

Only had one picture to show. It's at the doctor's office - but they squeezed me in this new compression garment and I wasn't about to take that off!!! So y'all will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for anymore! The po went well! Got my new squeeze garment! Will get another one in another week they say that is smaller. I was told that this week will be my worst swelling week. Still not allowed to carry over 5 pounds. No walking outside around the block. Only in the house! As you can see from the pic, I am really banged up from all the lipo! Also swollen!!! The bandages were from them taking some of the tubes out! 3 tubes removed! Yahoo. 2 to go on Monday hopefully!!! Feel good! Yea!!! More later!

8 days post op! Awoke this morning a new woman!...

8 days post op! Awoke this morning a new woman! Yesterday I hit a wall. I think it was from going to the med center to see the doc on Thursday. I slept the entire day yesterday. But today I woke up and was as bright eyed as I've been since prior to surgery! I haven't had to take any pain meds or even tylenol yet today! Hoping to only have to take tylenol! This roller coaster ride is crazy! So today I am officially by myself also, no one to take care of me! Hubby still out of town and my Mom left this morning. Really feels good to be back by myself. Guess I'm kinda weird that way. Would rather be independent and really slow! One of my drains has stopped totally - don't know if it lost suction or what... or if it's just done! The other is barely draining... Can't wait for 8:30 Monday morning when they both come out! I will finally be free of tubes! Have a fantastic-flat tummy day!

10 days post op... went in this morning, got...

10 days post op... went in this morning, got another drain removed. Last one hopefully on Thursday. All is going well! I keep shrinking just like doc said I would! I am so excited and feel great! Drove for the first time yesterday - over to my Dad's for dinner. After I got home I was definitely exhausted and took a nap. Not taking anything for pain - not even tylenol - except for yesterday when I got home. Knew I needed something! I must say, I don't know how you girls have gone back to work after 2 weeks. You must be beyond exhaustion by the time you get home!!! Beginning to sleep in a more prone position instead of at a 45 or 30 degree angle but certainly only on my back! Walking straighter for longer periods of time too. Feel good in the mornings but drained by evening. Here's to another week of flat tummies and healing! Cheers all!!!

Day 13 po. What a day! I am free of all drains!!!...

Day 13 po. What a day! I am free of all drains!!! woohoo!!! Placed into another compression garment. Also, just a note to all of those who have gone to spanx so soon. My ps says no. That we need the medical compression garments because they are so much stronger. He won't allow spanx or other light weight garments until 4 to 6 weeks. Oh well, this one took two of us to get into it, just like the last one. But, by today, my old cg was so big on me! He says that's what keeps the swelling at bay. So onward I go. A two piece cg for another week. Also, for those wondering, throughout the last 2 weeks I am down 20 pounds. Yes, 20 pounds... but that's a just little more than he removed between boobs, skin and lipo!!! I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel!!!

I rewarded myself afterwards by going and buying some Miss Me shorts - what an appropriate name, yes, I've "missed me" for a long time! I've never been able to wear a pair of hip huggers in my life!!! What an awesome reward. I feel so good about my looks! Going to my opening debut tomorrow! LOL... It's crawfish season and my brother is having a crawfish boil. Believe me, I won't be eating them little buggers - too much sodium - but I do plan on eating a little turkey sausage and some veggies! And best of all, I'm going to have my first beer. I'll let you all know how I far come Saturday LOL

Ok... also, I have posted updated pics. Remember, I am still taped up. Won't get untaped until next week and then there will be some pics of me without all the hard dark lines!

Yea me! I just cannot begin to express how good I feel about myself. It is beyond belief and yes, Dr. Basu IS a miracle worker!!!

Do I hurt - sometimes. Is there still pain - sometimes. Do I over do it - sometimes. It is definitely a roller coaster ride. I won't lie... but the roller coaster is such a thrill ride! Hang in there girls who are just coming out of surgery! I know it's the worst you've ever gone through, but you will be dancing and happy soon! I promise!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Well,...

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Well, I guess it's my turn to have a little difficulty. Had some great plans for the weekend but my body had a different opinion. On Thursday I began having diarrhea. Figured it was just something I ate and it would pass. By Friday I was really in a bad way. Started seeing blood in my stools and major cramps. Took some of my phenergan and imodium to try and slow all of this! Spent all Friday and Saturday in Bed. Things seemed to be turning the corner on Easter. Was able to get up, go to church and go to my brother's for Easter dinner. But within 3 hours I was cramping up and the ugly stuff had returned. I am so drained. Going to the doctor this morning so hopefully we can find out what's causing all of this. I need some relief and some energy! Didn't get to have my beer I was looking so forward to! Oh well. Hope everyone has a great week!

Saw my gp today and he suspects that I have c....

saw my gp today and he suspects that I have c. diff... it's a bacteria that is in your intestines and rears its ugly head when people are taking antibiotics - or have been in the hospital. Doing stool testing and in the mean time he has put me on flagyl and cipro for 14 days. Geez... just when I thought my pill consumption was going to go down. Oh well, as long as I can get some energy in me and not go through everything I put in my mouth in a matter of minutes I'll be happy! Time for a nap and more later! Guess this is one of those side effects to becoming sexy LOL!!!

Ok... so how tight are these dang compression...

ok... so how tight are these dang compression garments suppose to be? I ordered another one - one size smaller because the one I've been wearing seems loose... but I was only able to wear the new one for about 6 hours before I felt like I was gonna die. It truly hurts! Is it suppose to be that way?

24 days po. Went for my weekly check up and got my...

24 days po. Went for my weekly check up and got my tapes off the boobs and tummy. Wow... just skin now. Everything is healing nicely. Still won't let me go "walking" for exercise. Still on minimal lifting. Still must wear compression garment 23.5 hours per day. But we are now going to 2 weeks between check ups. Feel good. Just ready for energy level to be higher. Will post some pics later. So pleased with the way everything has turned out. The girls are beautiful and to me, the perfect size. The tummy is flat, flat, flat!!! The lipo seems to be the most amazing to me though. It's also the most painful. Boobs never have hurt. Tummy is tight, but the lipo areas truly have hurt!!! It's all so worth it!

Wow! It's been one month today. Spent the...

Wow! It's been one month today. Spent the weekend at the ranch and I am sure I over did it. Today will be a day of rest and recuperating! I feel swollen, hurting on my sides and walking a little hunched over. I know it's just from moving/walking around too much and going up and down the stairs in and out of the rv. But it was such fun!!! I will post some new pics this week when I'm rested back up. I love my results and wouldn't go back for all the tea in China! It's still a long, tough recovery but as long as I don't push myself - I'm fine.

Took a while to upload... had to do them...

took a while to upload... had to do them individually. Pardon the little handprint on the mirror - that is thanks to my precious little niece. My favorite part is getting to wear cute panties... always wore granny panties before... will just be glad when I can wear them daily and I'm not in the compression garment. As for progress, I'm chugging along. It's definitely still a roller coaster - some good days, some bad days. Yesterday was a bad day - but it was from overdoing it through the weekend. I still have such a respect for all you women who have gone back to work... I don't know how you do it! I feel blessed to be able to take naps when I'm tired and do little things around the house as I need to - and I don't have any children at home to take care of! Hats of to you ladies who do!!! Another picture update in another month! Happy flat tummies and perky boobs to all!!!

I forgot the most important comment!!! I DON'T...

I forgot the most important comment!!! I DON'T HAVE TO SUCK IN MY TUMMY!!! Can I get a whoop whoop?!?!!!!!!

Saw Doc on Tuesday of this week and he finally...

Saw Doc on Tuesday of this week and he finally released me to do cardio! Yes!!! I must say I am getting better and better every day it seems. I think I'm finally getting to my final size - but I do know it can take up to 6 months. Still stiff in the mornings and can get sore in the evening from the lovely swell hell... but I am truly so happy with my results. Bought me a new bathing suit and will hopefully be wearing it this next week. Using scar cream from Doc's office and silicone strips now. Scars are looking good - just ready to feel "normal"... still have lots of numbness! Still having to wear my compression garments. They do the most good though - with warding off the swelling!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Basu runs a top notch office and Staff! He and his staff are beyond compare! My first impression of Dr. B was through Brittney, his patient coordinator, and she made me feel comfortable from the very start. Then in meeting Dr. Basu, I realized I was in great hands. He is exceptional at discussing what he can do for you, what your expectations are, and answering all your questions and putting your mind at ease. Jamie, one of the nurses who work with you, was always there assuring me all was good and making sure I did what I was suppose to! She was very calming and reassuring. Then there is the office staff who you work with over the phone and when you're at the office. The whole group is so amazing at making you feel like you're their only patient. They all know you by first name and know where you are in your recovery. If you are in the Houston area and are considering surgery but you haven't met with Dr. Basu, you truly should schedule to meet him. My results are amazing and every step of the way has been exactly how they told me it would be. There hae been no surprises! I absolutely love Dr. Basu!!! In my eyes, he's the best around!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi! Great results. I'm 6 months po, just about the time when some changes start occurring for some ladies. How are your results after 2 years?
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Looking good!
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Wow!!! I just read your review. It's amazing. I'm having my MM on the 1st June. You have inspired me to keep going forward and you have given Me the added confidence that this is going to turn out great. Thank you for sharing your journey...You look fantastic. Hope I have the same results
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I'm so glad Pamela! I feel very fortunate to have a great doctor and have really enjoyed the journey! It has been so worth all the pain, the money, and the time! I will make sure and follow your progress! Feel free to ask me questions before and after surgery!!!
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Looking amazing! I hope I've got this in my future!
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Houston-so glad you are doing well. And you look great!! What is your goal size?

I had no goal in mind, but am happy to say I was size 12 on day of surgery and am now in an 8.

Sorry about the swelling. It is a pain in the a$$ but we know it will pass in time.

Keep up the good work and don't over do it.
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Thanks Ram! I had no goal in mindeither! I was a 14-16 and now I am a 10-12 and I've very happy with that! Will definitely watch myself with overdoing it! I literally lose a whole day after I push too hard - sets me down and doing nothing for the next 24 hours it seems...
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Whoop whoop!
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Wow what a transformation. You look wonderful! So happy for you
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Whoop whoop!!!! Yay! So happy for you.
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Wow!! You look great!!!!!!
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You look so awesome.. yu look like a new person. I hope that I have wonderful results as you did
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I feel like a new person! You're going to do great!!!
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You look phenomenal!!!
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thanks uni! I just can't believe the difference! I'm loving it!!!
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looking wonderful! Glad you had fun this past while! I'm feeling a ton better today 6 days PO...just updated my review too. Thank you for your updates :)
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you take care of yourself and just take it easy!!! You're going to love it too!!!
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At least you had fun! Thanks for your updates.

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Can't wait to see your photos!
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Hi Houston hope you are doing well. I am looking forward to seeing your new pics. I have my surgery this Friday!,,,,,
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Hi Houston you are looking Great!!!!! What was your menu while you were healing??? What did you stay away from ?
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you will be so happy Kathryn! immediately following surgery - for the first few days it was all I could do to eat some saltines and some chicken noodle broth. I slowly got to where I would eat some toast and an egg and a grilled cheese. I stuck with easy salad greens and veggie pasta type dishes. stayed very, very bland. I still don't have much of an appetite... but I've been so sick with this stomach junk... that I don't want to eat!
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