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Mini Ultimate Breast Lift...No Implant - Houston, TX

:) I decided to write my experience for others...

I decided to write my experience for others since I have used this website to choose both my doctor and for more information.

I am 26 yrs old and weigh 130 lbs. I am getting a mini UBL in 1 month. I have had one child and breastfed which left my breasts saggy. I have chosen Dr. Horneski because it is very important to me that I have zero scars. After seeing pictures on here I have decided I really like his work.

I will post pictures soon.
I'm researching and came across this surgeon. I have an appointment for a consultation! I am wanting a reduction! I really like the idea of no vertical scar and I like the tummy tucks I've seen. When you visited with him what made you decide to go thru with it?
please see new comment. :)
Really look forward to reading your review on the mini ultimate lift as i am considering this surgery also. Good luck and keep us posted. xxx


I have decided to update since it seems many people would like to know whats going on. After paying my 500 deposit and sending emails back and forth with Dr. H and his PA I decided to cancel my appointment. I had heard to many negative things involving this doctor and his work to still feel sure about my decision. I spoke with several women who had very bad experiences with one women not even having any visible result from her before and after pictures except a flatter nipple with slight scarring. I was also told that rippling would be something that was almost guaranteed and that I would have to come in for a re-do later down the line, around 6 months. I feel like the surgery isn't perfected and this is why he charges so much. He is anticipating having to do two surgeries. This for me is not alluring in any sense. I don't want to drive or fly in twice as well as everything that goes along with being out of the Houston area. I of course lost my deposit fee. Wasn't too happy about that but hey, at least I didn't deform my breasts in any permanent way.
Pretty Polly, thank god you didn't go thru with it!
Prettypolly - I think you made a VERY wise decision! I had a consultation with him Dr. Horndeski) and saw more pics and even real patients and even though he kept saying how great they all looked and that it was no big deal to have to come back in six months for a touch up - I was literally appalled at the appearance of some of the ones I saw. Needless to say - I was disappointed, because I was like you in that I didn't want to have a vertical scar, but now I know I would for sure prefer a vertical scar that I know will heal in lieu of what my results would be if I used him. Best of luck in finding the right ps that will make you feel confident in your decision.
Thank goodness you made the decision you made! Look at my pictures and consider the lost $500.00 a blessing. I will be out thousands trying to correct his surgery!
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