Will I Be Satisfied with Mini-tt? - Houston, TX

I had 1 doctor tell me they could do a full tummy...

I had 1 doctor tell me they could do a full tummy tuck on me; while 2 doctors said they couldn't do it without giving me a vertical scar because my belly button is high and I don't have enough loose skin. I am now scheduled for a mini-tt with liposuction around the midsection and flanks. I keep second guessing my decision because I'm afraid it wont be enough. I'm worried that many of my stretch marks will still be around and that I wont have any abdominal tightening. I have pretty good ab tone, as I do workout quite a bit. What does everyone think? I am posting pics so you can see what I'm working with!


Hi jj - I TOTALLY understand what u r going through. We r very similar. Very personal decision. I am worried about loose skin after lipo above navel but I do not have enough loose skin for a full tuck. My surgery is on the 29th feel free to vent with us!
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You might want to post your photos and question in the doctor q&a community and see what they have to say. You can go here to do that.

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Welcome to RealSelf! Will your surgeon be doing muscle repair? Because that should help with tightening below the belly button. Some of your stretch marks will probably remain with either a full or mini TT, but you don't really want that vertical scar either, right?

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I am still wondering if mini-tt is right. I feel...

I am still wondering if mini-tt is right. I feel like my abs stick out so much! Also, they are lifting my right areola so it matches with the left...but I'm wondering if I should have both lifted....

So much to think about! I just wonder if the mini will be a dramatic enough change to spend all this money and go through surgery for.


Go look at the before and after results on the TT forum. I would hate to see you regret a mini TT after the fact... would almost be impossible to then get a Full TT. For the difference in price I would say Full TT all the way- But a couple of consultations with PS should help in your decision. Good luck!
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Should go for a consultation but in my opinion a mini tuck. You don't have as much flab and your belly doesnt look inflated enough
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deflated***** lol
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