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Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift Without Implants, and Side of Chest Lift -Houston, TX

I am scheduled for the first of two surgeries on...

I am scheduled for the first of two surgeries on January 7th, only two more weeks to go! I'm nervous as hell but excited also. This has been a very long journey for me. I have been obese most of my adult life. I had lap band surgery several years ago, lost a minimal amount of weight, and had a ton of problems with it. I had it removed January 3rd 2013 and lost a little over a hundred pounds in eight months!! I found THE surgeon who specializes in resolving the issues that happen with your body and skin when you go from being severely overweight to being at a healthy weight. I know I will be in the best hands possible and cannot wait!! The first surgery will be a breast lift, side of chest/upper back lift, tummy tuck, and buttocks lift with fat injected to fluff the cheeks back out. Then, hopefully about six months later I will have an arm lift, thigh lift, and neck lift (different surgeon for the neck lift), and POSSIBLY implants. The implants depend on how the girls end up size and shape wise after the lift.

I forgot to add

I had gastric sleeve surgery when I had my lapband removed.

Before photos-Yikes!!

Ok, we are getting down to go time!! Only a week and a half to go!! I had the hubs take some before pics. Partially so I could post them here and partially so I have something to look at while I'm healing. I never thought I would post naked pics of myself online but if this helps someone else make the decision to go forward with getting the body they want, especially after being obese like I was, then it's worth the embarrassment, lol. I have my pre-op appointment in two days with Dr. Lomonaco, I can't wait!

Had my pre-op today :)

I had my pre-op today. We did a medical history and went over what would happen the day of surgery. I was very relieved and impressed to find out how proactive Dr. Lomonaco and his team are in managing pain and post op nausea also. I have severe nausea issues after surgery and the last thing you want after getting your stomach cut and sewn back together is to dry heave. Dr Lomonaco impressed me yet again with how informative and reassuring he was while going over the surgery day. He also made it clear that my post op nutrition needed to be paid close attention to since I'm a bariatric patient. I think I will be adding three high protein and carb loaded snacks a day to my eating routine.

I made it!

I can already see the new me Dr Lomonaco created. We got to the hospital at six and I very impressed when they took me to preoperative and it was a private room. The anesthesiologist was very nice and made me feel very comfy. I again explained my nausea issues and she said not to worry. The last thing I remember is being wheeled into the operating room. It felt instantaneous. I had no nausea what so ever did not wake up in screaming pain as I feared. Dr Lomonaco and his staff kept all their promises to keep me comfy and nausea free

Day one post op pics

Day 3 post op

Well, I'm not in nearly as much pain as I thought I would be! It really only hurts getting up and down and even that isn't horrible. I know understand what everyone else was saying about the drains though, boy it smarts if you pull on them by accident. I cannot believe how perky my beautiful new boobies are and how flat my tummy is. He ended up not doing the side of chest lift, once he lifted the breasts a lot of that skin came forward. We still have our second surgery to do so I'm not worried about it. I will try to get some pics taken today and post them :)

More post op pics!

I managed to snap a few this morning. I'm in love with my new boobies and flat tummy with a cute little bellybutton. I'm super swollen right now so I can't wait to see how it all looks once the swelling is gone. I also no longer have accordion skin on my butt! Dr Lomonaco is awesome. He came to see me several times at the hospital and has even called me today at home.


Butt pics :)

I was finally able to snap a few pics of the new booty. He smoothed it out considerably. I wish we could fill it out a bit more but like Dr Lomonaco says, there is only so much fat for him to harvest. He was able to get 200cc in each cheek.

Free at last!!!

Lol, those god awful drains came out today! Wasn't really painful except on the outer area of skin that kept being hurt and irritated by them but didn't feel it inside at all. I felt so good I went to walmart, I lasted about 20 minutes and then had to go. I'm now officially in a 36C sports bra. I also found out he removed twelve pounds of skin!!!!!

Swelling going down!

Just wanted to post an update pic. The swelling in my midsection is getting better and the girls swelling is better too.

Went back to work!!

Still nursing a very nasty head cold that unfortunately my toddler and husband now have. I'm doing half days though so it's not bad. I really did not expect anyone to notice anything, at least those who did not know why I have been out the last couple of weeks :) I had several ask me if I'd suddenly dropped a lot of weight, lol. I had one guy ask me where my new hourglass figure came from hahaha. One of my close coworkers who knows what I had done told me she couldn't believe how well I was getting around and how amazing I looked. It was nice to hear it from someone other than my husband lol.

Feeling good!

Well, I'm still swollen but those work pants I couldn't button a week and a half ago are now loose! I was in a twelve prior to surgery and I'm now in a ten. I cannot believe it!


Ok, really bad day at work today, and not because I'm in pain or anything. I had two different women that I work with tell me I'm too skinny today. The first one is not someone I'm chummy with but we work in the same group. She looked me up and down with a disgusted look on her face and told me I was getting too skinny. She is very overweight like I used to be and has always almost made it a point to NOT say anything when others would tell me how great I was doing after my sleeve surgery. The coworker she said this in front of chewed her ass for being rude later when I was gone. The second lady is a friend of mine and said it in a nice way but was like you really need to gain about ten pounds. I don't understand why people think it's ok to tell someone they are too skinny. Also, I'm NOT!!!! I'm six foot one and I weigh 165. Good lord! It really upset me, it's like I can't win.

One month pics

Well the swelling has gone down but there is still some there, especially in the lower tummy mons area, I'm sure in time it will go away. My boobs are still a bit sore but still healing well and I'm still in love with them lol. My butt thankfully has seemed to have fluffed out a tad too.

Had my one year follow up with my bariatric surgeon yesterday

It was more like a year and a month lol. I felt very emotional driving up to the hospital, my dr moved his practice inside the hospital and it was the first time I had been back since the day of my sleeve surgery. I cried walking in and had to duck into the bathroom. All those emotions I felt the morning of my surgery came flooding back. I was so scared I would die on the table or have a major complication later and leave my toddler without a mother. She was the reason I was doing it though. I wanted to be around as long as possible for her, I wanted to be able to play with her, I wanted to enjoy life with her. It's silly, but I also didn't want to be the fat mom she would be embarrassed of as she got older. I felt so much of all those feelings it was so overwhelming. I checked in and got weighed. Dr Marvin came in and said I looked great, asked if I was having any trouble eating lol! I looked at him like he was crazy and he told me I was on the low end of the Range for my height but still a good weight. It's unusual for us bariatric patients to get there apparently. He also asked if I would be interested in being interviewed by a TV crew about my experience going from a lap band to a sleeve, I was like hell yeah. I think it's for the videos he shows in his office. I wonder if they will actually call me!

Surgery number two scheduled!

Well my dear friends, June 10th I will be letting Dr Lomonaco finish the job! I will be having an arm lift, thigh lift, and side of chest lift. I am so excited!

Two month pics!

Very pleased with swelling, mostly in mons area now.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lomonaco is amazing. He listens to you when you meet with him and he's great at empathizing with the issues, physical and emotional, that you go thru from having been obese. His staff has been great about handling everything that needed to get set up prior to my surgery. I cannot wait to see the results he gives me! Updated five days postoperative: Dr Lomonaco has been wonderful. He came to check on me several times in the hospital, as well as his staff. The level of attention and care you get from him never wanes. The results of the lower body lift and breast lift already look amazing and I still have a lot of healing to do so it's just going to keep getting better. If you are considering surgery, he is definitely the surgeon you want changing your body!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Heeeeeey.....your beating me or R2! I seriously wanted to schedule June 9th but my PS is on vacay (sheesh, these guys think they get time off or something...) Then hubby wants to go away for July 4th....darn!
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Lol I was toying with waiting till next year but I have literally had a cold since my last surgery, for two freaking months. I decided no more surgery during cold and flu season. June 9th is my daughters third birthday and I wanted to get past that before, so the 10th it is :)
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yeah truth be told I am toying with waiting until the new year as well - not sure how it "looks" to take another six weeks off from work for another vague "surgery" - LOL - plus compression in San Antonio and Atlanta in July as well?? NOT FUN.....how is your swelling?
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Swelling is mostly in mons area now so it isn't too bad, I'm going to post some pics today :)
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That sounds great! I hope you get called for the video!
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You look great! I am 4-mos post op and still swell.
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I guess by the time the swelling goes away it will be time for surgery number two anyway lol. This is gonna be a looooooong journey dang it.
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That's pretty much what happened to me! I had my second surgery at 6-mos post op. The swelling wasn't as bad the second time, though. I hope the same for you!
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Hi Brandy! When are you planning on Round #2? I am currently looking @ early July for mine.
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Me too!!!!! :)
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Looking awesome there my Amazonian buddy! I am still swelling too, so don't fret on that.....your boobs look awesome...you have every right to be "in love" ;-) I am very jealous you "got away with" a lift only ;-) That is awesome!
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I will admit, if I could snap my fingers and make them a tad bigger I would, but I'm good with D cups. It makes it soooo much easier to buy shirts lol
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I am jealous, too! I wish I could have done a lift only. He did a great job with shaping your breasts! I am a D but my breasts still look tuberous. I don't know if that has more to do with my anatomy or my surgeon's technique. My breasts look good but I have so been desiring beautiful nude breasts since I had my tummy tuck last April. I anticipate getting them done in June.
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D's! Take those boobies and RUN girl.... ;-)
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I've gained and lost weight for most of my life - always getting to within a few pounds of my goals (at my height, a few pounds can make a difference) and then bouncing back up. The time previous to this last (and God help me... THE last) weight loss go round, I'd actually gotten to within 3 lbs of a goal I set at the age of 16 (which I'd look freakishly skinny at now). The comments I got - especially those from long-time friends and close family members- were incredibly insensitive and hurtful. A BIL actually said I looked like a 'tweaker'... not exactly a compliment. A sister said I was thin...... but looked 'so old'. There were others, but those two stood out as they'd come from FAMILY. Ironically enough, during same trip, an older woman friend of our mother's mistook me for my younger sister of 9 years. lol. So much for looking so 'old'. People can be cruel and highly critical and yet, on some level, I don't think they always mean to be such. I think it comes out that way sometimes and yes, unfortunately, it can also be a product of jealousy. Why is it so damn hard to just be happy for someone else's success??
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I know, we all have had comments made, I think people who knew us fat, think of us as that and when we change, they have a hard time excepting us differently, as if they don't like change...that's the nice version, then there are those that are just plain out and out jealous, sometimes it comes from other "fatties", who secretly wish it was them making the changes, and then I have found the meanest comments have come from the "skinnies" (as if they don't like us taking some of their territory) Comments, like "Wow, good for you, you haven't gained the weight back" What kind of a complement is that??? I love those people who feel they must tell us to stop losing weight since we all know we just don't know when to stop...LOL
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I think jealousy is a big component unfortunately :(
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...and while were on the topic, where do people get the idea it is their prerogative to comment on other peoples bodies anyway?? I mean seriously, if i am too fat, too thin, too zebra-striped for YOUR preference, feel free to keep that sh** to yourself....
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Wow i am away from the boards for two stinkin' days and i miss all the updates! Darn it .... Wow i had no idea you were 6'1"! That is so cool. Regarding your work conversations....I think there are a couple of factors: 1) we live in a obese society, so anyone that is not obese somehow looks strange. 2) (i get this too with my weight loss) - they are not used to seeing YOU this small, so even @ 5'7" and 168, no one told me i was **too** small but a couple of people told me "stop now." It is a shame we have to "fat shame" women, now other women are "thin shaming"? Shame on them ....just shrug it off and be so freaking proud that you have achieved a really healthy AND ATTRACTIVE BMI.....congrats on an awesome result and complication free healing process!
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I especially love seeing MWL women transform their entire bodies. I did everything from head to knees last year in three surgeries. This year I will get implants and some skin removal for the final tweaking. I used dr. Capella. He is another great surgeon for post MWL body contouring. Dr. LoMonaco is a great surgeon. I am glad to see you chose wisely. There are not many out there who can do the excellent work that these plastic surgeons can do for us. You look wonderful and he did an excellent job with your lift. I have a friend who just had surgery with Dr. L and he did excellent work and took excellent care of her afterwards. I can say the same for my surgeon. These two PS amaze me. I think a MWL patient cannot go wrong with either of them.
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MBL you are freaking hilarious! Lol
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I am glad that I made you laugh! Enjoy your beautiful new body that you have worked so hard for, and forget about the haters. I am happy for you!
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BTW I do not think you are skinny at all. I think you have a beautiful figure. Just right!!!
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Possible comebacks: "Oh gosh, thank you for making my day! I never thought I'd hear someone tell me I am too skinny when I used to be such a big fat pig ." OR "You know, it's funny, all of my overweight friends tell me that. Hilarious!" OR "are you kidding me? My husband cannot keep his hands off of this new body of mine. I honestly don't know how I am not walking now legged by now!" Hahahahahaha beach is right, they are jealous. I have had this with other WLS/PS women after I got my fabulous results from plastic surgery and they did not.
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*bow legged
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