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I have gained a lot of weight over the past 3...

I have gained a lot of weight over the past 3 years. Now that I am working out and trying up loose the weight it's hard when my body looks the way it does. I'm getting my upper and bottom back,flanks, abdominal and arms done. I have checked out a lot of plastic surgeons..and this one made me feel confident. He was so honest he told me I need to loose weight and exercise if I want more improvement. I notice he will be aggressive and I want that someone who isn't afraid to do what it takes to make me feel confident again ..I'm excited because I scheduled my surgery date.

Monday appt.

I'm feeling worried that I want get the results I want...trying to loose weight and eating clean. Me and my other half have a appointment Monday so that he can have a idea what he can lipo and change. I'm nervous it want this too bad..I'll update Monday

Appt visit

Everything went great I'm more confident about my surgery..my husband was able to talk to the doctor and he felt comfortable about the procedure. Everyone is getting fat transfer while all I want is the fat to stay out! Lol...I'm very excited! I love the doctor he is completely nice and kind. Trust me you will love him!

Let's do this!

I just saw someones results and she looks amazing. I can't wait until Sept.. I hope I get the results she has! I need to get a list of things for the house

Pictures before Sept 6

I plan to loose 10 lbs min before the surgery. I hope the results come out great I'm getting my abdominal, back, flanks and inner thighs lipo so I hope for a big transformation! Dr Cortez is the best for transformations...I'm scared but I'm ready to do this!

Pre Op appt!

I'm excited....I have minor questions..I feel like I should have a lot of questions but I trust that he will do a great job that I just want to go with it.....can't wait!


Hey ladies..so today we decided to go with the fat transfer..I have so much fat that I minus we'll transfer to my butt lol...I had to pay more but it makes sense.. So looks like I need to find a pillow.. And prepare to sleep on my stomach..this is still new and unexpected but I am still excited! I have a lot of research to do...

Change of heart..

Ok ladies I'm not sure right now should I get a BBL I really just wanted the fat gone! But the idea of a nice butt go with it sounds great! I see everyone talk about it now I'm really considering it..but y'all go through serious pain...no sitting on my butt and sleeping in my stomach for a month seems tough! I want ridiculous results if I have to go through that!

Wish pic

I decided to get a wish picture from someone who Dr Cortes has actually worked on..realistic results...I'm like the way the butt sticks out a little... I want a heart booty. Ok yes I'm getting excited. I can't want for this change to make me feel more confident.

16 days....transformation station

I hate how I get treated because of the size I am... And the body type I get treated different maybe I feel that way because I used to be small and fine... So to feel how I feel now make me have no confidence. I know Dr Cortes is no miracle worker but I know he is the best at his work. I have confidence in him. I really am anxious about the surgery..maybe because I really want it to come out GREAT...16 more days to go! The heart booty would be a plus...

Pre Op at the Hospital

After paper work and payment it just hit me.. When I leave here I will be confident again. I'm excited they give you soap to bath with the night before and the morning of Surgery. You go the the hospital 2 hours before your surgery. Sign paperwork they go over what you are getting done. And then takes some blood you get a cup to fill up the morning of surgery

Office Visit tomorrow..

I love going in and talking to everybody...they get me so excited!!!

Last doctor visit before surgery

Dr. Cortes is awesome..and Lucy and Deanna. They calmed me down with a all my questions and we decided on a pear shape bottom rather than hour glass..I'm really excited because he understands what I want. Bubble butt....yes please. I did express the interest about my arms

Few more days...

This Holiday weekend will make things go by soooo fast! I'm more nervous than excited. I'm afraid of results..pear shape body...heart bubble booty. I have high expectations for this surgery. I'm as ready as I can be.

Crazy weekend before surgery

I am at the hospital now, for my other half who had to get fluid drained from a infection out of his butt..lol..not funny but anyways I have been with him this whole weekend. We have not been able to get ready for my surgery Friday because of his issue...he needs to get well so that he can take care of my ass


This is NOT a easy procedure. But I'm sure after all the swelling goes down I will see a lot of change. I enjoyed the hospital and everyone the procedure was a success but tomorrow I get a new garment thank God! Because the hospital garment has my skin looking bad..I'm still happy I went with Cortez everyone is professional. I have Lipo burns but I'm sure they will give me medicine for it. I'm not ready to post pictures but I will after the drain is out.

Number 2

I can't poop and my stomach hurts SOOOOOO BAD!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He was honest and nice. He told me what he could do and what weight loss will do.

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how are healing hun and do you any pics???
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Some people have a hard recovery and I was one of them. Drink lots of fluids and keep up with the massages. burning from lipo, stiffness and lots of other things we want to be over with. It takes more time for some to heal, just take it day by day. Everyday that passes is one day closer to being fully healed. Good Luck
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Where r u ma!! I wanna see your big behind!
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Ok i second that dont wimp out on ya girls ....we got u! A lil birdie told me you are looking like FABULOUS!!! C'MON GIRLY COME BCK! O H AND GET I SOME MAGNESIUM CITRATE....OH U'LL GO W?IN 15MINS!!!
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Simeone needs to show pics....I saw them in person today and their ass is huge and those hips!!! You look amazing girl go ahead and flaunt that thang!
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How's it going now doll? Hopefully recovering nicely!
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actually doing pretty good today! getting in and out of bed has become pretty easy its still sore but much better. like everybody else I want to look in the mirror and see results and of course there's not much of anything because of the swelling. my right Thigh is still way more swollen and way more bruised then my left its weird. how's everything going with you? thank you very much for checking up on me!!
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How's it going babe?
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I'm 3 Days post.... for me the hardest thing is getting up out of bed back into bed and by the far the worst.... taking off and on my compression garment is murder. I also need to stop reading all the negative comments about people having this done and not getting good results it's really starting to get to me... I mean don't get me wrong people are welcome to post anything they want its just me, I need to stop reading them. I just can't imagine spending all this money all this recovery time and not getting any results.
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Everyone's results are different! This is a real challenge I didn't expect all this. But I'm sure we can make it through the storm
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Are you eating plenty of greens or taking over the counter stool softener?. Are you taking narcotics? Drinking plenty of fluid? Prune juice also works for my patients but tastes nasty.
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Feel better babe. I'm sure you're looking good.
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I don't know how people deal with this. This is a serious struggle!
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We are all rooting for you!! I'm now 3 weeks post but I think the second day was the worst. It will get better by the day! Get lots of rest, move slow...just take it easy. You're body is officially in recovery mode. Wishing you all the best! :)
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my surgery is in 5 days I'm going to pick up my prescriptions here in a little bit plus my arnica.... good luck to those that are coming up. for those who have had it what was your pain level like I am so nervous about this whole thing. I have waited years to be able to do this and I'm also getting a tummy tuck and a month I want so much to be able to look into the mirror and feel good about myself. my self esteem is in the sewer right now. I have been with my man for 3 years and he has never even seen me in a bra and panties that's how horrible I feel about myself. I would love to be able to talk to someone who understands what I'm going through or has a similar story
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You will be just fine! I'm sure of it I will keep you posted on my results
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Today is your day. You are in my prayer. Can't wait to see your rocking new body.
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Can't wait to see after pics, I'm trying to find a good ps I'm the states that can handle someone umm thicker so I can kinda get a idea of what my results could be
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You're right behind me hun...aren't you sooo excited???
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I can't wait. I feels like time is going by so slow.
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Yes..tomorrows a holiday so hopefully it goes by fast!!!
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Hello, I'm so happy and excited for you! I can relate to what you are feeling! I had my upper and lower abdomen fat sucked out on Monday 8/19/13. I have shrunk already even though there is swelling. Keep us all posted, you will be fabulous!!!
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I cant wait to see after pictures. I have the same body build and frame as you. The only difference is I already have a huge butt. I really need some lipo done on it. I am scheduled to have a breast reduction on 09-10-2012. With that I am also getting lipo to my upper and lower back and flanks. I am so ready. I will work on my stomach, inner and outer thighs later on down the line. My stomach is not really large but with the breast reduction you will notice it more.
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Mine Is The 10Th..I'm So Scared and Excited LovesHoping For Confidence Again . I Have Been Ashamed Disgusted And A Living With A Low Self Esteem Fo To Many Long Years. I Hope This Is The Step To Bring Back My Life.
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Me too! I will keep you updated in my progress the whole time! We are just a few days from each other
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