SPOILED: I Just Want my Old Body Back - Houston, TX

I was one of the genetically luck girls who always...

I was one of the genetically luck girls who always had a naturally curvy & tight body that managed to stay in great shape. I never had a problem with my body image until I got pregnant (after 35), gained weight, and just couldn’t get it back. The weight gain was one thing but I just felt like what used to be my curves had turned into blubber sacks. UGH Let me also be honest and say that because I was so spoiled by genetics I was truly lazy with working out and eating right. I would start and then stop…waste a lot of money trying something different and then eventually stop doing that as well.
The same month I had my daughter, a close friend of mine had her lipo procedure. She had great results and great recovery. I said then, if I can’t get my pre baby body back I’m going to get lipo. That was two and a half years ago and now I am READY. My profile picture is actually me and my pre baby body. I’m using my own pictures as my “wish” pics for my doctor. LOL
I considered doctors in other cities (Montreal, Toronto, New York, Atlanta) however I finally decided that since I am originally from Houston and my family is all there, it would be best to look for a Houston lipo doctor because there is a good selection and I felt it would be the most practical option for post surgery recovery. So I will be traveling to Houston for my procedure that I hope to be scheduled for early Dec2013. I am currently researching and consulting PS and I hope to post the name of my doctor very soon (once I decide).
I understand that ANY kind of surgery is a journey and I promised myself three things-
1) I will choose the best doctor for me…no matter the cost. I want great results and I will hold that doctor accountable for giving me the results I am looking for. I know some people have lipo done over again, however I have no desire to do this ever again. So I want amazing results done the first time.
2) I will follow and adhere to ALL post surgical/healing procedures and then some! I believe that the doctor can only do so much. The rest is up to me. This is where I hold myself accountable.
3) I will be patient with my doctor, myself, and my body, and give us all time to see the final results.
I’m very excited and I am so thankful to all the people of RS who share their stories and results with us. I have learned so much in such little time that I felt I should share my story too. You have all been so helpful. I hope everyone does their research and finds the doctor that is able to safely give them the results they desire. I truly believe that everyone should be able to feel beautiful!

I chose Dr. German Newall and I am so excited!!!

I consulted with several doctors and narrowed my options down to two. I was torn between two Houston doctors and decided that a second consultation might be the thing I need to help me make the final decision. After having my second consultation with Dr. Newall I truly felt like he was the doctor that could give me the results I wanted as well as the care and attention I needed. Dr. Newall seemed to have the passion for sculpting an hourglass figure. When I said, “Dr. Newall I want curves, I just don’t want the fat.” He was eye to eye with me. I know he knew exactly what I was talking about and exactly what I wanted. He assured me that he can give me the results that I want and I could tell that he is honestly passionate about the results of his patients. For the second consultation he sat and talked with me and answered ALL of my questions in detail without making me feel rushed. I even gave him a hug I was so excited ( I knew right then he was the PS I should use).
After speaking with Dr. Newall I was also able to consult with the staff again and also have ‘smaller’ questions answered as well…things like, "is the food any good after surgery or should I bring my own?" It was cool to speak to someone who had also had procedures done and knew what it felt like from a patients perspective. So now I am confirmed and starting to put my pre/post op list together.
I have also decided to start working out and eating healthier now, so my body isn’t in total shock the day after surgery. Every little bit helps right. Thanks again to the RS community for all of your helpful info!

Good bye sodium...

I went to a Mexican restaurant yesterday and ate hot wings today. I had to get my final fix of my favorite high sodium foods before my 2 week pre op date. Being in Texas and not eating yummy Mexican food is going to be post op torture. lol
I have heard numerous times from doctors and staff that a no/low sodium diet will make a tremendous difference during the healing process. Depending on your normal diet, it can shave days even weeks off your recovery time. So I'm all about!
If anyone is interested, my favorite no salt seasoning is Kirklands Organic no salt Seasoning. I purchase it from Costco. It's really good and full of yummy spices.

Two weeks to go!!

I'm excited and anxious all at the same time. I have made my list and checked it twice. Everything seems to be purchased and ready. I have my blood work scheduled and my pre op massage scheduled. I need to schedule my post op lymphatic massages. I hear really good things about them so I am going to try them for 4 weeks post op. Totally cut down on the crazy foods and have all of my vitamins as well. I'm so nervous about recovery. It's all I obsess about.

This is how things went...

The day before surgery I went grocery shopping for no/low salt foods and got the last of my prescriptions filled. Dr. Newalls office includes the following:
tote bag
morning/evening vitamins
maxi pads
medical tape
stool softener
antibacterial wash
2 garments
compression socks
post op home nurse visit
1/2 hour lymphatic massage
I purchased a few extra things of my own such as extra padding, maxi pads, cold packs, silicone badges, skin firming lotion, compression socks, Spanks, and a waist cincher (for when I don't have to wear the full body suit). I plan to schedule additional massage as soon as the doctor clears me for them.
My procedure was scheduled for 11a and I was told to be there by 10. I got there at 1030 and was called to the back shortly after.
Step 1 is going over the paper work with the nurse and confirming the areas that will get lipo'd.
Step 2 is when Dr. Newall comes in and starts to mark all the places that will be worked on.
Step 3 is when the anesthesiologist comes in and goes over a few medical questions with you and puts in your IV.
Step 4 you go into the surgical room and get cleaned all over again, some meds are given through the IV and that's all she wrote.
I don't remember anything after that except waking up in the room that I was originally in. :) They gave me chicken noodle soup for dinner and that hit just the right spot. It wasn't to heavy and it wasn't nasty either.
Since I had full body lipo my garment is from what I like to call 'neck to knees'. You will need help putting this thing on. There is so much padding I have no idea what I look like underneath. I do know that my arms are already smaller. That i can tell. Everything else is so padded that I look more like a mummy.
Pics to come soon
The pain really isn't that bad. Of course everything hurts when I touch it but for the most part, its just a feeling of severe soreness as if I had a strenuous workout on my first day that the gym. I have no trouble walking around and no trouble going to the bathroom on my own. I will say that if I stand on my feet to long I will get very dizzy and light headed. I have not felt any nausea so hopefully that is one less pill I will have to take. I also doze in and out so it takes me a long time to send a text or write this review. lol
My at home nurse visit is tomorrow and that is also when I take my first shower. That will also be the first time I see myself. I know there is supposed to be a lot of bruising and swelling but I am anxious to see SOMETHING. FYI keep your receipts to return things you never used. I have a feeling a few things will be going back to the store.
As always, thanks to the RealSelf community for your support and helpful information

Everything is going as planned

I had my 'home nurse visit' and she said everything looks good. My punctures are very small, some you can't see at all. There was a lot of draining the first night in the recovery center but it has slowed down a little more everyday now that I am home. Hopefully I will be bandage free by Monday (one week post op).
I took a shower for the first time on Wednesday and everyday since then. Showers take everything out of me. I am so tired and lightheaded after each shower I have to sit and rest before I bandage up and put on my garments. My mom is a life saver when it comes to my showers and just about everything else as well. I can't imagine how people try to do this alone. Taking off your garment and showering is a bit of a mess. So please make sure you are prepared for the draining while not bandaged and also prepared for the clean up. For some reason, I feel better with the garments on than with them off and yes…they are tight as hell. You will need a garment to switch into after you shower and put one on while the other is washing. Shower everyday. Don't just change the padding. It is a lot to go through, but the shower feels good in the end. This also give you a chance to check out all the bruising and swelling and to keep ip with what should be normal progress. Every shower I have less draining so I use less padding.
As for eating, I am eating what I would normally eat except with no salt. My mom puts everything on a small plate for me and that helps with the portion control. I am just not a diet person so I think portion control will be the best option for me post surgery. I try and drink a lot of fluids but apparently I don't drink enough.
TMI TMI TMI: My first BM came on the 3rd day like it was supposed to but it was excruciating. Worse than the shower. Not to mention I took my bottom garments off. I know you are supposed to be able to do everything with the garment on because it has a large hole, but I was't taking any chances so I puled it down. Having a BM felt like I was ripping stitches from the inside of my body when know I have no stitches. Take your stool softeners!!
Other than that…everything is going well. I will post pics and update on Tuesday when I have my 1st post op doctor visit.

Everyday undergarments

I had gotten to the point where I wore some "serious" undergarments just to get the look I wanted. I hated feeling so confined and I just kept thinking, "I can't do this forever, can I?!"

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW

24hr pic comparison.
Pre/post OP pics.
Side by side.
You can already see the difference in just 24hrs!!!

Punctures & swelling

One week Post Op Dr Visit

First let me apologize for all the typos I have in my posts. I'm usually tired and sleepy by the time I sit down to post and RS won't let you go back and correct so I apologize in advance. :)
I am totally off all the meds and now I only take my vitamins, arnica, and bromelain. All of my draining has stopped (aside from a drip hear and there on my arms) so I am only dealing with the bruising, swelling, healing, and fatigue. I walk like I have a stick up my ass and I waddle like I just gave birth. I feel like a train…it takes me a while to get moving but once I do, I'm fine. I have not weighed or measured myself and I probably won't until I am ready to get back in the gym. Everyone says they can already see a difference and that's nice to hear. I can especially see a difference in my arms, back, and my abs. I can't see a difference in my inner thighs which sucks because that's where most of my bruising is.
I was so excited to see the doctor today! I drove myself to the doctors office. I felt good, and as far as I could tell, I looked as best as could be expected after being 'hit by a mack truck' (for the sake of sexy). But I just wanted to be reassured by Dr. Newall and the nursing staff that things were going as they should. I secretly wanted him to say "well look at you! You are all recovered as fast as I have ever seen." That did not happen. LOL But he did say things looked good. Since my draining has stopped I am ready for lymphatic massages. The bruising is damn near black now which is good because that means it is healing and will go away soon. The swelling…well that appears to be true to form and staying a few more weeks as expected. I HATE THE SWELLING the most. My feet look like little piglets ( I can only wear my Uggs) and my vagina looks like a fanny pack! Apparently the swelling goes in the direction of gravity and will all go away as it should. :(
Now that I have had my doctors visit I think I am going to start using my silicon gel badges for the larger punctures that are starting to close now. The smaller punctures are already closed and scabbed. That's a good thing! Can't even tell anything happened. The larger ones seem like they will need a little more help and I am going to do whatever I can to minimize even the tiniest of scars. My lymphatic massage is scheduled for three days from now. Hope all goes well.

Lymphatic Massage…OUCHIEE!!!

OK, y'all. I went for my first lymphatic massage at Dr. Newalls office and…good God almighty did it hurt. Dr. Newall includes your first lymphatic massage with your procedure. OK, it was scheduled for 30min (thank God cuz I don't think I could take an hour) and Carrie did a fantastic job. Yes, it hurt but Carrie actually made sure she found all of my scar tissue spots. Apparently the purpose of the lymphatic massages is to help smooth out the scar tissue along with fluids, and to help the healing process. Since I was done draining there was really no fluids for me to drain but of course there is scar tissue and lord knows I will do anything to help speed the healing process because this swelling is driving me crazy.
I scheduled 5 more massages (twice a week) for a total of 6. Even though they hurt, I truly think lymphatic massages are needed. I also think they will be less painful as time goes on. After my massage Carrie suggested I start wearing lipo foam. She said my garments were making a crease and the foam pads would help become the barrier between my stomach and my garments. The foam was given to me by the doctors office. One less thing I had to buy. The nurse helped put it on and everyone was so nice.
When I walked in the office that afternoon I was bent over and moving slow because I had just left the salon and had been sitting for a long time. After my massage I was able to walk out straight and was feeling great. Unfortunately I pushed myself to the limits (trying to do some Christmas shopping) and when I got home I truly needed 2 pain pills which I had not been on in days.
With that said, I DO suggest taking a pain pill prior to going to your massage. I didn't and I REALLY wish I had. YOU WILL THANK ME!

2 WEEK Update…so far so good

Merry Christmas!! It's a little over 2 weeks but I have been busy with the holiday and haven't had time to post. Boy do I have a lot to tell y'all!
Well first things first…My husband finally got to Texas to spend the holidays with his girls (myself and our 2 year old). This was also the first time he saw me post op. Prior to surgery, my husband was never really yes or no about the lipo. He said I looked fine/sexy already and didn't need to change a thing. Post op, he said things looked really well except for the bruising. He doesn't like that I look like I am in pain. He said I look sexy and my butt looks NIIIIIIICE. He also said my boobs look enormous for some reason. LOL All in all I think he likes what he sees.
OK, so in two weeks I have to say that a lot of bruising and swelling have gone down. Yes I am still achey, numb, sore, and walk like a train, but I look a lot better and feel better each morning I wake up. The worst thing right now is the numb feeling that my abs have and the "velcro" feeling my upper thighs have. For some reason it takes a sec to get to full standing position because I feel like I am velcro'd to the other half of my body. It hurts but it goes away. Unfortunately it comes right back every time I sit down. lol I am told this will eventually go away for good. No one ever has a time frame for anything. :(
I came down with a touch of a cold and I was so afraid that since my body was weak that it may turn into more. However I didn't want to take any cold meds so I took a pain pill every night and wrapped up really tight to sweat it out. It WORKED!! I got better every day and now I feel fine.
Soooooo I had a little something to do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of course so I wanted to look half decent. I decided to ditch the garment for two days and wear some cute clothes (that matched my UGGS). I have to say that I could REALLY tell a difference in my clothes. They were to big and they showed some serious curves. :) EVERYONE could tell. I went to the nail salon that I have been going to since I was 16 and the talk of the shop was, "did you get your boobs done?" LOL I promised I didn't but I loved that they NOTICED something but just couldn't figure out what. So far anyone who has had the nerve to ask, has asked if I got my boobs or my butt done. No one suspects lipo. I'm open about my procedure so it's no big deal to me. I actually appreciate that people are noticing. I think if no one notices THEN there is a problem. I just think my procedure has gone so well and looks so good that everyone has noticed something from day 1. I am so grateful. NOW, remember I said I didn't wear my garment for two days?? Can I tell you that all I wanted to do was put my garment on!!!! When I finally put it on again I felt a whole lot better than I did the two days without it. I don't know what I am going to do…but I have to figure out how to wear cute clothes with this thing on cuz I'm not taking it off again (at least not for 4 more weeks). Keep your garments on people!! Stay the course!! I don't know what the garments are doing but I can feel it doing something right!
I added 2 week pics. Sorry they are so blurry. I was trying to get some quick ones done. I am also going to the 'torture chamber' AKA lymphatic massage table again today. I have them scheduled for twice a week (Monday/Thursday) for 3 more weeks so I will give a full update at the end off the sessions.

more 2 week pics

Pay attention to your body (INside AND OUT)

TMI TMI GROSS ALERT GROSS ALERT!!! I have my period down to a science because I hate it so much. I hate my period more than I hate fat but that's a whole other topic. The thing is…my period did not come on time. I was like, "OH hell no. I work to hard to get this beast regulated and now this?!?!" I called my doctor and the nurse said that is was common for the body to just get "off". She said that some women have periods come early and some come late. She also said to watch for other things like UTI or YI. With what we put our body through along with all the meds we pump into our body, things can change and may have to get back in balance. SHE WAS RIGHT. My period came 2 days later and so did a YI. Needless to say they just called in a script (one tiny pill) and done. My point in sharing all of this is to let you all know that you HAVE to pay attention to your body, not just the physical outer appearance that we seek, but the inner workings of our body and staying healthy! Also to let you know that if this happens to you that it is not uncommon and is an easy fix. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

TIPS and things I may have forgotten to tell you...

1) I'm not sure if my day of surgery post was clear, but I actually stayed overnight at the surgical center. I would suggest this for anyone who has the option. The nurses were so helpful and they kept me very comfortable. Most of my fluid came out the first 48hrs so I would say the overnight stay was much needed.
2) I totally slacked on taking my arnica pills. I don't know if this hindered my progress or not, but I'm sure it didn't help any. I stop taking them when I stop taking my other meds (at the 1 week mark) because I honestly…forgot about them. Shame on me. I have started taking them again and hopefully my body does some damage control.
3) I didn't use the foam pads until the 10 day mark which is when I had my first lymphatic. My therapist suggested it after what she felt on my abs. I wear one across my stomach all day with my garment on. When I went in for my second massage there was definitely a difference.
4) I sleep with a pillow between my legs and this has made a huge difference in comfort for my inner thighs. I like the barrier the pillow creates between my legs so they are not weighing against each other and I also think it helps create a smoother look. I have heard that sleeping with the foam pads can help with this as well but I found the pads to small and to thin.
5) For some reason I didn't get nauseated until week 2 (after I stop the meds). I would get nauseous every night for about 3 nights in a row. I thought I was going to throw up. At first I thought it was something I ate but when it happened three more times I knew it wasn't food related. Weird! I used my nausea medication that was prescribed originally and all was well.
6) When I went to my first post op doctor visit I was asked how I felt…mentally. At the time I felt fine because I looked great and I was stoked about my results. Sure enough…just a few days later I started to feel a little depressed. I don't know why, I guess I was feeling sorry for myself that I was laid up in bed and not able to do anything. Not to mention it was the holiday season and I wasn't going shopping or anything. Even though I loved the results so far, I wasn't feeling very pretty??? If that makes sense. I hadn't had my hair done or put on makeup in a while so I guess I was just being pitiful. That eventually passed.
7) I'm not sure if my stomach has shrunk, my appetite is simply not there, or I'm not burning enough energy, but I cannot eat anywhere near as much as I did before surgery. Not even close. I'm lucky to eat half of any restaurant portion. And if there is bread and salad before then I'm pretty much full when my entree arrives. I like to think this is a good thing. It will just take some getting used to.
8) DON'T TOUCH ME. There is just no other way to say it. And when you are laughing and talking with your friends and one hits you on the arm NOTHING is funny anymore. DON'T TOUCH ME. Your 2 year old will not understand this when she wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to 'lay' with you. DON'T TOUCH ME. Your husband will also not understand the degree of sensitivity that your entire body has when he pops your butt, pats your leg, or gently holds your arm…yes even that touch STILL HURTS!
9) Massages are deceiving. When you get off the table you feel like a million bucks. Like your old self again. It only takes a quick run across the street for the rest of your body to remind you, "What the hell were you thinking?" So take everything in strides…Your body will let you know when you can actually run again. I can't wait to get in the gym!!!!
10) DRINK THE WATER Anna Mae! I don't know if it's the surgery, the dry winter, or what, but my body is just dry. My lips are dry and my skin does not look moisturized! I don't think I drink enough water. I will be honest…at first I hated drinking so much water because it kept me going to the bathroom and I hated the pain of getting up and down. But now I am past that and can go to the bathroom just fine so I know I should be drinking just as much water as I did when I first came home. UGH!

Still on the positive side of things

These pics are from 5 weeks post op. I really like the way I look and I think my progress is as best as can be expected. I am still in pain in certain areas, mainly my inner thighs, hips, lower back, and the back of my arms. My abs are not really sore anymore but still very numb. I will say that everyday does seem to get better. The massages help a lot. I am now at the point where I can get regular massages and I find that sports massages (stretching techniques) help the most. They also help with the pain I feel in my hips and lower back.
My doctor has cleared me to start working out whenever I feel like it and I AM READY. I am so ready to tone these muscles and create the final look for this new body. I hope to have MY final results by the end of April because that's when I want to be swimsuit/beach ready. I will keep y'all updated on my workout progress.
I'm watching what I eat. No dieting or anything crazy, just small changes like adding more vegetables to my diet. I honestly want to create something that I will be able to work with and not give up on. Overall I feel good and I love the way I look. One thing to note. Because my breast size and my butt size did not change, my actually clothing size has not changed. I tried on a smaller top and they would not button with my D cups however I do look like I need to get my tops taken in at the waist. My legs will fit smaller jeans but since I did not get anything done to my outer thighs and butt, I still wear the same jeans…they just fit a whole lot differently. Meaning they look better and I love that I can wear a crop top if I want.

I'm not liking these scars

ONE MAJOR thing that I am not happy about is the scaring. I never really had any scars on my body and after the surgery I didn't think they looked so bad. But now they are dark and seem to be EVERYWHERE. Most people say they fade away over time like all other scars but I just hate that they are there. I guess I knew that going in right?! So anyway...I purchased the SkinMedica scar removal kit from my Doctor and I sure hope it produces fast results. It set me back about $300 but the way I feel about these scars, I would have paid anything for something that will get rid of them. I just want them gone. This kit is supposed to be used twice a day with a AM and PM regimen. I'll keep you all posted on the progress. Again, I want to see BIG results by end of April.


Dr. German Newall

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Your real self looks good! Thanks for sharing. :)
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girlfriend, thanks for the telling/sharing the real deal and sista you look good.
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Oh what kind of board did you use?
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Hey Lala, how are the scar treatments going for you?
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I have not been as consistent as I should be but I am back on the wagon. LOL I will give an update towards the end of April.
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I LOVED your post!! Very informative and HONEST!! Your results look AMAZING!! I'm scheduled for regular lipo on April 10. Getting my stomach/abs, flanks, inner & outer thighs. I'm scared yet ready. I have 2 kids, with the youngest being 15 months, she still is basically carried everywhere, I just hope I can tolerate that pain with holding her.
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I'll be honest. I don't think you will be holding a baby. You really won't want anything touching any part of your body for a while and if you are getting work done on your hips you should want them to naturally contour on their own. That will be a problem of you are carrying a baby. I would really work on an alternative for your recovery time. You don't want anything interfering with your recovery process.
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Your legs look great!
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thank you
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LaLa you look totally AMAZING, I hot I get results like you.
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Ok this darn phone. I ment hope to get results like you.
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thank you!! I am happy with my results I'm now starting to work on these pesky dark scars.
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Thank you!
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Hey ma, do you have any recent pics?
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Yes, I've just been so busy I haven't had time to post. I'll put some up soon.
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pics updated! :)
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You are looking great. I am at 12 days and have some issues but do see the waist that I have not had for several years. I am scared to go for a message since I was doing the abdominal message yesterday and a scab came off and fluid flowed like I had turned on a faucet. It ran down my leg unto the floor before I could even get a pad to absorb it. All I had was a mini pad and that was soaked in less than a minute. I got a clean white towel and applied pressure with it, the flow soaked that also but did quit. This morning it looks fine but I do not think I will do or go for a message for awhile. I called the doctor and they said this sometimes happens because fluid building up after the incision had closed. I am going to have them call in prescription for antibiotics just to make sure. It scared the sh** out of me when it happened.
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That would have scared me too. I know that my doctor said to not have the massage until after all of my draining was done. Once my draining stopped I was able to schedule my first one. So take your time and do it when your body tells you it's ready. Just don't wait to ate because you don't want your scar tissue to get to stubborn and you don't want your body to get used to being so tight. The massage helps teach your body to loosen up so you can have better movement sooner.
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It has scabbed over and appears to be healing well now. I hope to start messages this next week. Thanks!
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Hey!!! Hope all is well. Was wondering how are your arms and thighs healing as of now? I know u are like a month post now, im only 10 days but i dont see much difference on my arms. My thighs yes, i see a gap between my legs now ;-) ..
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HEY!! Everything is going fine. To be honest…I could see the difference in my arms from the moment I woke up from surgery. I could see an immediate difference. My upper body showed immediate results (arms, back, abs, flanks). It was my inner thighs that had me worried. I could not see a difference at all but I knew something had happened because they were to heavily bruised. it wasn't until my bruising and swelling went away on my thighs that I even saw a difference. This was scary because my back and my inner thighs were the most important places that I wanted lipo'd. Oh, and yes..I have the little 'sweetheart' gap as well. ;)
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Great!! I can see a lil difference on my arms now. And my inner tighs as well im still bruised , but feelimg great. Cant wait to be at least at the 1 month post mark. Good luck and lets keep this up
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You look amazing!!!!
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thank you so much. It's a work in progress I guess. Sometimes I look at myself and I look totally different and other days I look at myself and feel like I look the exact same as I did before. I'll be glad when I can start working out again and truly see the final results.
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