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I am extremely pleased with my Life Lift! I felt...

I am extremely pleased with my Life Lift! I felt that my neck had aged faster than the rest of my face and results of my operation proved that to be true. My friends all are amazed and swear I look 15 years younger.

One thing I will emphasize...I had no pain. I took the meds faithfully and followed instructions during the healing process. Within a week I resumed going out to dinner, playing bridge and visiting. Within a month I was playing golf again, to rave reviews about my 'new' neck and face.

I would say to anyone considering it...go for it if you are healthy. It is worth the cost and inconvenience.


NTherapy, who did your lift? Dr. who?
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I had the Lifestyle Lift about 2 yrs ago. I was pretty satisfied with the results, so no complaint there. However, my doctor behavior was less than professional. He was just down right mean to me and his assistants! Before I tell my story, I will say that I have had several other types of surgeries and no doctor has ever treated me this way. While giving me around 50 shots in very fast succession, I started to cry...I could not help it, as it hurt so badly! Just tears were running down my cheeks...I wasn't sobbing; although before it was over I thought I was going to die! Well, when he saw the tears, he said to me ( very loud & gruff ) "Why are you crying"...I managed to get out that it, that set him off,! After he proceeded with the shots, and started to cut, I could feel the actual cutting...PAINFUL...I raised my hand and he said WHAT? I then told him I could feel the cut...oh boy, more shots and was I ever in trouble! During the whole procedure, he was repremanding the nurse and another guy that was staff..going off about if his schedule wasn't posted by such & such time, he wasn't going to show up or something to that effect. The Nurse ( can't remember her name now ) was very sweet and she kept patting my hand trying to comfort me. I felt sorry for the staff that was assisting him! As a child I was severely emotionally abused, so Dr. P took me right back to my childhood and felt like if I cried or showed pain, I would be cursed at and called names...OMG, it took me this long to finally write some of this down. The emotional abuse by this doctor was awful, not only to me, but the staff! I did of course go back to have the stitches removed and saw the nurse...she said I am sorry he treated you that way! He never came in to check on me, no one ever called to take "after" photos. I talked to 3 other women that he did their surgeries and all complained about pain and his emotional abuse. If I ever had a lift done again, it won't be with him.
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I know this is something I really want. I guess my biggest concern is how long the procedure lasts. So many have said within 2months to a year their skin is already starting to droop again. Then again, as someone said, 'It's mostly the people that have had problems that write about it. Not as many write about their GOOD experiences because they're out there enjoying the success'. I'm beginning to think there is a lot of truth to that statement. Best of luck to you with your procedure and I'll be watching for your posts! :)
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Dr. P has extensive experience doing lifts. He was professional and friendly. I believe he is artistic in shaping the surgery.

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