In Need of Tummy Tuck scheduled March 12,2014

I'am a 32 yr single mother of 3 kids ages 12,7...

I'am a 32 yr single mother of 3 kids ages 12,7 and 3 yrs old and can pretty much say I am done with kids. I'am about 5'2 120lbs. When I got pregnant with my first child i gained 60 lbs and that did all the damage to my stomach. I had lipo on my abdomen and hips in 03/2012, but still left with the extra skin that will not go away. Been considering a tummy tuck /possible mommy makeover.

I will need to have a portion financed. I heard care credit likes to rip off people and my credit should be in good standing by then , but I know alot of physicians use care credit. What does you credit score have to be to be approved?

I have 2 appts. One in December with Dr. Leo Lapuerta and another in January w/ Dr. Malik Kutty. I emailed Dr. Wilberto Cortes for a consult but yet have to hear back.

I will update when I have seen Dr. Leo Lapuerta.

Another physican appointment made

I have made another appointment with Dr. Derek Lou out in Memorial City area for dec. 23,2013 as well.

Pictures of horrible stomach

Pictures of my hanging belly. I am currently smaller than I was in high school, but know I am very active and love to work out. I know though the only way to get rid of the skin is to have a tummy tuck maybe some boobies too.
I will let you guys know how they go.
I'd love to hear how your consults go. I'm thinking about helping my daughter get a TT. She's a single mom with twins who are 7. She is miserable about her stomach.
Pretty sure I'll go with the tummy tuck alone. That I have saved up for. Always can add more in the furture :)

1st consult.

I had my first consult with dr leo lapuerta. He a very cool guy. Price is reasonably and includes lipo. Everything looks good but still have 2 other consults in jan. Will update.
For those if you that have had a tummy tuck, is it really that painful afterward? I have a high tolerance for pain.

2nd consult

On 1/8/13 I went to my 2nd consult with dr. John nguyen in sugarland. We talked about my expections and how I want look afterward. I want an hourglass look and with additional lipo that would be accomplished.
Same price range and includes everything that dr lapuerta offers. Both do not require overnight stays.
Dr.nguyen was a very nice , easy going guy. His office was upscale and his employees wore high heeled pumps.....very classy
Another thing i like is that they offer additional finacing through another company. I heard u have to have a credit score of 750 to be approved for care credit.
I really did like him. Omg this is so hard..


I will have to finance a portion of my tummy tuck. For those of you who have financed .. who have you gone through and hows the credit score requirement?

3rd Consult

When to my 3rd consult, Dr. Victor Atun. I really enjoyed the consult. Very detailed and the staff has been very welcoming. I had alot of questions to ask and the office manager was very patient with me.
They offer financing with Carecredit as well.
His tummy tuck includes lipo as well. No overnight stay and says he can complete the tummy with in an 1 1/2 hr.

Made my Decision

I have to decided to go with Dr. Victor Atun. He is closer to where I live and his personality is what I like the most.
Hopefully I will schedule for March 6, 2014 or March 11, 2014. He only performs his surgeries on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Good luck ... I'm well jell, ive got to wait till next year lol xxx

Countdown begins!

Tummy tuck scheduled for 3/6/2014. So excited. I can wait to look normal again in regular clothes and finally being able to wear a bikini after 13yrs.
Good luck, u will do great.

Made a decision- Surgery schedule for 03/12/2014- Only 1 month away

I have made my decision and decided to go with Dr. Victor Atun in Sugarland. I have chosen him because of what he said he can do and give me the hourglass figure with the lipo to the flanks( he also has a special going on as well). He is also from South America and I love the way they perform the tummy tucks and lipo.

My kids will be off during Spring break and my boyfriend will be driving me to the facility. I have the help of my 13 yr old and also will hire a nurse for 2 days after to help me pick up my youngest who is 3 from daycare. ( daycare is right around the corner). My mom lives in my area but she really does no t help me with my kids. She is more like these are your kids, its your responsibility. But if push comes to shove and I have no other help, I will ask her.

I am excited but a lil worried about the pain. I have a high level of pain tolerance so I'm thinking it will not be that bad. When I had my c-section with my youngest I was walking around 1 hr later and never need pain meds. What is worse ? C-section vs. Tummy Tuck .. I have read both sides. Who knows though.

I was only able to take off 7 days of work. Hopefully that will be enough days. It will be slow the week after spring break. One of my physicians will be out of town. It will be light.

Made my deposit on 2/10/2014

I have made my deposit of $500.00 to hold my space. Pre-op will be done the same day of the surgery. So excited.

Need to know of things to buy prior.

Any suggestions of what I need to buy prior?
* Food- what to prepare or buy b/c I will not be able to cook ?
* Stage 2 garment?
* Vitamins, Protein shakes?
* Clothes?
* Cream for scar?
Thanks anything will be helpful.

3 more weeks!!!

Only 3 more weeks to go. I'm so excited. Need help in preparing myself. I think I'm more anxious about the pain afterwards.

Exactly 2 weeks to go

I have exactly 2 weeks to go. Excited and nervous. I paid half of the procedure yesterday and they gave me instructions on what to do 2 weeks prior.

Ordered my arnica and bromelain from amazon. ( from vitamedica and much cheaper than going to the actual website). Not too sure on how to take them. Should I take them 3 days prior to the surgery or wait till after?

Also , I need advise on what stage 2 garment to wear after. My doctor will put me in a abdominal binder for the 1st 7 days and then transfer me in the stage 2 garment. My dr's office will not provide me with one so I will need to get one soon. Any suggestions????

No transportation

Kind of been a sad day for me. Me and the boyfriend have arguing and he was supposed to take me the day of my surgery, but it looks like he has decided to work instead and he knows I have no other family that I can depend on. he knows that as well. Looks like I will need to have a taxi take me and wait and take me back home. Bad thing about taking a taxi is that they charge 24.50 an hr to wait for you plus however much it is to drive you there. The facility is only 10min away so that is the good part.
Feeling kind of down right now but i have already paid half of it so there is no going back. Luckily I have my oldest son to help through the process.
Thanks and hope everything goes well with you. Let me know how it goes so I can know what to expect.
Best of luck to you . Iam scheduled for march 3,2014 .. Hope everything goes well with ur surgery god bless .

One day to go

I have one day to go and so excited. Still kind of scared of the pain but I have a high tolerance for pain so I think I will be ok. I more worried about the nausea ( tend to get really bad) after I wake up from anesthesia.
I am pretty much ready for this. Bought all my supplies and got all the food I need in the house prepared. My oldest will be taking care of me, my middle child will be with my mom in the meantime, and my youngest will be at daycare during the day in which my mom will also drop off and pick up. My bf was supposed to take me but at the last minute we got in an argument and told me would not take me.He throws it in my face that I don't have supportive family and tells me to find my own ride.( he lives with his parents) I really don't have family to rely on. Its just me and my kids. The only reason my mom is helping me is b/c this is considered major surgery and my kids have nobody else to depend on. ( their dad is not in their life either) but anyways that enough of that.
I was only able to take 7 days off from work. Hopefully that will be enough. I tend to recover quick from things like this so hopefully I will be able to work.
I will take some before and after pictures so I will keep you guys posted.
That is not right of your bf, that is so messed up that you have to deal with a situation like that. If he's not willing to help you in a time of need maybe you have to rethink about your relationship. I know I personally would. I hope you heal well and fast with out any bumps in the road. Good luck Hun and hugs to you
Thanks that means alot. Ill be looking good once again in about 8hrs.
No problem

Abnormal Bloodwork

Crap just received my pre op bloodwork done on 3/9/2014 and my dr. tells me that my glucose was 10 and my potassium was 6.5. So I had to return and do my bloodwork stat and hopefully it returns in time before 5pm. If not I have to change facilites that does bloodwork before the procedure.

swtiched facilities

Just received an update from my plastic surgeon.My bloodwork has not come back but we will go forth with the procedure although we switched to a different location where they can run a STAT CBC and CMP. I just pray that everything goes fine with the bloowdwork.
Sorry to hear that your bf is not supportive during a significant time for you. Just look forward to your day and a safe and happy recovery. You deserve to do this for yourself. Wishing you well and a successful recovery.
Thanks. .. ill just be happy that I will be able to wear a 2 piece again.

Before pics!!

8 hrs to go. are some last photos before the big day. Bye bye belly.
You're almost there hunni - you sound like a strong and determined woman - will hold seat for you on the flatside :) Best wishes for a safe & smooth recovery - good luck dear

the morning of my surgery

Sitting here waiting for my pre op blood work to come and then off we go. Im more worried about pain afterwards. Iam not a big baby and have a night tolerance for pain. I don't Have a recliner.. all I have is a couch and bed with lots of pillows.
I will keep u guys posted

omg.. never imagined it would be like this

Went into surgery about 7:30. Done about 9 and went to recovery to where my mom was. Omg..nausea kicked in so hard More than the pain. I always get really bad nausea after anesthesia. I totally cannot use my abs.
I knew it was going to be hard but wow... this is crazy. Im afraid to take any of my pills cuz I might get sick and vomit.
Sleeping in the bed with lots of pillows. U better have good arm strength and leg power because u can't use ur abs.
Dr said he did not do lipo because I did not have enough fat in that area. Oh well but I think I will still like the outcome. Cant Walt to see it. Go back tomorrow for a post op appt.
Keep u guys posted
Did your doc give you a script for nausea meds?? I hope you are feeling better soon. Congrats on making it to the flat side!
He did. .. not working at all.
I'm so sorry...I've never had nausea for any reason, so I don't have any advice, other than what I've heard other people say -- ginger ale, tea, saltine crackers, etc. :(

severe nausea

Omg. I have the worst nausea right now. . Just vomited whatever water I drank but I do feel better.
I felt a little nauseous after my surgery. I took gravol and it helped. Maybe try some gingerale. I know the feeling, it's painful!!!! I hope you feel better! :)
I always get severe nausea after being put down.. have tried everything ginger ale, sprite, crackers...etc.. this sucks.
Any tips on nausea? Have the worst nausea and 2 Vomiting episodes. Dr have me a patch behind the ear. Also gave me 2 doses of zofran. This suck but my nausea feels better after vomiting.

1 day po

Finally feel alot better. . No more nausea. .. and getting in and out of bed is getting easier. My oldest has been helping me alot. No real pain ... just back pain
.. and those stupid drains hurt esp. . The right drain hurts alot. . I mean alot.
Welcome to the flat side! Happy healing hun. Will look out for your reviews. Rest up as much as you can and drink plenty of water, its the best advice i was given x
Thanks will do. . Feels go just to lay in bed and not do anything. My oldest son is helping me alot

went to see dr.

Saw the nurse at the drs office and took off my binder and saw my tummy for the first time. .. WOW is all I can say. . My tummy is so flat and my stretch marks are 95% gone. Dr. Said I didnt need lipo
( even though it was included) cuz I had no fat left after he made my stomach so tight.I really do have an hourglass figure without the boobs and butt.
The nurse put my cami underneath the binder so it wont irritate my skin.
Dr. Said I can take a shower. He covered my scar with derma glue so it wont come off when I shower.
Go back on march 18 to have my drains removed. I hope that doesn't hurt And go back the 19th..hopefully I will be good to work. I have a desk job but I do walk around as well.

need good faja to buy.

I need help on what type of faja/compression garment to buy!!! Im only going to be in a binder for 7 days.
I can't wait to see your results. I'm wanting a tummy tuck now. What's your pain level for the first 3 days? You still hunched over?
The day of was the worst. Today has been the 2 day and I feel so much better.. still hunched over. My drs office said that I need to slowly straighten up.
Rest, drink plenty of water, stay on top of the meds, avoid salt. Do NOT worry about the drain removal -- I worried a lot and it turned out to be nothing. It's all over in seconds and does not hurt. Now just rest and let the healing begin. I will be two weeks post op tomorrow and it hasn't been bad at all. Just take all the help you can get!!!

5 days po

5days post op and I must say I feel good. The drains are really annoying and are the worst part. Back is still there but not too bad.
Go back to dr office tomorrow to get drains removed and hopefully go back to work on wed. We will see how this goes.
Happy healing!

6 days po

6 days post op and I feel great. Standing up straight 90% and getting drains out today at 2. So excited to get these drains out. They are annoying and the only thing that really hurts. My right one hurts the most. I have to be careful in which way I move cuz it pinches me..
Does anybody know if the removal of the drains hurt?
It didn't hurt at all when my drains were removed. One burned a tiny bit but no real pain. Good luck!

my new flat tummy before shower

Finalky posting pics before shower my new flat tummy.
Bringing sexy back.
You look great! congrats and happy healing!
How'd you do with the drain removal? I got my drain out today as was a very STRANGE experience!!! Love your pics, you're looking awesome girl!

drains out

Drains are finally out. What a relief. I can do so much now. One thing though they put this binder on soooooo tight I can't hardly breathe. I guess to prevent seromad. I had to loosen it just a bit.
Does anybody know what compression garments are good? And provide good compression but still comfortable? ?
I am from Australia & booked for a tummy tuck in may, it is a three night stay in hospital as they don't let u go home until the drains are removed. I have private health cover so I only have to pay $2000 gap to the surgeon. A friend of mine went on a public hospital list & after a 12 month wait had it done for free. We have a great health system in Australia. Well done on your tummy tuck, it looks great! I have really enjoyed reading your blog. All the very best :)
Omg u look amazing

8 days PO

I'm on my 8th day from my tummy tuck. I went back to work yesterday and let me tell you back was killing me. Went home and took a pain pill and went to sleep. Today was better. Not too much back pain.
I need help looking for a garment. I ordered a faja through ebay for 87.00 and it was an XL and it still did not fit me . I'm about 125lbs 30 inches in waist, 35 in hips. Do theses fajas run small. Any tips on good fajas and where to purchase?
Can't believe you're back to work already! Geeze, I can't imagine!! Wish I could help you with the garment question, I'm trying to find one that's comfortable as well. I've been leaving mine off and I know it's not ideal but my incision actually hurts with it on.
Yep already back at work. By the end of the day I'm so swollen at the end of the day. I still have my binder on and I think I'm going to try to buy another until i find a CG that works fine with me. You might want to put a a tank top or white t-shirt under you CG/ binder so it does not irritate you incision. I'm wearing a thin tank under my binder. Ask you Ps if that is ok. I have glue over my incision, so it does irritate it.
You're incredible! I recovered pretty quickly, but if couldn't imagine working so quickly! Thank you for the advice on the garment -- it's not the incision that is bothering me, it's a previous incision that's higher up on my stomach that hurts like he** when I have the garment on. But I do wear a tank underneath it, it's not the friction that bothers me, it's almost like the garment is putting pressure on that scar and it hurts really bad. :/ I'll talk to my doc on Tuesday about it. Hope you're swelling starts subsiding soon, try to take it easy! ;)

2week post op-help with garment

Okay guys...I know I have been slacking but it has been 2weeks since my tummy tuck. ..still haunched over a bit. Been working and by the time I get home im exhausted. But other than that things are looking good. A lil bit of swelling not too bad though.. want to feel normal again.
Still need help in finding the right faja/compression garment.. I have seem to notice they run small. Im about 125lbs...waist 30and hips 35...dont know what to get?
I bought the Columbiana one haven't got it in the mail yet but hope it fits

2week post op pics.

2 weeks postop. I don't know what to think. I think im swollen. Uggh I know its to early to tell if it will look good.
What to u guys think?
Just wondering how you are getting on with your recovery as you haven't updated in a while, hope all is ok?
Was going to post the same thing ... updates please!
I think you look great! I don't see very much swelling at all!

5 weeks post op

Well guys I haven't updated in a while But been doing good. I went to my one month follow up and don't have to come back for another 3 months.

Dr gave me the ok to start working out again. .woohoo just in time for summer. Dr. Gave me an rx for cream that came from a specialty pharmacy in San Antonio and have been applying that 2 x a day. At night I have been wearing new gel silicone strip over my incision.

Started working out again and since my stomach doesn't jiggle anymore when I run now my butt does. . Got to work in that.

I havent been wearing my garment. ..its sooo umncomfortable so I have just been wearing my abdominal binder. Seems to work. Next though I will start waist training with a steel boned corset and see how that works.

So far im loving it just still numb.
You look absolutely amazing!
Looking great! :)
Dr. victor atun

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