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Im on my first day in a lot of pain my surgeon was...

Im on my first day in a lot of pain my surgeon was great I'm 42 years old I had a lot of wrinkles I looked like I was in my sixties versus my 40 so I really hope the outcome is good .
Im really hoping the pain doesn't last to long right now I'm just 6 hours post op so can't tell you much yet. But even with the pain I would do it again


 I really hope the pain starts to ease up soon. Is it a burning or stinging sensation, or how would you describe it?

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Right now its just a throbbing kind of pain from all the swelling . It burns very little today the tape comes off tomorrow will post picture after.

Hope it feels ok when the tape comes off. Looking forward to hearing your update. :)

Day 3 had the tape removed feels like a bad...

Day 3 had the tape removed feels like a bad sunburn today .Have a lot of drainage when I lie down making it hard to sleep because I have to keep wiping it off I haven't had to take any pain meds at all since day 2


I saw that you changed your rating to Worth It - I'm glad you feel that way so soon, and still in the midst of healing. I hope your skin is feeling ok today. :)

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I did swell up I do have a picture it was on the second day I will try and post it later . But I didn't follow the rules I took a motrin and stayed upright so the swelling went down very fast they say not to take motrin but the swelling scared me and the only way I know to bring it down was motrin and ice . i was scared about not being able to see as long as the dr doesn't go past the eye bone the eyes won't swell shut . I take 1 nap a day the rest of the time i do everything I normally do because lying around makes healing slower being active speeds it up.
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I appreciate all the information, anything you want to share to help prepare for what it's like is priceless for me, I'm a bit of a chicken and it helps to know what I'm in for. Everything I've seen has all been positive to the results and I'm sure yours will be as well. Take care of yourself and post when you can! Thanks!!

Day 6 feel like myself but still look like I have...

Day 6 feel like myself but still look like I have a bad sunburn its very itchy its only painful if the ointment dries out so you have to keep it on.


Wow,what an improvement in healing in just 3 days! How are you feeling?
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Just about healed still need to keep the ointment...

Just about healed still need to keep the ointment on but took pictures with out it I still have some swelling. Im posting some pictures one is before and after


You can put itch cream on I found out what is making it itch so bad is the ointment i went without it on today and didn't itch I just put it on for the night and I'm itching like crazy
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Yeah, the itching would make me a little crazy too. Does the ointment help with the itching or just the feeling like it's on fire? The difference in the before and after is amazing!!! You look so good, especially for 8 days out!!
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Nothing really helps with the itching only some people get the sever itching I take benadryl helps a little .

Im on day 11 and my face is already healed I don't...

Im on day 11 and my face is already healed I don't know what the surgeon used on my face but i don't believe it was the phenol peel now that its healed I can see all the wrinkles come back so I know what i payed for I didn't get . Im so very depressed now it took me months to save up to have it not be what I got because if it was the right peel I would still look sunburned I have very slight red skin .


OMG! It looked bad enough. You say the wrinkles came back? On your day 8 you looked good. I just canceled a Phenol peel & got my money back. I am still going ahead with the facelift in Aug, but with my job I couldn't avoid the sun completely. So sorry.
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I do look alot better now I think I picked a Dr that didn't know what he was doing I should of did more checking into him before I let him touch me I made the mistake of going with the cheapest price . I will go back to another dr and have my eyes done the dr I had wouldn't go near the eyes and that is where I had the most wrinkles
I think based on the pictures you look GREAT! I am considering a peel but am very concerned about all the swelling I see patients having since I cannot take prednisone. But I think from what I see in the pics you look wondreful :)!
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I looked into a lot of different dr in this area he was the most caring of them all I was really low on cash so was going to do just around my eyes but he went and did the whole face for the price of my eyes

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