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I am 39 5'8" with silicone implants above muscle....

I am 39 5'8" with silicone implants above muscle. I had them done last year in june. I used to be 36b-c cup depending on my weight and i was actually looking for a to lift my breasts rather than augmentation but i bought into the idea that implants lift your breasts. My breasts were not completely sagged but after 2 pregnancies and breast feeding i lost volume. I wasnt happy with my breasts after surgery they were hughe i went to 36 dd-ddd. I used to be very athletic, I love to run and of course even with heavy duty support bras i couldnt run like before this made me gain almost 20 pound after surgery which made me feel even more depressed. I am so self counscious of my breasts now thing that i never experienced before even with my saggy breasts. Ive been doing my research 3 months ago and finally i decided to do something about it. My husband doesnt support me. He didnt wanted me to do it in the first place back on june and now he is more hesitant. He even told me one time if you do it i am leaving. I feel bad because is true I shouldnt have done it in the first place, or i should have done the breast lift instead the BA. But should is a word that it really doesn't help right now. Especially when i am depressed and so tired of these implants. I have 325cc on the right side and 375cc on the left side. I already paid the fee to separate the surgery day (March 12, 2013) with Dr Horndeski. I live in Houston so is very convenient for mee cause he is 40 min away from where i live. I am so nervous.....especially cause i havent seen so much pictures post op. I am gonna have the Ultimate mini breast lift, he said he will not do the vertical incisions. I have heard so many things about him in real self but no too many pictures. I made my final decision when i saw the pictures of living dreams posted, she looks great and my breasts kind of look like hers before the surgery.

good luck tomorrow - it's our big day! I am nervous and anxious for it to be over. I will be thinking about you!
Wishing you all the best for your surgery x
Only a couple days now. Just read this as I'm scheduled in 1 month with Dr. H for the mini lift. I think you'll look fantastic with just the mini and I wish you a speedy recovery! Look forward to some pictures post surgery.

Ok i already had my surgery yesterday. Everythign ...

Ok i already had my surgery yesterday. Everythign was oook, My breasts look perkier and like 36 C. The surgery is painful, iam takikng 2 hydrocodones and one flexiril. I am posting new pics tell me girls hoe they look like
OMG! They look fantastic!!! My story is almost exactly like yours. After pregnancy and breast feeding (they got huge!), I got super fit and thin and they were so deflated! I thought BA was the cure. It wasn't! I contacted Dr. H's office today!! I hope I can get the mini too!! Yours are going to be fantastic when the bandages come off!!! :D Keep us posted!! Rest and continue healing!!!
Your breast look great.
Yes they're still swollen i will post pictrures

I am at 2 weeks and 4 days post breast lift and i...

I am at 2 weeks and 4 days post breast lift and i am feeling great, my incisions are healing well under the steri strips, no pain, no infection, from time to time i feel my breasts kind of hard but it goes away. I am a nurse and is impossible to not lift, push or pull patients but i always ask for help. Other than that i feel really good, I even went and exercise a little bit nothing too hard just walking fast in the treadmill and some exercises for my legs and i felt great. I cant wait to start running and lifting weights again!!! my breast look smaller than in the picture i am a 36 c again, i dont regret takaing the implants and feel my breasts soft again.
I hope my results with Dr H are as good as yours!
Your breasts LOOK AMAZING!! I am so excited to get mine done! Please keep us in the loop with updated photos as they heal!!
Do you have an inacision in your breast crease as well as the nipple areola complex?

I added new pictures for those of you were waiting...

I added new pictures for those of you were waiting an update of my surgery. I feel great, I did lost sensation on both my nipples not completely but that was expected. I still have pleading on my incisions but has been improving as you can compare with the past pictures. The white steri strips staued there for almost 4 weeks!!!! But it is important to leave them there as long as you can it helps with the incisions appearance to be more flat and even...good luck to those who going to have surgery soon!
Did you explant with the lift? I'm seriously considering just explanting and getting a lift rather than downsizing with a lift. I have 365 overs and I'm 36 D and HATE THEM! You look great.
I mean 265 overs
Hi i did te explant cause i didnt want the implants anymore, they were too big on me and i was looking for a lift not an augmentationd since the beginning. I was happy with my size before 36c which is the one i have now just with the lift and explant...good luck!

4 months post explant and lift

I just came across your story, your results are amazing. I'm glad you are doing so well. I'm getting mind out 7/19. Won't need a lift or anything, haven't had them in long, only 4 months. Hated them immediately. Now I'm just mad I spent so much time and money on this entire process. How is your husband adjusting to the new/old you?
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