Ok, less than 3 months to go. I have scheduled my...

Ok, less than 3 months to go. I have scheduled my surgery for Nov. the 19th. I have been looking everywhere for reviews, videos and info about the procedure. I am on Jenny Craig to lose my extra 30 pounds and get ready - 6lbs down and 24 to go! My mother had this done about 13 years ago and says, of all her many operations, it was her most painful procedure by far. I recall her laying in bed, moaning and crying out in pain for days. She told me I need to prepare for the worst pain of my life and I'm terrified. I asked my doctor about pain management and he said he will either give a pain pump OR pain meds but not both. He is not the doc who did my mothers but the doctor was his predecessor. I am so anxious I have considered canceling the whole thing, though I have already paid the doc for my procedure.

I want so badly to get rid of my "apron" as the doc calls it. I call it my Kangaroo Momma Pouch bc I got it when I was prego.I could see it hanging down when I was at 9months. I remember, about a month after giving birth, walking by a mirror in my undies and seeing the horrific pile of flesh that not only protruded but hung well over my panty line. It is so grotesque. I have cried and begged my husband to help me pay for the procedure. I lovemy doc, who fixed my damaged breast implant and performed a mastopexy. I won't change docs but I will call n price an overnight hospital room since he says I have to come to his office the day after surgery and I don't think I can do it. I am trying to build my confidence and go through with this. I have a low pain tolerance and fear the worst but I'm willing to take the leap of faith required- I just choose not to take it blindly. Here's to having the guts to remove my gut and to counting down the days till my exciting transformation! I will update soon!

Ok, so exactly 2 months to go-Nov 19th, ready or...

Ok, so exactly 2 months to go-Nov 19th, ready or not...I've made travel arrangements, found an electric recliner to rent from Rent-A-Center, and my mom is scheduled to take off work the whole week to take care of me- bless her! I'm down 17lbs from Jenny Craig (after a month and half) and hoping to lose another 15-20 before the date. My surgery center quoted me the price for a pain pump at $300, which made my day, and I feel comfortable, after reading so many reviews and seeing pics on here that I know this really is what I want to do. I'm starting to get excited about it and so thrilled to think what I will look like when it's all said and done. I wonder if I will drop a size or two? He is doing lipo to my waist and hips too so I am dreaming about wearing a size 8 ( and eating a giant piece of pizza from Pizza Hut lol- I love you Jenny but I can dream! Lol). I was a size 16 when I first saw him to discuss the surgery. He told me I didn't have to lose anything, only that I needed to be at a stable weight and happy with where I was, which was great to hear. But I want to make the most of this and not have a cute belly n a massive butt! So I'm in a 14 now....hopefully can get to a 12 by surgery day n he can take care of the rest...?? I know I've got 2 sizes of baby belly on me! So here's to another 20lbs down the drain and a new wardrobe for Xmas (crossing fingers)!!

One month to go- its feels surreal now and I'm...

One month to go- its feels surreal now and I'm pinching pennies to pay the surgery center. I was told it would take 5 hours so my fees are high but I'm doing this! I need to! I read a lot of reviews saying women don't tell other people about their tummy tucks and I thought, why not share something you're excited about!? But people do act strange about it. They change the subject, get really quiet and don't say anything or say something judgemental. I've only had 2 people who were actually happy for me. I just find that sad, that people are so narrow minded that they can't be happy for you when you are so excited. One lady from my old job told me "Well, you will just gain weight again and have to have another one later. Your poor husband has to pay for all your superficial junk." I paid for this myself! And so, I've been feeling down, slipped off my diet but I'm trying to get back on it. I went in and talked to my doctor about the implants I got in June and he didn't even know who I was or that I had already paid him $5,000 for my TT surgery. I'm second guessing myself about changing doctors- I need to get excited again! People always try to bring you down- I just have to rise above it! So, I'm getting the house straight, getting my 7 year old prepared to stay with dad while I'm gone (Oh Lord! Who will make sure she brushes her hair and dresses cute for school? I will need to lay her clothes out for the week I'm gone). She will be with me the week of Thanksgiving, then back home w dad while I spend another week in Houston w my mom. I will miss my baby! I've never been without her a whole week! But she will be fine and I need up do this. She told me "Mom, I don't care what you look like, I just don't want you to hurt." It was so sweet! I hope to fly into Houston. It's only a 3 hour drive but I don't want to drive 3 hours back home after when I'm sore. So, lets do this! I want to lose 5-10 more pounds and get all the supplies on my list. And NO ONE else is bringing me down- I really want this! It will be amazing! And my sister doesn't believe I'll be able to wear a 2 piece next summer! I haven't been in one since I was 16, and I had a little belly even then! So, I'm going to show her! I can't wait!!

So, my pre-op was Monday and I spent an hour and a...

So, my pre-op was Monday and I spent an hour and a half talking to the patient coordinator, who had a tummy tuck with my doctor two years ago, so she knew everything about it. I thought I would be nervous wearing those little paper bra and panties but I was proud of my weight loss and when I looked at my reflection I thought, OK, we can work with this! I felt so much better after talking to her- she was so comforting! And her belly looks so great. I asked her if I would go down a size and of course she said it depends on how big your belly is, where you wear your clothes, etc. I asked if she ant down a size- she said she went from a 16 to a 10!! And I was told to wait 6 months before buying new clothes, so that should give me a bit more time to get down to the size I want to be. I cleaned out my closet this week- goodbye size 16!!! I have four bags of clothes that I'm giving away. I pulled out my pre-pregnancy 12s and could wear several of them, including my honeymoon dress! Yay!! I have caught myself slipping with the dieting though- I know I'm a stress eater and I'm getting nervous! So, I'm going to fly down there next weekend, even though its a 3 hour drive because I want to fly home after my two weeks. I'm afraid to drive that long at two weeks post op, so ill fly the 30 min flight home. My daughter will end up missing 3 days of school, so I have a teacher conference next week to get her work. I've started packing and made myself a list of shopping list for CVS. My daughter is 7 and very excited about her first plane ride. I'm ready to do this- it's going to be worth it, I just know it! I'm glad I ordered a pain pump since my doc lowered my pain pills from 500 to 375 mg. I protested when I heard that but I'm sure with my mom's help, I can manage. I'm actually most nervous about her having to help me in the restroom- ahhhh! It could be embarrassing!! But it will be worth it!! Lets do this!!! I watched some YouTube videos and found a woman on there who videoed her entire experience, before, right after surgery, the moment she first saw her belly- she cried when she saw it! I cried watching it! I'm ready as ill ever be- ready for that moment of euphoria, of utter surprise and elation. I participate in community theatre and we just finished Steel Magnolias, so, in the words of Truvy, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion". It's my turn!!

Ok, all my plans are made. Got all my scripts...

Ok, all my plans are made. Got all my scripts filled, got into Houston last night and my wonderful friend is coming to help take care of my daughter bc my grandma is sick. I know I will be so happy after this is all over but for now I'm on pins and needles, so scared of the pain I keep hearing about, but my mom has gone through it and is a nurse so I'm in her hands now. We go in at 6:30 tomorrow, surgery at 7:30am. She says I will hate her bc she will make me get up and walk around a lot. Good ole mom, glad she has always pushed me to be my best. My friend asked me if I was going to have a funeral for my belly and say "Goodbye, I won't miss you!" I laughed and thought, I will probably video myself before to remind myself why I did it! My mom has two friends at work that want to see my before and afters- they are excited for me. I will see my daughter the evening on PO day 2, so I hope I'm OK enough to tell her that mommy will be alright. She knows what is happening- I have been wanting it for so long. She gave me a penny for the wishing well a year ago and now my wish is coming true! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I'm sure tomorrow I won't feel that way, but after I'm well, I know I will be overjoyed!! So, wish good thoughts for me bc I feel like I'm about to jump off a cliff and I hope I survive the fall!

Hi all! I made it to the flat side and I can't...

Hi all! I made it to the flat side and I can't wait to see what's under these wrappings! Holy cow, I looked at myself in the mirror and I've NEVER looked like this! Even all hunched over, I look hot! Heck ya! I was most worried about pain, and I keep laughing (could it be bc I'm drugged up? Lol) which hurts very deeply like a burning cramping but I know it's only temporary and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Last night I went to the movies w my sister,who's my best friend, and we watched Breaking Dawn 2. Afterwards I realized- I'm just like Bella! She sacrificed herself for her child, them had to go through hell to save herself, and she was amazingly beautiful when it was all over. It was the perfect pre-surgery movie! I was under for 5 hours, he removed almost 5 pounds of just skin!! That's a lot of momma belly! And he did lipo to my waist n said he took off 1/2 pound. I asked my mom if she thinks I went down a size. She laughed sarcastically and said "uh, ya think?" I feel so lucky!! The worst part was the fear and anxiety and get this- y'all will not believe this- they FORGOT to put in my pain pump!! So, I don't have one! I was upset when I heard that, but it all worked out. I'm getting my money back for it n my pain is manageable. I've never even had a C section. The pain was actually worse for my breast lift- this is just a larger area and I don't work out every day, so anyone can do this! My nurse told me not to cry as I was getting hooked up to the machines before I went in this morning. She said she wants a TT from him too and is getting it next year! If the nurse loves him after seeing all his work, I'm sure Ill be satisfied! I'm going to add a shirt covered pic for now but even w a shirt on, you can see a difference. He did the incision above my old belly button bc I was SO stretched out. Oh, can anyone tell me when I can start the whole marble thing for my belly button? After stitch removal? Ok, I'm going to finish my oatmeal. I've never been under so long and was starving when I woke up! I had a cup of oatmeal n chocolate pudding today. I'm eating my dinner now of more oatmeal- I find breakfast food very comforting. Ttyl all you lovely Bellas!!!!! The flat side is gonna be a BLAST!

Well Bellas, I made it through the first night....

Well Bellas, I made it through the first night. I'll just say, I had none of the trouble peeing that some people have talked about on here- in fact I had to go quite a bit but it got me up walking around so that's good. I was trying not to laugh at myself walking all funny like a granny! And my compression garment has hook n eye closures like a bra, so that was hard unsnapping my butt when i cant see down there n Im all drugged up lol. I woke my poor mom up at 1:30am to go but that was the only time in the middle of the night. Got hungry again then n ate some crackers. I did have trouble sleeping- it was very off and on, an hour here an hour there but I have books and movies so its ok. I was afraid to take the Valium bc I didn't know if I could wake up when my alarm went off for my pain pill times. I set the alarm on my phone for every 4 hours so I haven't missed any. I'm on Hydrocodone which I took for my breast life and augmentation surgeries, so I knew it would work great for me- no nausea at all here, just hunger. What is up with that?? Lol guess my body is looking for its big belly! Ha! I had a short dream during one of my naps. I dreamed that all of my dreams for my life had come true. I woke up and kept that overjoyed feeling bc I really feel this operation is a dream come true. It's worth it, SO worth it. My hubby is coming next week when he gets off his shift and boy will he get a surprise! He will love it, I'm positive! I'm not going to send him any pics- I want to see the look on his face! Post op appt today at 3:30. I hope they aren't taking this body suit binder off but they probably will- that will be unpleasant I'm sure but I will get my wonderful mom to take a pic so y'all can see my Bella Belly!! Ttyl!

OK, went to the doc at 3:30. It was exhausting,...

OK, went to the doc at 3:30. It was exhausting, but they took the itchy tape off my waist and I got to see my new navel in all it's glory! It looks swollen, and I was told it is so I will see more results later on. The nurse changed out my steri strips and gave me extra bandages to take home so I can rewrap after my shower, which I can have Thursday. I'll be saying I'm thankful for showers on Thanksgiving! My compression garment is giving me heck when I unsnap n resnap to go potty, but having to go presses on my belly n it hurts so I go as soon as I can. My mom is WONDERFUL and she has been cooking for me and helping me dress and clean up. She even gave me a sponge bath tonight bc I was hurting n feeling nauseous. My daughter came by to see me and ran in here saying Mom are you OK? She is so precious. I am so blessed this Thanksgiving to have my wonderful family.

OK, so I've almost made it through the dreaded...

OK, so I've almost made it through the dreaded first three days. Today has been harsh- I'll admit, it's the first time I cried. My left drain hose gets tangled around the tape n keeps pinching me. I have to tell myself, this will be over soon n it's all worth it! I'm trying to go #2, and have taken some Ducalox, Colace and Milk of Magnesia. It's my goal tonight, sad as that may be! I get my drains emptied every few hours. I messaged my sister and told her I was a gassy cow who keeps getting milked!! LOL then I laughed really hard n it hurt like mad! Now I'm a mad cow! Ha! Yes, I'm a little stir crazy- I've weaned myself off scripted pain meds so special agent #2 and I can rendezvous. Hopefully soon. As in tonight. And I've taken off my compression garment to wash it (we kinda had a little accident- it's embarrassing). So I'm feeling commando and I'm drinking coffee to move things forward. So lets make it to Thanksgiving in one piece! And I'm allowed to wash my hair tomorrow. This dry shampoo is not really drying anymore. Baby steps! Lets do this!!

PO Day 3- Well hallelujah! I met #2, after much...

PO Day 3- Well hallelujah! I met #2, after much strife and strain (sorry, but it's true) and I got my shower, all before 11:00am so I had a good Thanksgiving, considering I had the buffet brought to me! Oh, and I can get up and go to the restroom alone w my cane- yay!! My aunt told me I look great and my sister promised to come back over later n bring Magic Mike to cheer me up! So, I'll try not to miss my annual Black Friday shopping. I'm pretty hardcore into it and I haven't missed since the year I had my daughter, but this is better than anything out there on sale! My daughter is back w me tonight and we are going to color, play cards, and watch cartoons to close out my Thanksgiving. I have SO much to be thankful for!! Happy healing to all you beautiful Bellas out there!

Hi there, hope everyone who went under is doing...

Hi there, hope everyone who went under is doing well. I'm on day 5 and am able to get around better, almost stand up completely straight and almost off pain meds. I took one this morning when I woke up but it made me feel kinda quesey and I wasn't really hurting, so I think Ibuprofen will keep me good now. I took another shower yesterday and it gets easier every time. My friend came over to visit me and said my belly looked good. She saw me hobbling w my cane and asked if it was worth it. I told her to ask me later lol. I have trouble talking or breathing deeply when I'm on my feet. It's only temporary, that's what I keep saying. My husband will see me next Wed, so I hope my drains are out n I'm walking tall by then. :) He's the type that doesn't understand or appreciate physical weakness, so I'm glad good ole moms has me for another week. I just took another shower- it makes me exhausted! I feel like an old lady! But it was easier than yesterday, so baby steps...my gma brought a clothing catalogue over n we were looking at new outfits- that was encouraging. I like the thought of all the things I will be abl

Day 6 and I can get around without the cane n...

Day 6 and I can get around without the cane n stand up straight! Each day is so much better than the previous one! I did cough last night while my mom was burning popcorn and it surprised me bc it happened so fast n hurt so deeply! I cried n hugged a pillow n it eventually stopped. I didn't get time to brace myself. Woooo, it was a deep cramping of what felt like layers of muscle. Lets hope that doesn't happen again soon. So, I got brave n went into the bathroom, pulled down my compression garment n measured my waist- yeah right! Even w the drainage tubes, I'm 4 inches bigger around than I was n I had lipo on my waist. :( A 37'' waist in NOT what I was shooting for. I keep telling myself to be patient- the nurse said to wait 6 months n then measure n buy clothes. Does it really swell that much- several inches? I've just been snacking during the day, no big meals. I don't want to get on the scale for fear of what it will say. I wish I could walk around the block! That always makes me feel better when I feel fat. Well, maybe in a couple if weeks. Patience is not one of my better virtues lol. But feeling more mobile does make me happier, so here's to being patient n waiting for my final results.

Ok guys, I made it almost two weeks. I've been...

Ok guys, I made it almost two weeks. I've been getting restless, feeling like a caged bird so I have ventured out a bit, which caused me both incredible exhaustion and momentary bliss. I went to the movies w my sister Friday night, the only hard part being the inability to carry my soda and the long trek to theatre 13 at the other end of the hall, and I got rolled around the mall by my friend this afternoon. I tell you what, I'm never one to sit around the house, so it was like a prisoner seeing the sunlight after way too long in the darkness. And I've never sat in a wheelchair that long. It was uncomfortable, feeling so openly vulnerable but better than staying home! I plan on venturing out in the chair again tomorrow- hope I'm not pushing myself too hard. I started my diuretic pills two days ago. Talk about thirsty! My toungue tasted like a ball of salt and I peed every hour- i couldnt even sleep. Afterwards I broke them in half, but I did look slimmer. I got excited and took out the tape measure buuuut, no go. Still huge waisted. I'm impatient. But I did get my drains out- one last Tuesday and the other on Friday after my drama at 5am Friday morning. I woke up all wet and saw (brace yourselves, this is pg-13!) pink liquid ooze all down my legs, on the sheets, everywhere! Ugh! Turns out my tube was hanging on by one stitch and I rolled on it in my sleep, dislodging it internally. Well, good morning sunshine, have a drain slushy! Sorry, that was gross but so true! I have also been getting dark blisters from the tape used to hold my bandages on. I have 3 now, but this too shall pass. Got my belly button stitches out- couldn't feel that n the drain tube removal just felt like an awkward tugging for a second, no biggie. I've put antibiotic ointment on my BB for two days bc it got a little yellowish but she looks good now! That cream they gave me to increase circulation made it tingle though. So, overall I'm doing good and feeling like I kind of look good but am definitely planning on going back to Jenny after Xmas so I can get new clothes for my Bday in March. That will be almost 4 months PO. I'm hoping I will be decently unswollen by then. I understand the women who have talked about PO depression now- this restlessness sets in n you feel like you are puffy ( I call it my Puff the Magic Dragon phase) n helpless. It IS frustrating but I feel a little better knowing the meds I take daily combat depression so I can manage. Focusing on Xmas now and going back to good ole New Braunfels tomorrow! I've been in Houston this whole time. Staying w your mom when you are an adult can be tiring! Anyway, my doc said the only issue I may have before my next PO appt at 3 weeks is the bloating. He said water gets trapped between the muscle and skin and can't drain out n if I get tight n my belly jiggles that I need to be drained. Has anyone here done that? They said I get local anesthetic in a selected location on my abdomen and he uses a fat needle to suck out all the fluid. Sounds like a party- count me in! Ha! Well I'm crossing my fingers that Fat Needle and I don't meet- I don't think we would get along....hope everyone in the trenches with me is going strong n doing well! We will look hot by summer for sure!

Oh! I forgot to tell y'all- my husband came up...

Oh! I forgot to tell y'all- my husband came up last week to get my daughter n saw his "new" wife. He's not the happy huggy type, he's more analytical, so I didn't know how he would react. He was shocked! He kept staring at me and saying I looked like a different person, almost like when we first met 11yrs ago. He didn't smile, he's not quick to react-he wrinkled his face like he was processing everything, then started being all sweet, bought my lunch and called me Baby, which he hasn't done in years. I asked him if I looked good n he said yes and that he really wants to see it under all those bandages. I know that look- he's worried some other guy will try to take me now! He gets jealous, it's silly, so he will be extra sweet and generous to me, which is nice. I hope he likes it even w my big scar. I told him I'm still swollen. Wait until I get into a bikini this summer! He will not know what to do! Lol

Hi all! I'm back! I've been waiting for my...

Hi all! I'm back! I've been waiting for my swelling to go down to see what size I can wear. Trying on clothes is SO fun now! This procedure has officially changed my life. This is weird, but the first month after I did this, around Christmas, I actually started having an identity crisis because I looked in the mirror and didnt see the fat teacher who wore all black anymore. I was a little freaked out trying to decide what style of clothing would define me. I pulled out a bunch of my old pre-baby college clothes but I've had implants and aged since then and they weren't "me" anymore, so I've spent a lot of time looking at clothing and deciding what I want to wear when I'm ready to buy new clothes. For now I'm still in my yoga pants. I want to lose another 20 pounds before I buy all new clothes, so I joined a gym last month and have been trying hard to stay on my diet. I've lost 5lbs so far, so it's getting there. I tried on my size 10 jeans and I'm an inch away from buttoning them up. I also have a small problem with my lipoed waist puffing out on the sides. I was told this is due to my bra? and the fat from my back. I think it's bc I probably should have lost more weight before surgery, but I did what I could! Two people told me I need my back lipoed now to get rid of the puffy sides, so maybe....but I'm trying now to shrink my butt with the elliptical bc I think it's what's keeping me from wearing those size 10s. I can wear 11/12s now and my Express dress pants from college look freakin hot on me! I bought new shoes and panties (mediums-yesss!) to appease my desire for new clothes until I get into my old jeans again. The tummy tuck is not for weight loss but it's such a motivator...I'm now 40lbs lighter than I was in July and I saw my old co-workers at a funeral last month and they all said I looked amazing. I worked there 6 years and I feel like they never really knew me because this "new" me really was here inside me all the time. I remember how I looked in college- it used to make me sad but now I'm happy bc I had no breasts back then anyway and now I can wear different types of clothing. I did however, wear my favorite size 10 skirt to have dinner w the cast from Steel Magnolias, which we performed in October. They all were surprised too, just 3 weeks post op and five pounds lighter. It changed my attitude, my perception and my self confidence. I'm eating better, feeding my family healthier, exercising more and my husband told me he never imagined that one surgery could change so much. He's become particularly generous since the surgery and takes me out more and gives me shopping money without me even asking- guys are so visual! But I swear this has helped my marriage too. I never thought it would touch so many components of my life. Oh! And get this. I visited my old Jenny Craig lady and she told me she wanted a tummy tuck and the military would pay for 80% but she was scared- I told her I was too but it's not bad, nothing like childbirth at ALL and she should do it! I'm SO glad I didn't let my fears rule my life and keep me from this newfound happiness. If anyone is considering this surgery, they should know it's a life changer for the better and I would do it again 10 times to have this feeling of satisfaction when I look in the mirror and see my belly button. It surprises me at least once a day to see it there and know ITS MINE!!! It's the best gift, besides having a child, that I have ever given myself. Thank you to all the women on here for your stories, words of encouragement and emotional support- you have helped me more than you know and I would recommend this site to anyone having plastic surgery. Well, I have to go do my morning workout, so goodbye all and good luck with your future endeavors!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

His predecessor did my breast work and he performed several operations on my mother as well, so I felt comfortable choosing him. He seems like a perfectionist and that is what I want in a plastic surgeon. He's realistic about expectations, eager to make you beautiful (you can tell he loves what he does) and he's pretty sensitive- he can't stand to see women cry! The nurse said he has to leave the room bc he gets all upset! He called me the evening of surgery to check in me and I have follow up the next day. I would choose him again if I was getting anything else done.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Only just read your review from start to finish - loved it & so do happy for you. I am 9 days into recovery after facelift & all going well. Thank you for sharing your very personal journey ;-)
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You look great .... keep up the good work with the dieting ..
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You look really good lady. Congrats on the weight loss and keep the good work up.
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Thank you so much!
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I think you look great!! Swelling truly sucks, huh?
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You look really great! Keep writing updates it encourages me with my slow progress!
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Thanks! I feel like my progress is slow too, so we can support each other. :)
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Sounds like your doing very well! You look amazing! I can't wait to see my tummy! Glad to hear your not in too much pain! I'm 5 days post op! Finally stop taking pain meds! But am always feeling so tired and dose off... Do you feel very sleepy throughout the day?
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Yes, definitely. I told my mom it's like being pregnant in that you can sit around all day but feel exhausted bc your body is working hard inside.
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Please keep posting everyday. I have 89 days left and I need to know EVERYTHING! Lol. What kind of supplies did you REALLY need. I'm sure the list isn't as long as everyone says. A play by play is really helpful : )
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Hi there, sorry I lagged for several days there. They were all the same, just laying in bed most of the time. As for supplies, I do think people over prepare- I know I did. I ended up using these things: Wanted and used: -disposable toothbrushes - cleansing face wipes - flushable feminine wipes - dry shampoo Absolutely needed: - Dial Liquid Soap for PO showering - lots of medium and large bandages, the nurse didn't give me near enough - paper bandaging tape n scissors - antibiotic ointment - thermometer - ibuprofen - large water bottle - comfortable pants n high waisted panties - extra pillows for propping and for under the knees - a shower w a ledge to sit on or shower stool/chair - I used a cane for several days too but a supportive person to help you walk is just as good :)
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Your incision looks great. Nice, skinny line!
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Thank you so much to everyone who keeps encouraging me. It's so helpful to know that I'm not alone in this and that it will look better when it's all over!
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Looking good
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Brilliant results bet you are so pleased been reading your blog and I have been getting the exact same comments from people - I don't care what they think this surgery is for me. Your new tummy looks beautiful x
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Yes, I have to say in the grand scheme of things, comments by jealous or judgmental people don't matter at all once you see that new belly! I forgot all of that and let myself enjoy it! You're the one that has to walk around in that body, not them. It's ok to love yourself enough to do this!
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You look great!!! Nice TT there... Who will know though? Glad everything worked out for you... Keep us posted!
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You look amazing!!!! You must be so happy! I haven't seen my tummy yet I wish my ps would of taken a pic :( so I will see on Monday Take care I will post again very sleepy again! :)
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Wow you look amazing and I wouldn't be suprised to hear you've lost multiple sizes!
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Looking great already!
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That I needed to wait before I measured myself so I'm anxious to see if I go down a size. Even if I don't, I still love it!
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Thank you all for the encouragement! I was told
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you look wonderful! :) :) :) I know your Happy! Keep us posted.
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Congrats and hope you have a fast and healthy healing. I cant wait for my turn. IM SO READY :-)
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Congratulations on the new U!
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