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So happy I didn't chose dr cortes!!!!!!

So far I'm 194...I was 215 so I've came a long...

So far I'm 194...I was 215 so I've came a long way! I'm trying to get to 170 by April 15th which is my surgery date! I have no kids and I'm 26 years old...my fiancé is very supportive if me. I could if went to ant doctor in the word but decided to go with Cortes. His results are amazing and I can't wait. I will keep you guys updated on my weight loss and experience with Cortes and staff.


Dr. Cortes office staff does need customer service training. I called for a follow-up consultation three days ago; and all I remember from the receptionist stressing to me was ...1. The procedure is over $10,000 and 2. He is booked all of July...sorry. Since I am onlynoff 3 weeks of the year, which is in July; I asked if I could be called or put on a list if someone cancelled. She did say yes; however did not take my name or make me feel confident that she even cared or would even put me on a list.mI am ready and I am now going to another doctor who wants my money and cares. Sometimes your business can get too big and many forget how they became so popular. Dr. Cortes, your office needs a more supportive and caring office staff and receptionist.
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Dear patients: I want to thank you for being part of my practice. First of all, I want to apologize for any inconvenience you might have had, if at any given time, you have not been able to communicate by phone with my office. Our practice has undergone an unprecedented growth. For this reason, we have implemented a new text system where you can communicate during business hours to one of our live operators. The number to text any concern or question is 936-760-2696. I hope to serve you in the nearby future to satisfy your desired cosmetic needs. These include the hourglass tummy tuck, the wonder breast lift, the wonder breast reduction, and buttock augmentation with high volume fat transfer, among other techniques that I have invented. Thank you for being part of my practice and God bless you all. Truly yours, Wilberto Cortés Plastic Surgeon
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I'm actually holding up to my end of the bargain....weight loss coming along great! I weigh 189 and will like to hit 175 by April 15th...I was told I should stay where I am far as weight by Lucy....for some odd reason I think dr cortes doesn't look at pictures and she just give you her own opinion. I really hope that's not the case LBVS! I'm just hoping for a better body! A half top is preferable
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So happy I didn't choose dr cortes

So let me first say I would have killed to go to dr Cortes at first. I schedule surgery with dr Cortes twice. First time in April 2014 and second time August 2014. I had to cancel the first time because I had surgery and couldn't get my bbl. Ok cool. They kept 500 dollars of my money and I believe 30 percent which was 2200 and refunded me the rest. So I called back maybe two months later and got back on the schedule for August which I stated above. let me remind you I was still doing my research and been seeing a lot of bad reviews about dr Cortes. I've been ignoring them, but kept researching and realized I don't think dr Cortes is the doctor for me. So I called again and cancel my surgery. In order to get some of my money back I told them I paid them with the wrong credit card. I'm so happy I did because they wouldn't have gave me jack!!! So remember they kept some of my money from the first time which was 2200. Now one day I'm talking to Deanna and we having a cordial convo and she said something like the only way patients can get their money back is with a doctors excuse. I said really? Because when I cancel the first time I had a doctors excuse you guys kept my 500 dollar deposit and only refunded me 30 percent of my money while keeping a total of 2200. She said I'm so sorry about that speak to Janaris which is their accounting manger or whatever the hell she is. I've been contacting Janaris for two weeks now I kidd you not! Everytime I call she's not there or she left for the day. I can't help but to think I'm being pushed to the side and they don't want to talk to me about refunding my money.

They are so ridiculous !!! and I'm soooooooooooooo happy I didn't choose this doctor. His staff is so unprofessional and they honestly don't care. So many people is complaining about his surgery as well. Saying they have uneven stomach on lipo, back fat is being left on them and plenty other things. The sad part about this is that I have a 2200 credit with them from the fitst time and now 3000 from care credit I paid with them the second time.....which is under dispute as we speak! I can understand them keeping the 3000 because I cancel because I didn't have an excuse but not my 2200. I had a doctors excuse and they still not giving me my money back.

They are out for the money! And I hate I didn't do my research before. I guess it best to lose money then to have a disfigured body. Ladies I'm not the type to write posts or reviews on anything, but just be careful because everything seems all good when your not complaining but when you start to complain about something they are going to ignore you Especially if it has anything to do with money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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