Hello Ladies Am New to This Sight. :) I' Am from Denver, Colorado - Houston, TX

So first of all I'll introduce my self. I' am 25...

So first of all I'll introduce my self. I' am 25 years old, weight 140 lbs. Have never been happy with my body due to no booty. :( My cousin recently asked me to join her on a trip to Miami for breast implants. So, I decided if females could get breast implants why can't I get my booty a little bigger. Then I started searching and came across this web site am addicted. So I was looking at lots of pictures and decided I' am going to try doctor Cortez from Houston. I just sent am email for a consultation today. Please ladies and suggestions before and after surgery for fast recovery.
Hi! I'm glad for you, Dr. Cortes is a great surgeon!!! If you need transportation and post surgery care please call me at 936-697-9750. Jane Peoples
What's your fee for this services?
I have my consultation with him on Wednesday! I am so excited! I can't stay off RS. I will let you know how it goes !!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He has great reviews and great before and after pictures.

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