Breast Reduction & TT scheduled!!- Houston, TX

Have an appt with the PS on the 23rd. Really...

Have an appt with the PS on the 23rd. Really hoping my ins (Aetna) will cover some. Anyone have any problems with the ins approval?
I've had large breasts since I was about 12 years old & I've always hated them. It's hard to work out or do anything. Lots of pain in my neck & shoulders. Just hoping for an approval!
My back and neck pain has disappeared after having this surgery. Best choice I've ever made! Look forward to following your journey :)!
Awesome and thanks! How many grams per breast did they remove?
Hi all, I have Aetna HMO through Exxon and it's got really great coverage. BUT they are a little more complicated to get a BR approved through. If you haven't gotten the document, I can send it to you but based on your BSA (body surface area) you have to have so many grams per boob removed. For me it was about 650g, but my PS only wanted to removed 500g. So it was originally declined but I was able to get it approved on appeal.
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