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I've considered this procedure since I was 14....

I've considered this procedure since I was 14. Started discussing it with my PCP and came close to starting the process through medicaid but our family moved, my dad didn't agree, and by the time I was able to make the decision for myself I was grown with no medical insurance =(. I cried myself to sleep for a week.

Now thanks to the "Goldcard" I have the opportunity to get the help I've wanted since I was 14. I go in for I'm guessing a pre-op consultation, I received my approval letter a week or two ago!! I was so excited....and relieved in a sense. I just pray that everything goes smoothly when surgery time comes. I haven't received my actual BR appointment yet but I'm hoping I can schedule that right after the consultation. I'm excited and just patiently looking forward to my surgery date.

I have ideas about what size I'd like to be, but I'll wait until I see the doctor to be sure which size I'll go with. I'll keep you all posted as I find out more! God Bless

Hey everyone :)!! I'm just waiting on the 11th to...

Hey everyone :)!! I'm just waiting on the 11th to get here! I'm not anxious or anything, but I just really want to know what to expect it was called a pre-op appointment. Does anyone know what happens? Let me know

Gm ladies :)!!! I went to my first consultation...

Gm ladies :)!!! I went to my first consultation yesterday and was tentatively scheduled for surgery on Feb 11th! A month away, now the PS had to let me know during the consultation that it's not guaranteed that I'll be seen that day because it's an elective surgery and the hospitals trauma and emergency patients are priority. I'm still excited that it's possible that they'll try to get me within the month =D. I have to wait on "The Call" for my exact date of surgery. The PS said he's going to try to get me down to a C cup, I sure hope he can. He measured me, then he took pictures and then the consultation was over. I went well to me, I'll keep you all posted!!! TTYL :)

Well hi ladies it's been a little while :). I'm...

Well hi ladies it's been a little while :). I'm checking in to say I received a call today from my PS asking if I could come in Monday morning. I am excited but nervous first because I don't have the co-pay at the moment and may not be able to go through with the procedure and second because my doctor said they're going to leave volume but just do their best to relieve my back pain; but the size I wanted they're not really shooting for :(. I'm currently like a 36/38 f/g and I was asking to go down to a 36 c the PS says because I'm 26 they just go 2-3 cup sizes smaller. I'm a bit disappointed but I hope they're significantly smaller so I won't feel like it the process was a waste. I'll keep you guys posted on if I actually go in to get the surgery Monday morning or if I'll have to wait.

Well great news I was blessed through a few...

Well great news I was blessed through a few friendsto get the co-pay so now I can focus on staying calm for tomorrow. I really don't have time to get nervous because everything's happening for me so fast. The only feeling I feel is excitement and favored. I'll keep you guys posted!

I'm up guys GM!!!! Been up since like 12am lol I...

I'm up guys GM!!!! Been up since like 12am lol I couldn't sleep all I kept thinking about was how I'm going to beg this PS to make me a 36 large C or small D hahahaha. The conversation's been playing over and over in my head. I have to be at the hospital for 6am can anyone give me a brief idea of how things may go? I'm up now because my mom wanted me to wash dishes last night but I was too tired so I'm going to do it now because I know after surgery it's not gonna happen lol! I'm staying in prayer and positive I expect a great outcome in every aspect of this process from surgery to healing =-)!!!! Ttys!!! When I can y'all know I'll post pics.....I'm excited THE DAY'S FINALLY HERE =D!!!!!

I'm home from my surgery :-)!!!! I'm relaxing...

I'm home from my surgery :-)!!!! I'm relaxing sleeping a lot. Thankfully I've only taken my pain medicine once. When its shower what exactly do I clean?? I'm supposed to be a 36 C when the swelling goes down. My left breast is the one that's leaked a bit I have gauze and switch it often because dried blood hurts! If anyone has tips feel free to share.

Hey ladies!!! I'm 2 days Post-OP just really...

Hey ladies!!! I'm 2 days Post-OP just really taking it as easy as possible. I think I may bath today not sure yet lol. Anyway I'll post more pics soon Lord willing!! TTYS

I've developed a rash on my arms and chest small...

I've developed a rash on my arms and chest small little bumps it itches just a bit, nothing unbearable. I think it was an allergic reaction to one of the medications :(. My breast are still really swollen and they're really tight.

Hi ladies it's getting close to being 4 weeks post...

Hi ladies it's getting close to being 4 weeks post op and I'm excited. My breasts have gone down mostly I think 0_o lol. Ummm I'm hoping I will be a "C" or small "D" cup in 6 weeks when I go to get re-sized. If not Dr. McKnight said that I could come into the office and get lipo suctioned, so that's comforting! I'll keep you posted on the journey :) ttys.

Good morning I've been m.I.a. but it's because my...

Good morning I've been m.I.a. but it's because my laptop was stolen :-(. I'm writing from my phone...I'll post new pics soon!!!! Hope all you rnt br recipients are recovering well :)

Gm ladies!! Everything's good just haven't been...

Gm ladies!! Everything's good just haven't been able to post like I'd like. My laptop was stolen but I just posted a new pic and will post more soon!! Hope all recent br recipients are recovering well :-)!!!!

Almost 1yr Post OP =)

Hi all life's been hectic but I'm still grateful :)!! I'm still very pleased with the results of my reduction!!!! I have to realize everyday that they're not as big as they once were.

I catch myself looking in the mirror when drying after a shower, like those are mine :). I'm still very excited about the change. I pray all is well with you all too.

Almost 1yr Post

I'll upload more pictures of the boobies later. I still have very noticeable scarring, I actually haven't put anything on them, I really had no idea what to buy, I figured they'd fade with time...but I'm open to hearing about inexpensive products that will help fade them.
Dr. McKnight

Harris County Hospital District/ BenTaub Hospital

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What size are you now?
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What's Dr. McKnights first name. I'm trying to find him/her online
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Try good old fashion Vaseline. I put that on my TT incision and my scar looks GREAT!! I have a Gold Card and made an appointment with my Dr. I've had for 6 years; I'm going to see if I can get a breast reduction. I'm a DDD or E cup myself. My back is aching now; so are my shoulders. Very very painful. I go March 6th to my primary doctor. Please pray an approval go through. I'm going to post pictures of me soon. This weekend.
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You mentioned medicaid then you moved so you could not do it? Does the state pay for plastic surgery? BTW you look fab!
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Omgosh sorry so late @hotface if it is deemed medically necessary I believe so.
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I'll post new pics now that I'm pretty much healed. I still have scars, but over all I'm happy with my breasts!!!!!
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Congrats on your downsized girls :) I'd like to ask if your doctor is Aisha McNight? I'm hoping to choose a doctor who is not only excellent at BR (God-willing), but also affordable. Do you know how much it cost in total. I will be paying out of pocket. :(
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I'm not sure of her first name but idk how much it'll cost you paying out of pocket. I apologize, I had the goldcard
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Thanks.....I think...@excited2max?!!!
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I must admit, I was afraid you had become depressed. Good to hear all is well.
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Lol no not at all @Emmaddd
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Your breasts have a very nice shape and you look like you've lost weight.
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Wow you look just great and I bet you are so happy. Your ps did a great job and you should be so pleased. You look like a milion bucks.
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Thanks I feel good!!! @me950 they're growing on me.
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Wow! What a transformation! You look fabulous lady!!!!
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Thank you @glittergal!!
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I like that you didn't go too small. Your new boobies are real pretty. I've been busty for a long time and I would feel weird if I was real small. My mom always said never trust a man who likes women with boyish figures. LOL Can't wait to see more of your after photos when you're all healed up. Best wishes.
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Hi. I'm a bit confused with how it works when it comes to the insurance company paying. Do you have to pay anything up front before the surgery or are you billed after the surgery as far as the deductible goes?
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I didn't have to pay anything upfront and I had no insurance. But even with the goldcard I had to come up with a co-pay of 25.00. @DartonCavalier
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Hi lovingmyskin I got her number through the Harris County Health Center.
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Hi Essential1 congrats on everything :). I'm still recovering but so far so good!! I asked how close could she get me to my desired size. Just ask whatever comes to mind :). She's sweet and the group of doctors that worked with her were too.
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Glad to know u are doing well! She is very nice, that's why I prefer her but she leaves at the end of the month, so hopefully she can squeeze me in. Did she do the "lollipop" incision or the anchor cut on you?
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can i get the number and how much he charge you
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