Best 28 yr birthday gift - BR Surgery rescheduled for June 16th.

I've been looking forward to this since forever!...

I've been looking forward to this since forever! I've been holding on for a while trying to lose weight from 191lbs to 155lbs in hopes that my boobs will disappear. Unfortunately not, they're still around. My band size reduces and boobs stay the same (ddd). The pain has become so unbearable that my fiance finally thinks its a wise decision. I've ahd enough. Last night, he had to massage my shoulders twice because i was in pain.

I'm currently a 34ddd wanting a 34c-d. I love full breast. I think a small D will be fine.

My Stats: 5"10, 34ddd, 155lbs with a BMI of 25. I think i'm a good candidate for reduction. I wanted a lipo, but as my pictures reveal, my girls are headed down south already.

An I a good candidate for breast liposuction (reduction)?

If you notice from the pictures, my left breast is a cup larger than my right. I'm a 34ddd, but would like to reduce both to 34d ( 2 cups down on my left and One cup down on my right).

Will my breast look too saggy afterwards?

Thank you!
5 was the magic number for me too! I am getting a lift with my reduction so I'm not saggy and I think that is standard nowadays. Good luck finding a surgeon!
You will look great afterward. With a reduction comes a breast lift. Typically the doc will use an actor pattern which allows for a fair amount of tissue to be removed and allows for more access to get a good lift. I would search this site and find women who are similar to you pre op and see what their post op looks like. Asymmetry that you have (one being a cup bigger) is extremely common. You can see what after results you want and talk to your doc about your wishes. Good luck in your journey. You will love the results :)
Thanks for the encouragement. I went to see a doctor. Hope to see at least 5 before I choose whom God will use on my body. Stay blessed!

Need feedback on the ff docs for Breast Reduction

Admittedly, right after safety and experience, pricing is a huge factor in selecting a doctor. :) Yea, but it's what it is. I've narrowed down 8 doctors that I hope to schedule consultations with in the Houston, Sugar Land and Richmond area. Some are free anyways. The list is in order of preference based on extensive research spanning months, word of mouth and realself pictures ................
1. Dr. James Boynton 2. Dr. camille cash 3. Dr. Malik Kutty 4. Dr. Sam Sukkar 4. Dr. Malik Kutty 5. Dr. Cortes (seems like BBL is his fortay. I need a b00b man :) lolz). 6. Dr. Jason Bailey 7. Dr. Vitenas 8. Dr. R. Bidros
.......... Nipple sensitivity, total nipple removal, type of incisions, symmetry and God forbid, potential complications are also important. Can anyone make recommendations for BR surgery based on experience?

Did I mention that I'm in grad school spending half of my time on boob research than schoolwork. Hehe! I swear I could give an excellent presentation on #B00bwork if there's such a thing. Stay blessed Y'all.
Good luck finding a doc! You are really smart to do lots of research. I hope you find the right doc. During consultation see if your doc has before and after pics in the office. This may be your deciding factor :)

My first 'real' consultation - J & L shaped anchor

As stated earlier, I'd be paying out of pocket (secretly wishing to win the Powerball ) hee.heee..hee :D so finding an excellent PS at a teaching Hospital in the Houston area has been my primary assignment for weeks now. My primary concern is obtaining the best results possible. Surprisingly, they are FULLY BOOKED and scheduling an appointment has been a nightmare. **it takes a couple of phone calls to reach anyone.** hmnnnn. My two options are BCM and UTPhysicians. The surgery would be by a chief resident PS (fellow) under the supervision of an attending board-certified PS. I'm also scheduled for a free consultation to see the supervising PS who will 'analyze' my case in comparison to that of the fellow and give an approval. The PS at UTPhysicians was great. She knows her stuff with great explanations, pictures et al and was very willing to go over things with me again as well as answer a few new questions I had. ...nipple graft is unnecessary in my case and i loved to hear that. :) We decided on the vertical anchor incision so Instead of a full anchor, I'm getting a J or L shaped vertical scar, essentially half an anchor with my cleavage area scar-less. Love it!

My next consultation is scheduled for next week at BCM. I'll compare technique and quality before making a decision. So sooo excited!
Good luck. I'm using a 6th year fellow and am totally excited. I waited 4 months to get an appt in our residents clinic.

How do you feel about two PS working on your breast at the same time

I was told at my first consult that a resident will work on one breast along the attending surgeon who will work on the other?

Anyone experienced this? I'm worried about symmetry and I was assured that it turns out just fine. #JustCurious
4 months? Wow!! I'll be following you to see how it turns out. Should be perfect!

Got Insurance

I'm back desperately for this surgery since I purchased student insurance in January. I tried to lose 30 pounds so I can look amazing afterwards. I've lost some, but definitely not 30lbs ... hehehe.. I hope my insurance covers this procedure. .... (Fingers crossed ... xx).

Yaaaaayyyy!! Sugery for July 14th Approved by Insurance

I can't believe this super duper miracle today. My PS informed me that my breast reduction has been approved by my insurance company. I'm talking in one week!! How awesome!

This journey started as a result of my insecurities with my large breasts. Last year, without insurance, I almost used a resident doctor who quoted my surgery at $5,400, but I decided to provide better documentation with physical therapy, documented weight loss and a personal letter explaining my frustrations to the insurance company. If anyone needs a copy of my letter, I'll gladly share. :) I purchased student insurance and it worked! Praise God.

Having read numerous reviews of PS in the Houston area, I'll be using a PS in Baylor College of Medicine. He's not only a PS, but an instructor in the dept of plastic surgery. Hope this turns out great.

See, I've not only been upgraded from a lurker to an active participant now. God is faithful!
I know I sound quite "Church-eous" right now just like a preacher's daughter. :D
All the best for the surgery and I hope you get the results you want. I am planing to get a breast reduction surgery and consulted with few doctors. However the fee seems to be something that I can not afford. The breast reduction surgery is a need! I really hope my insurance covers for it. If you can, can you please send me the copy of the mail you sent to your health insurance company?
great news! this site will help you to be fully prepared

Before pictures ... just for comparison

I hope this beautiful blouse closes properly. As you'd notice, I spend $$$ on Enella sports bras. They hold me up nicely during a run, but heck, it also hurts my shoulders.

R.I.P DDD ... Heading down the C lane. :)

Before pictures ... just for comparison

I saw two doctors glad I picked who I did he had 38 years of experience and it is at State Hospital where student learn with the doctors University of Iowa Hospital Was 2 hours one way but way worth the drive.I figured i would have a team looking after me wow when I went into surgery there was a team!!!!!!!And then the student guy came around next morning he told me helped assist my doctor with the surgery!!!! And he took my drains out. Sure glad I went with my second doctor I had someone on here refer me to him GLAD SHE DID HI JILL Incase shes out there . Im a happy GIRL
I told my surgeon as he was marking me to that I have been UNEVEN MY WHOLE LIFE I REALLY WANT THEM TO BE EVEN!!!!!!!! He did a great job
I had the L shaped incisions anchor Straight down from my vertical scar then the bottom scars go from end of it to the outer parts of my breast. so no scars on the inside under the breast!!!!!!! Do you want to go smaller then a D WOW NOT ME I SAID THE MORE THE MERRIER!!!!!!!!!! And you have to tell them when they are marking you up some doctors tend to do what they like rather then what you want~~~~~~~ I figure I could wear padded bras if I felt Like I wanted to be big BUT I CANT TAKE ANYMORE OFF ONCE ITS DONE I searched 3 months asked what size before and after was, Make sure to take your measurements around your breast with nothing on and your body so you can measure the day after surgery before swelling hits in~~~~~ GOOD LUCK TO YOU

Bra Bonfire :) Sure thing!

R.I.P 32DDD ... Hello perky!

Can't wait to get this over with.

I've seen every picture of b00Bs on the internet. I'm like breast-obsessed right now. Can July come already? LOL.
i know the feeling! just get yourself as healthy as possible
I almost used a resident doctor (when i opted to pay out of pocket), but heck, what are insurance companies for? :) Thanks for your review. I'm going to get the blue tape.
I sure will stress that I want to be nowhere the D territory. Lol.

Just for post-op comparison

I've been waist training for a while and trying to lose some damn 15 lbs before my surgery in two months. See, how my cup runs over?? Not nice.
you have a gorgeous figure and will look fantastic after your surgery
and two more young men stood over on the other side of the bed LMFAO
I had a resident working with my Plastic Surgeon had like 38 years of experience I didnt even know he assited till the next morning he told me assisted my doctor with surgery and he took out my drains

Scared of a protruding tummy!!

Working hard at it. Time will tell.
Your tummy is flat and tone. I want mine to be as half decent as yours. Good luck to you!
i would KILL to have a tummy as toned as yours!!!!

Pre-op Testimony!

My PS office asked if I'd like to move my surgery date a month closer and I screamed, "Heck yea!". My surgery is less than 2 weeks away and i'm super excited. I'll update your guys on my surgery ....excited much!
Wow!!! Keep us updated. Someone must have cancelled. Good for you. I still have more than a month for my surgery.

Exactly One week away!!! Supplies check .... Home prep

Hmnnn ... So I went out to get all the necessary supplies for my BR surgery. I got 4 bras from Walmart cos' I'm not sure which one fits. I got 2 Fruit of the Loom bras and 2 Danskin bras. I'd rather return the unused ones that find myself running to the store days after my surgery to get them.
I got Nextcare blue tape
gauge pads
Nursing pads
Tylenol Extra Strength
Prune juice
Neosporin (equate)
Animal crackers (Love 'em)
I looked for Bromelain at Walmart, CVS and Walgreens and the pharmacists looked at me like "what the heck is that for?" Oohh ... well, I may just do without it.

I also have my recliner in the living room ready for a 24-hour crash-fest!!

My next update will be on the day of surgery. Can anyone please recommend anything I may be missing? Thanks.
Today is your big day!!!!! Congrats can't wait for pics. Good Luck!
Good luck! Breast reduction and lift was the best choice I ever made for myself!
You can get Bromelain from GNC. I had that same issue.

Joy cometh in the morning!!!!

I don't know where to start with this update, but I'm hoping that an update will act as a huge stress relief for me. My surgery was scheduled for June 16 and as you can see (from my pictures), I purchased bras, meds, food and everything I'll need 2 weeks. Heck, my 2 weeks work leave was approved for June 16. soooooo, what happened?

4 days prior to the scheduled date, I received a call from the Hospital in Houston - St Luke's informing me that I'll need to co-pay $9,445 for my surgery (20%) because my insurance will be paying $32,000 (80%). Huh??? I was livid! How much does it cost to get a BR at a private clinic, I asked myself. So I called my PS office (they are sweethearts) and they simply told me that all I'll pay is $750 ($250 deductible inclusive) to the PS, but the Anesthesia and Hospital costs really has nothing to do with their office.

The devil is a liar!!! Let's do some maths here ladies - $1210 anathesia costs + $750 Plastic surgery office + $9,445 St Luke's Hospital OR costs = $11,405 copay??? Ma'am, you can do a payment plan bla bla bla. Nope, I don't owe a dime in credit card costs, graduated college debt free so why should I owe you while I'm insured. Yeah right ... forget it!

So I cancelled surgery. I've decided to fund the surgery myself at a public hospital - Ben Taub or UT Southwestern in Dallas and I was given quotes approx $6,000 (all inclusive). I need a few months to save and get the ball rollin' again. It may tarry, but I can't quit ...won't quit!
I got my mines done at memorial. I had to pay 10 percent all together I paid about $800.00 total. You should contact Dr,Dora PS.
Call your insurance provider. The hospital charges the discounted rate, not the actual rate they quoted you. That almost happened to me. The patient advocate in billing straightened it all out for me. I ended up paying 675.00
Wow I agree with sole sister. Something can't be right. I would check back with my insurance company.
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I'm using a PS in Baylor Col. of Medicine - Houston.

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