Finally Parting Ways with My 34DDDs! - Houston, TX

I have been heavy chested since day one. It...

I have been heavy chested since day one. It honestly seemed like I went to sleep one night with mosquito bites and woke up the next morning looking like a 10 year old black Anna Nicole Smith. Literally from flat to DDs in four months... all while trying to learn my times tables. Since then, I have yearned, hoped, wished and prayed for a reduction. I even asked for a reduction for Christmas more than a few times... Alas since we didn't have insurance then no tiny boobies under the Christmas tree for me. :( Also... I had to endure both extreme pain in my neck, back and shoulders and excruciating pain and heaviness in my breasts before my period begins along with the added bonus constant teasing and unwanted attention from both cruel school children and adults alike.

Its time for a change and I am finally ready to part ways with my girls... Wish me luck :)
Read the book "less is more" on amazon if you have a kindle. Worth every penny for its excellent guidance.
Good luck and good for you! I'm a 32F small frame so I feel your pain! Just had my first consult for mine. Good luck!
Thank you Cree! We can be small boobie buddies together!
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