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I made the decision to do this after buying $75...

I made the decision to do this after buying $75 minimizing bras for years as a 19-23 year old when I wanted to be wearing cute things and going bra less. I was 5'8" and 135 lb with very droopy DD breasts. After jumping through multiple hoops, insurance agreed to pay for the procedure. It was relatively high risk because I have a blood clotting disorder, but I was monitored for 2 days in the hospital and by a hematologist.

The recovery was relatively simple. I didn't have any nausea or vomiting and left the house after about 5 days. I came out of anesthesia too early, I think, and was in excruciating pain as they were bandaging me, but eventually it got under control. There was some skin loss on one nipple, which was fixed with the mesh overlay. I am now about 7 years post-op and they look pretty much the same. I've had no increase in size and minimal drooping.

I only have before pictures with clothing on, but-they were horrible. It was 19 cm from my "notch" to nipple.


I took Arnica Montana and Bromelain, before they were mainstream, and had literally zero bruising and swelling. I took several vitamins, not sure which ones, but things that are recommended for surgery and I really think it helped the healing process. I also did ask for Zofran to prevent nausea.

Dr. Lee did a fantastic job recommending a size to me and allowing me to pick a shape (I chose "ski slopes").

Nipple sensation

I need to note-my nipple sensation never returned. I have about 10% feeling in one nipple and about 60% in the other. I do sort of remember the days of sensitive nipples, but at this point, numbness is normal. I still think it was worth it.

My nipples were not entirely removed, just re-placed. I have also not yet had children or tried to nurse, so I cannot speak to whether that is intact.

Day 9

Tape comes off tomorrow. Til then...

Dizzy is 90% gone. I do believe it was the Scopolamine patch withdrawal, as much as every doctor says that impossible (Google it!) DONT WEAR IT LONGER THAN 24 HRS!

Otherwise, feeling good!


I just posted my rhinoplasty update on my breast reduction. Ignore that!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He did an excellent job.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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You look amazing. I am 4.5 months post op and have a very 'slight corner' I think that it is more noticable to me but I am so glad that yours filled out. I know the surgeon says that scars fade and the shape becomes more natural but it is great to actually see it and I am not a very patient person It is great to see someone having this op while they are young I waited until I was 49 and suffered for years my only regret is that I did not have it done sooner
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The scars definitely fade although it took some time. They looked really good at a few months post op, but then some began to bulge outward. Now, they are all completely flat and barely noticeable, just some shiny skin. The most obvious scars (on the front of the breast) are the best anyway. Underneath are the more obvious ones, which no one can see. The only thing that didn't recover for me was sensation. It's unfortunate, but was worth it. I have about 10% sensation in one nipple and 60% in the other. Price to pay.
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"Underneath are the more apparent ones, on the front are the more visible but look the best". Good luck, as I'm sure recovery is more difficult at an older age, but you're out of the woods! They should "drop and fluff" within this first year!
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Thanks for getting back, That is a pity but not the end of the world. I did not lose sensation, I had the op in Nov and the cold weather made the return of sensation so painful that I had to wear padding going out. That is great to hear about the scars. I find that they are fine in the morning but at the end of the day they are red and more noticable, sometimes I feel like I am going backwards but I reckon that it is all part of the healing process. Do the scars on each boob heal at a different rate, I think the scars on my right boob are more defined than my left especially around my nipple, the left one looks more natural the right one looks like a continous red line It is so good to see what I can look forward to
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Thats good to know. I was amazed at how easy the recovery was and am happy with the result and very glad to know that it will keep getting better
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Mine definitely did heal at a different rate, which is weird huh? I have done all kinds of exercise, like extreme exercise, so they bounce around a lot and yet have still maintained a good shape! It's an excellent decision. Good luck with the rest!
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Terrific, thank you
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How long did it take you to get to your final size. I hoped to be a C but am currenty a D, which is fine but I am wondering if I might get to a C cup at this stage?
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From my experience, they won't change. They may have been slightly smaller at a couple months post op than they are now, just fluctuating with menstrual cycle and water weight (I'm 10 lb heavier). I asked for a B and he made me a C, but now I'm glad! Hopefully you get where you want :) but I think it just took me getting used to it and I was happy.
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Thank you, I am fine with a D but as you said size fluctualtes monthly. All is good
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My Plastic Surgeon told me the brain thinks we have had two seperate surgerys and will heal differently . Hope that helps Im 2 weeks post opt and have same thing even inverted nipples are part of healing process. I had a coconut gentle finger tip massage tonight awe sure helped the tightness.
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I would like to know the same question did you go back down Im only 2 weeks post thanks
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They are fabulous!
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May I ask what your clotting disorder is? I have von willebrands disease and was refused the surgery when I was young because of it, its so great to hear positive outcomes from breast reduction surgeries, thankyou for sharing your story
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I have Factor V Leiden, so I clot easily. My hematologist gave me Lovenox shots every day following surgery for 7 days. I did not end up with any clots.
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Von willebrand's is the opposite though, but I'm sure you can find a hematologist that will work with you. I did have to have the surgery at a major hospital for monitoring, and did it in Houston (so lots of resources).
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Ahhh yes, we are a strange species arent we heehee, I am under a haemotologist and am now able to have the surgery with the proper products (Biostate) bleeding is probably the only thing i worry about with this procedure. I am a nurse so I am probably over analysing everything.
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