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Yahoo! Got my insurance approval today! My story...

Yahoo! Got my insurance approval today! My story begins like so many I've read, big boobs since before I care to remember. They just keep getting bigger too. I'm currently wearing a 34G/H on a 135lbs 5'4" frame, and will post pictures later on in the process. Just not ready to face the nude pics yet. I like to live in denial about how big the girls are but the numbers don't lie.
I really didn't believe my insurance would approve me but now that they have I'm feeling very nervous. Now it's REAL! I need to settle down as I still have 2 months until surgery. I'm a very private person and will most likely tell only a few family members and VERY close friends about the surgery. Everybody else will just have to figure it out. Should be fun watching their faces try to figure out what I did. Because I'm so private this forum is ideal and gives me a group of ladies that know what I'm going through. My husband tries but has no idea (not his fault). Thanks for listening to the first part of my story. I look forward to the process of change. I'll post an update when my surgery date is set in stone. Maybe then I'll be brave and post a before picture.
Congratulations! Now the countdown begins:)
congratulations on making this life-changing decision....yes, do keep us updated.
Thanks, retrograde and isaacs. I am so excited and a bit freaked out all at the same time.


So many friends on FB post things they're thankful for in the month of November so I'll share with my new friends on Real Self. Today I'm thankful for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why? Because they are the busiest holidays and will keep my mind off my surgery on January 3rd. I can drive myself nuts thinking about my boobs! Can anybody relate? I know the next 2 months will fly by but right now January 3rd seems like lightyears away. Can't Wait!!
I've been thinking about nothing but surgery since approved. My date is Dec. 19, so have to get all my holiday stuff done super-early. That's helping the wait time. Like they say: the waiting is the hardest part!
I was so excited to get mine off that when insurance approved it, I moved my surgery up two weeks. I was scared to death mainly of post op pain which has been okay to deal with. I've had a few rough days but nothing like right after surgery... I wish you the best!!!
I can so relate. I find myself fixated on the girls. I'm counting down the days till I get the boulders off my chest. 38 by the way.


I finally got brave enough to take a few pictures. The girls sure look big! I could topple over with these hanging from my chest. No wonder my shoulders hurt so bad.
We all need pushing up a little!!! Ha ha
Just keep calm and busy - maybe because I am British I was able to not get too emotional about it - calm and focussed..........The operation itself was the easy part. Resting and healing is a little challenge but not too bad if you take your meds.

Come on January!

I really don't want to wish the holidays away but hurry up Santa!! Momma needs new boobs!! At this point I'm trying not to talk about surgery to the hubs too much. Only He and my daughter (and his boss :() know about the BR, oh I almost forgot my sister. I just don't want to wear anybody out. My business is picking up again and I'm making plans for January so I'll have to let my boss and partner in on the secret soon.
I had my mammogram last week and will see the GYN in 2 weeks, just trying to get all appointments in prior to surgery. So far I haven't heard if a visit to my GP is going to be required.
I've been reading all the updates and appreciate everyone. There is always good information that makes me more comfortable with my decision. Keep the updates coming! I especially love before and after photos wearing the same clothes. Makes me anxious to get this done and see what I will look like!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Time flies by quickly - I know it's only natural to be excited and want "the date" to just hurry up and get here. What kind of preparations are you making? I was busy cooking, buying a bed wedge for sleeping, buying button front jammies, buying button front shirts (for surgery day and post op visits) etc... it was strange for me as I didn't even own any button front items. I mean, with big boobs it's hardly attractive to have the big-ol btwn-the-button gaping or finding shirts that fit the girls but the shoulders then fall halfway btwn the shoulder and elbow. Oy! I don't miss that. So tell us about your preparations :-)
Hi, Boobalicious and I have the same surgery date and the same impatience with the time passing! I've bought front buttoning pj's and some suitable bras for post surgery and thought about what clothes to take to wear home from the hospital and picked up on the tip of a soft cushion to protect from the car seatbelt. Been preparing husband for up to 3 weeks of playing nurse and a couple of weeks of sleeping in the spare room!
Yes, the PJ's are a good may want to get a size larger than you hope you will be because remember there are bandages and swelling....lots of time to get the proper size when you have healed..

A few more days! Yikes!

My pre-op was this morning and all went well. My ps went over all the good parts and the possible bad parts of the surgery. I'm going with all good parts and thoughts! I had a list of questions and felt good about the answers so going forward feeling well taken care of.
I have opted for going as small as possible. That will mean removing between 600 and 700 grams. Hope the hubby is okay with that but not too concerned, After all I'm the one wearing these heavy things! I got my Rxs filled and bought a couple of front close bras. The ps uses drains so I'm concerned about leakage and ruining a bra then not having a spare. Also he does not recommend the use of ice. Boo! Says it slows the healing process by restricting blood flow. Anybody else heard this?
I'm so excited! Come on Friday!
Yes i heard this, read this, and experienced it during my work in the hospital. It helps the pain and itching yes, but it does you no good in healing manners. So even if a lot of women do it and a few doctors still say you can do it, i am not going to do it. You know that icing has a numbing effect, but you want your skin to heal together and for that you need a normal blood flow and not a "slow" one.
come on friday indeed, tiny titty twin, i just have to get over this cold ,


Ok y'all. I'm starting to freak out a little bit, maybe alot. My thoughts are running wild with what could happen. If the surgery center or doc called to cancel I would be relieved.

What if my boobs are horribly disfigured? How will I deal with that?

I've never had a surgery before and certainly not something considered "elective" by several standards. I have the classic symptoms of back and neck pain but have lived with it for many years so I could probably go on living with it.

What if I end up with boobs that are waaayy too small and I look freakishly out of proportion? I have to admit my hubs and I had a long conversation about size and now I'm doubting my "smaller is better" idea. He is a boob man but came around to my way of thinking after I explained how tired I am of everybody talking to my chest instead of my face. He had no idea! But still...what if they're too small?

Oh my! I'm really freaking out! Help me! I don't know anyone who has gone through this personally and feel quite alone. I could really use some encouragement about now.

On a lighter note...Happy New Year!
I see we are scheduled for the same surgery date . Good luck and I wish you nothing but happiness
Thanks! You too.
You can change your mind about the size you want right up until the surgeon starts making you up. Good luck with your surgery.

One more photo.

I guess I need confirmation that my boobs are really really big. In my head they a bigger than anyone else' least most people I know. The ps told the insurance company he would take between 600 and 700 grams or about half of what I currently have. Where do you think this will leave me cup size wise?

Still freaking out but not as much as this morning.
Yes, your breasts are very large - you have a small frame which makes them appear even larger. You would probably end up being a D cup - you can ask your doctor he would have better idea than myself.
Thanks for your opinion! I really want to be a C cup when all is said and done. I'll talk to the ps about it in the morning.
To confirm you, yes your breasts are gigantous on these pictures. If he / she is taking half of the tissue i guess you would still be a D

Quick update

I'm feeling okay, very odd and light headed. Ps took off way more than he thought. I'll post the grams later when I'm more lucid. Staying on pain meds hoping for a good night in the recliner.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers today.
Hey, welcome back on the other side, can't wait for picture updates ! =)
so happy for you, can't wait for the next installment of your story
Congratulations on a successful surgery!

Day 2 Post Op

Hello all! I'm feeling a little better today. Yesterday wasn't so great but I survived.

It all started at 5:20 Friday morning when the alarm went off. I had slept which surprised me because I was consumed with doubts and anxiety. We arrived at the surgery center at 6:30 and was called back by 7am. Was prepped and had a last visit with the ps about size. He assured me I would be pleased with about half the bulk gone. My husband gave me a quick kiss then I walked to the surgical suite. They had a lovely heated blanket on the gurney which I appreciated very much. The ps came in, locked the doors and spent the next 30 minutes marking me up. I only got to enjoy one of the leg massages before my lights were out.

I came to around 12:00 feeling nauseous and hurting pretty badly in the bra band area. The nurse loosened the bra and gave me pain meds and ice chips. No throwing up took place! They kinda through me out 30 minutes later and I was on my way home.

My husband was given all the instructions for pain management, drain clean out and measurement. He has been a champ ever since! Except he won't let me take this bra off! It's the worst on the face of the planet!!!! It's itchy!!! The orders say keep it on until I see the doc which won't be until Tuesday. Boohoo.

I have swollen hands and feet. Anyone else experience this? Been drinking tons of water and peeing plenty but the swelling doesn't go down. Now I have a head cold that's makes my ears ring but ill deal with that.

So far I haven't had any pain meds today except Advil for my head. I'm really just uncomfortable but not in pain. Still sleeping off and on in the recliner and don't see an end to that too soon. The nurse suggested I walk around often so I've been making laps around my house trying not to over do it but I'm looking forward to my bath and hair washing later when my hubs gets back from church.

I'm still a bit concerned about the size. The ps took over 700 grams from the left and 680 from the right. This is considerably more than we discussed, guess my breast tissue is more dence than we knew. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
Hey :) I enjoyed reading your review. Congrats and I hope your healing goes smoothly!
Thank you! So far so good.
Glad to hear your surgery went well. Had mines done Friday as well. Still sore as heck & it feels like my boobs r sewn to my rib cage. Have my post op tomorrow & I'm curious to know how much he took. I was too out of it Friday so I don't know any details yet. I'm a lil concerned bout size they seem really small I don't think I'm a D looks more like a C. I am also sleeping in recliner no way can I sleep in bed! My nurse told me to get up & walk around so u don't get blood clots in your legs. Does it still hurt for u to move? It certainly does for me.

Th good the bad and the ugly

Saw the ps for my first post-op appointment this morning. Everything is good, he took the drains out which was a breeze. My main problem is the sleeping. Sitting up or close to it and on my back seems to be giving me a headache. Not sure why this is happening but ill deal with it using Tylenol. I've been a bit constipated and have tried a gentle laxative with little help so now ill move on to something stronger. Just didn't want to take it earlier today because I would have to be away from the house for awhile. My son had to drive me to the ps and he would have been devastated if I'd had bathroom problems too.

The sad part is the ps took too much. I'm soooo small!!!! Ill get used to it but it may take some time. The loss feeling of the big girls has taken me by surprise. Anyone else have feelings of loss?

I've included some pictures from today. Warning! One side is pretty gross.
I don't think you look too small at all! Your size and shape is great! I think it's just a shock at first because it's such a drastic change.
Looking good!


Yikes! Holy bruises Batman! The girls look pretty bad. I believe the hubs should not look for a few more days.

I've discovered a few things for those of you about to embark on this journey.
Buy 4 or 5 cheap front close sports bras. No matter what you do they get yucky. And where there's yuck there's smell. Trust me this will make you feel better.
Move around a lot! This may be uncomfortable but will make things easier for at least 2 reasons. You won't be as stiff and sore and exercise helps the BMs.
I will post more of my "ah ha" moments as they come to me.

The ps told me I could shower today! It was so nice. I almost got all the shampoo and conditioner rinsed and almost got my arm pits and legs shaved. Ill take "almost" over sitting in an inch of water any day. Drying off was a little more challenging but I'm clean and smelling good. I even put on real clothes today, my family will be happy to see this feat.

Sleeping didn't go well last night. I tried to sleep in the bed but got back in the recliner early this morning. For some strange reason sleeping up right makes my head hurt. I am NOT a back sleeper at all! Ill be giving this a great deal of thought today....Right after a nap.

The good news is I haven't had Rx pain meds since Sunday night. They don't seem to help with the headache anyway. The boobs are uncomfortable but don't really hurt.

Until later.
Congrats on the surgery...happy healing...
I think you will be a great size - looks like good shape too. wishing you a great recovery and healing.
well done you, just getting on with it!

A week out!

This time last week I was in surgery. Today I'm feeling pretty good just no energy. I've been showering everyday and have gotten out the last 2 days but I'm staying in today.

Sleep still isn't good but I've figured out how to slightly turn on my side propped up with pillows in the recliner. This prevents the terrible headaches but isn't good on the back. I have been taking 1 pain pill every night mainly to help with sleep but should probably stop that soon.

My boobs still don't really hurt but I'm hyper aware of them. Actually they feel like stones, sunburned stones. Very sensitive and tingly. I suppose this means I have feeling in both which is good. I can't stand anything rubbing against them so wearing a tight bra is a must. Anyone else feel like this?

The bruising is getting better and the swelling is going down. I think I'm going to survive but my house is in disarray. Ill pick up a bit when I return from a walk to the mail box.

Until later...
Yes - I wore 2 bras to keep them nice and tight for about a month at least. Early days - take it easy.
Happy healing!
Sunburned stones are right! I've been struggling on how to describe them to friends, but that hits the nail on the head. You're doing great. From someone 3 weeks out, if you don't rest, you'll pay for it. So REST.


So I'm dying to vacuum the floors and sleep in the bed. Two very different things, i know. When did everybody start taking care of household chores again? I lightly swept and mopped on Friday but think the vacuum may be to heavy for me still. Sleeping is still not good. When did everybody start sleeping in the bed again? I think I'm over the swelling so that's not a consideration but sleeping on my side still won't work.

I took a short walk and got some sun today so maybe that will help my mood.

Boobs look good and continue to heal.

Until later....
I slept in my bed from the first night - I just made a nest with pillows. I found that a body pillow was great because I could roll over on my side for just a couple of minutes to take the weight off my back. As for what you can do and what you can't do - if it hurts don't do it. I drove after a week with no problem but I know some people didn't feel comfortable driving until weeks afterwards. We all heal at different rates.
I slept in my bed from day one. Propped up pillows. I would have hated to be on the recliner. I was surprised I was able to sleep on my back - the pain killers helped relax me I guess. good luck.
Thats what I did and I'm not a back sleeper but it worked

Pink shirt

Here is a picture of the pink shirt from before surgery. WOW, what a difference!!!

I've slept in bed for the last two nights but not completely comfortable. I have tried to sleep on my side propped up and surrounded by pillows. This works a little bit but I'm so afraid of pulling out my stitches and bleeding all over the place. The incisions feel really tight and actually feel like an underwire digging into my skin. I'm not sure if my incisions meet each other in the center but that's where it bothers me the most. Good thing is I get the sutures removed tomorrow.

I had a serious need for a Sonic burger today and decided to drive my self. The burger was great but the drive...not so much. Way to much pulling along the incisions, it was scary. Guess I'm just a wimp.

Until later...
My friend who did really well after her BR described the discomfort as being like a tight wired bra, so sounds OK
I'm so thankful the girls don't really hurt.
So sorry to gatecrash here, but I'm so glad I read this. That is exactly the feeling I have been experiencing - like I'm wearing a new, stiff, underwired bra!

Healing with mixed emotions.

I saw the ps again on Wednesday. He clipped the sutures and removed the tape and boy do I feel better. The tape was too restricting. He recommended using A & D ointment and scar guard. The ointment feels amazing so I haven't used the scar guard yet. I've had a little oozing since he clipped the sutures which I didn't have before. I'm still uncomfortable but nothing I can't handle. Ps says my activity is still restricted for the next 2 weeks. Still no vacuuming for me.

I'm not happy with the way they look naked but love them under my shirt. My nipples aren't even and I have this odd pucker in the middle. The left is bigger than the right which is the way they were before so I won't complain too much about that tho. I think the pucker will smooth out over time but ill talk to ps about that next month. I keep reminding myself the reason I had this done was to relieve back and shoulder pain, which is better now.

I'm almost ready to show the girls to the hubs. Yep he hasn't seen them yet. Call me crazy but I want him to see them looking better and not have the "frankin boob" image burned into his mind. He'll be out of town for the next week so maybe I'll have an unveiling when he gets home.

Ill include some pictures taken today.

Until later...
They are a great overall shape and I am sure the lumps and bumps will smooth out over time. They will need to be better healed for you to massage them fully. At this stage every couple of days will bring an improvement so don'y lose heart.
You look great! Show the girls off! He will love em!!


Sure hope I haven't done any damage to the new girls. Today I was driving down my street when some young degenerate shot my car with a nurf dart. You know what's coming next...I slammed on my brakes and the seat belt caught me. I let that child and his mother have it!!! This time a nurf dart, next time he could be throwing rocks or worse. Anyway I got back into my car, shaking and realized my chest didn't feel so good. That was a few hours ago and my boobs still hurt. I took my clothes off to inspect the damage and didn't see anything wrong but wonder if there will be bruises tomorrow. Do you think I should call the ps?
i would talk to the ps. this is exactly why a lot of people don't drive for a few weeks if possible
Im sure its fine. I would call the office and just let them know what happened. :) lisa (nurse)

Over due update

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since surgery. Where has the time gone? I'm feeling pretty good, still hyper aware of my new boobs. I don't have many zingers ( not sure that's a good thing) but definitely have feeling in the nipples. They aren't even but I don't care how they look anymore. Excited I don't have pain in my shoulders. They itch a lot so I've been using a cream the doc recommended. Last night I took my bra off to begin the twice daily maintenance routine and discovered two small spots along the incision under my right boob. They were a little bloody so I applied antibiotic ointment and a bandage. I won't lie, I'm a bit concerned. Healing had been going so well, thought I was home free. Maybe I scratched to hard?

Anyway...I received a bill from the mammogram and decided to check my insurance website to see if it was filed. Sure enough it wasn't but I was FLOORED to discover the surgical center charged my insurance $72,046.00. Yep, you read that right 72 thousand dollars!! I was there about 6 hours total. Surly something is very wrong. I called the insurance company to make sure I read that right. The lady started laughing and said it was correct. She couldn't see the details as the claim was in process but said it looked like the surgical center doubled billed. WOW!!! Even if they doubled billed that's outrageous! My insurance is covering the ps and surgical center at 100% but they were not expecting this huge amount. The ps only charged $7,500. The ins. rep told me not to worry, they will investigate and have been known to knock the payment down by $70,000. Has anybody else seen ridiculous charges like this?

I'm including a picture from last week.

Until later...
My husband doesn't want to see my boobs until they are "real". I showed some other peoples pics before I had surgery and he was scared by the frankenboobs. So I'm with you, I'll wait. I can't tell that yours are different sizes, you look great. And who is going to see you naked anyway? Just your husband who loves you. It's all about how cute you look in those shirts! And you look great!
I think they look amazing
My surgery center charge was $1100 the anesthesiologist was $1300. my surgeon was around $6000 with case discount. Your picture looks great!

6 weeks update

Hello All - I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since my surgery. Time just marches on! I'm doing great and getting better every day. I will see the PS on Wednesday for my 6 week follow up. It will probably take me longer to get undressed than it will for the doc to look at my girls. HAHA I had two little holes that healed up nicely and haven't seen any more but keeping a close watch. The PS recommended Scarguard twice daily but I used that up and switched to Mederma. The Scarguard is like a nail polish and dries quickly but I didn't like having to peel it off. The girls are so dry that I continue to use A & D ointment at night.

My scars are flat and soft but still red. No worries there. I've included a pic of the cleavage area, it still doesn't look great. I have no idea if swelling is still an issue. The way they look naked isn't really a great concern of mine as long as the pain in my shoulders and back are gone.

I did a little bra shopping last week and bought 2 soft cup no wire bras. Not sure I'll ever wear an underwire again. I need a little padding to keep the world from seeing my "head lights". The smaller breast size fits my body type so much better than before which makes me so happy.

Overall, I'm go glad I did this surgery. Anybody on the fence should just go for it!

Until later...


Before your boobs look so perfect,beatifull,gorgeous,sexy and powerfull,but i understand why you do it,i think you make a good choise,but i like much more your original size
Thank you for this! I got approved today and you know you see the horror stories and when I heard at 10 I was bouncing off the walls, but now I am worrying about taking care of the family. I have three kids 14, 12, 6 and the older ones can help out and dad can help clean up as well. Mom just cannot be down long. Loved hearing a positive story!
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