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I have had big breast almost my entire life and at...

I have had big breast almost my entire life and at 39 yrs old my body just couldn't take the weight anymore. I attempted to get relief thru physical therapy and muscle relaxers but neither really worked. I went to see a PS who submitted info to the insurance company and I was approved. I had my surgery on 5/21/2014 . Didn't have a lot of pain and absolutely no drainage which I thought was strange. 700 grams was removed from each breast. I don't know what size I am now but I still feel really heavy. Same pain on neck and back( maybe worse)I actually still look heavy also. I did this in hopes of getting pain relief . I honestly feel that enough wasn't taken off.


VETTE 75 I went through the same exact thing. My first breast reduction I had at 27. I was very clear when I told my surgeon that I wanted to be a C cup. He kept telling me that he wanted to keep me in proportion with my body. Needless to say I am having a second reduction in another week. I knew immediately after my first reduction that I was still too large. I immediately asked my plastic surgeon about it and he said it was swelling. Absolutely not true. When all of the swelling went down they were still too large. I finally decided to do the surgery again and I was adamant with my new surgeon that I want a small C or large B. Nothing else. He first said that he was NOT sure if I would be in proportion. I told him this is my body let me worry about being in proportion. I told him they have never been in proportion with my body, so this will not be a huge change. He says he can do it. I do not want to be here again and unhappy with my results, because my surgeon did not listen to me. I felt like I had surgery for no reason with my first reduction. Be firm in your request. It definitely makes a huge difference in your outcome. Be blessed.
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Autumrain I would hate to go thru another surgery but I would. I went to see my dr on yesterday and I'm still swollen. However things are looking better. Is insurance covering a second surgery? How long is it going to be between both surgeries?
Can you tell me who did your surgery in Houston? My 20 year old daughter, 5'2" with 34DDD needs a breast reduction.
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2 wk post op dr visit

So I went to my 2 wk post op visit and expressed to my PS my concern with the size. She say I'm still swollen and that she removed a lot of tissue . She says I won't be the size I am once the swelling goes down. I'm know my girls will go down but I'm eager to see the final results. I'm not in any pain. Just feel tightness at the incisions when I move around alot. I lost the scab off one of my nipples when she removed the steri strips so that looks pretty gross. When I saw that I cried. I wasn't prepared to see that. Other than I'm healing fine and I return to work on next Tuesday. Will keep you posted. Also I have added more photos.


Thank you so much for your story....we have similar body types and I just found out that I am approved. I found this website to make sure I have my fears and questions answered. I think I would be so relived just to get them to a manageable size that that is my major focus. How do you feel even though they are swollen? What is your quality of life?
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Hi NutyD. I'm feeling a lot better. I still have quiet a bit of swelling but it's not as bad anymore. It's actually bearable. I mainly feel my incisions now sort of like they are tightening. I'm kind of stiff and sore in the mornings and at night if I've done a lot of moving around. I can do basiv things at this point but I tire out pretty quickly. I'm also moving at a slower pace then before the surgery but for the most part I'm able to get things done. What size are you now? I wanted to be smaller but this point I'm adjusting and it's way better than before. I told my PS a C cup but she said would try but the main goal was to make this process as safe as possible with no necrosis, nipple loss, etc.
i'm a 34H/36HH.....

20 days post

Not really much changes. Right nipple still trying to heal. When did any of you ladies start applying oil or cream to your scars?


I Never have applied any Oil or Cream ! Never used Tape either - and they never had any Dressings on me either - just the day of Surgery. They took them off the Morning After my Surgery - when they removed the Tubes - so I Was all just Bare Skin ! It looks like you are healing very Nicely !
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I still got that nipple issue but other than that doing good.
You are looking awesome!! Congrats!! I started applying mine on week two!! I just dont apply anything to my nipple area but that is because i had a FNG. But the scar going downward from the nipple and underneath my boobs and on the side I have been apply cocoa butter palmers brand and vaseline brand rich conditioning petroleum jelly with cocoa butter! It is working wonders for me. I have saw a lot of different things to try from reading a lot of different pages on here! good luck and happy healing!
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back to work 3 wks post

Ok ladies help me out. I returned to work yesterday and OMG my breast got so swollen and tight. I know I'm not completely over swelling this soon after my reduction but why does it increase with activity? I'm allergic to pineapple so I'm not sure if I can take the Bromlaine since it's derived from pineapples. Also what kind of bra is good for support? I think that's why I'm having swelling


Doing too much does lead to swelling, it is still early days i am afraid. Expect it to take 4 months for this to stop. You could try a supportive bra vest top under your shirt rather than a bra. It is mainly about using your arms or " bouncing" from walking etc. hope it gets easier soon
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not a good day

My breast are still too heavy. I'm wearing two sports bras today and they are digging in my shoulders . I was hoping to get relief from this surgery but I havent. I know I'm still swollen but I don't think I'm that swollen to be feeling like this. I feel I got a lift with a small reduction and all the weight was just moved up. Had to take a muscle relaxer. I just don't understand how could this be


I think you look great and much smaller than b4. I hope the swelling decreases and you feel better.
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You look much smaller to me. It may be the way your are sleeping why you don't feel any relief yet. I'm sure after your swelling goes down and you get measured properly to get your correct size you won't have to wear 2 bras. But you actually look nice to me.
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You look massively smaller than pre-op. 3 weeks is a very common time to feel down and depressed, you will get through this, it is early days, it takes 4 months for swelling to go down. If you are uncomfortable get bromelian from a health food store and take 3 - 4 times a day between meals, it really helps.
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Better Days 27 days post

Hello everyone just a little update. I'm doing a lot better since my last post. Still have some swelling and tightness but a lot more tolerable since I ordered the Marena post op bra. Not much changes in the physical appearance of my breast. My right nipple is healing but still has to get color. I'm still pointy so I guess I will experience the "drop "that other ladies on this forum talk about. Do I get more changes in my breast at this point or is my final look and I can shop for bras? I'm starting to be more comfortable with my results and I'm working on weight loss at this point. I will update again soon.


I think you look GREAT!! To me don't look like you need a revision, you look like a nice size. I'm just going on look alone, not on the fact that your shoulders still hurt and that your Breasts still feel heavy. I understand fully you wanting more off if you are still in pain. She did a great job and you healed wonderful!! I don't have that white tape on me, I realized I didn't looking at other women. I think you have healed wonderfully. Hope you start to feel better soon.
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I agree. You look like your are at a great size. If you aren't hurting still I wouldn't go down anymore. I feel like my surgeon took me down too far and I feel like some of my femininity is gone :-(
Your reduction looks really good I hope you feel better soon. I have a question did you get a reduction and a lift or just a lift? I got approved for a reduction but my doc wants me to pay extra to get a lift also if it's not necessary then I won't get it because my breast is similar to yours before you got your surgery.
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