Surgery completed Oct 29th! Houston, TX

I have been big breasted since I was about 23. In...

I have been big breasted since I was about 23. In the past 15 or so years it has gotten unbearable. Sleeping, eating, breathing, exercising, cleaning the house, you name it, everything has its limitations. I am currently bulging out of a 44H on my right and on my left not quite filling it out. That is uncomfortable all on its own.
My surgery date is october 29th 2013, I am excited and nervous as h3ll at the same time. I am not the most normal person going in for BR surgery. I have 90% of my lower spine fused so I am worried about them wallering me around on the bed during surgery, and how I sore I am going to be after all of that. Since normally when I get "sore" I can't move (honestly) for 3 days. Ya I'm pretty much a hot mess! LOL
Anyhow.... post op is the 22 ,...... I need to go get all my supplies for home so I can get out of be easier, since its not that easy now with my back, and other things that my husband wouldnt have a clue about if I sent him to the store. Lol
I plan on making homemade chicken noodle soup in the crockpot so when we get home he doesnt have to fuss over food, just me... ;)
Now the waiting game.
Good luck to everyone else in any stage of this process.

Waiting patiently till the 29th! NOT!

Its 11 days till surgery day. I am still getting everything I need for home. Going shopping tomorrow for the last few items. Unless I forget something I will be done.

Still quite nervous about the surgery. Just wish the days would go by way faster. ;) Can't wait to get this over with and have frankenboobs for halloween.

Pre-op is the 22 and I see the ps on the 24th. I am sure once the 22nd hits it will go by real quickly. I have appts every other day. A waxing appt on the 26th. That way I dont have to worry about shaving and pricklies. This aught to be fun, since I have never been waxed down there before. O_o

whew!!!!! 6 more days!

Had my pre-op yesterday. Hoping all the blood work and stuff comes back all okay. I cant believe its less than a week away now! Frankenboobs here I come! I told the lady at preop that and she started cracking up. I liked everyone at the hospital, they were all very nice and pleasant. Thats a very good sign so
far. I feel my nerves of steel coming on, kinda feel like wonder woman! I never thought I woild get this excited to lose my boobies! Ha!

5 days!

Talked to my doc today, he said I would end up being a B or C after surgery. He will also take what he can from under my arms. Also said since my surgery is at 1:00pm I would probably be out of the hospital around 8pm. He suggested that I stay the night since I have an hour drive home. I'm not sure if I want to stay the night. Any thoughts on this?
All in all I feel a bit more comfortable since I talked to him Today. Thank you all for your support through this. I know I couldnt have done this without you all.


Tomorrow at 1:00 I will be an official member of the IBTC!
Itty Bitty titty committee! Whew! I cant believe its here! Will be frankenboobs for halloween to boot!

Time to go!!!

Leaving in 30 min to get this done! Very excited except for the part that yesterday while wearing my bra it cause a terrible heat rash. The soap they made me wash with made it worse. The nurse told me not to use the soap this morning. So I washed 3 times with a brand new bar of reg soap. Hopefully they will still do the surgery.

Day 2 after surgery

My surgery went good I guess. I haven't seen the doc yet after surgery. I guess I will see him next tues. Kinda frustrated with that. I did find out from the nurse that he removed 2200 grams from my right breast and 1200 from my left. That is like 7.4lbs of boobs gone!!!!! I am so swollen from head to toe from retaining water after surgery. Tonight I have been peeing like mad, so it's on it's way out. My boobs what I have left look like swollen skin. I don't have a mound. I will be lucky to be a B. Tears!
Disappointed in this but maybe once all the swelling goes down I will have some.
I am having a hard time keeping down pain meds since my surgery. So the pain has been quite intense. My eyes are shutting on me. Will write more later.

4 Days after

Still haven't done number 2! Hopefully it is coming in the next 24 hours. Really need to poo! My boobs look like blobs of cement. Yes they are pretty hard. My drains are way back almost to my back on one side. Forgot to take pics of that part.
Doing pretty good. Staying on top of the pain with the pain pills. I have having way more pain than normal. Almost got put back into the hospital. Trying to get it cleared up at home if I can. Anyhow. Doing pretty good considering.


I meant 3 day post op! The pic is day 2 since I took it last night.

Wishing this pain would subside.

I will have one good day and then 2 bad days. Real tired, lots of pain and some off and on fever. Don't know what that's about. I can understand it all but the fever.
I keep waiting for them to soften and there is no sign of that right now. It's only been 9 days. Does anyone know when they start to look like real boobs? Lol
This is quite the adjustment going from huge breasts to tiny ones. My pics don't show this as bad as in person. But I am pretty much flat. I have cried a couple times. I told my ps that I did not want to go below a C. Definitely didn't get close to that size. Kinda disappointing. The only thing I hoping for now is when they soften and drop they will get bigger. Does anyone have a similar situation to where they did that?
Posting more pics that I took yesterday.

Changed my name....

To something more fitting at this time.
Had my appt today. Since I was bit swollen and red, he thinks my fever is because I am not breathing well enough. ????
My incision that is angry on my right boob is sloughing off and he says it will heal from there. Good news! Yay!
Told me I could exercise just to not run. Also to put antibiotic ointment on the open sores on my right boob and to see him in a month.
I am supposed to be massaging so speak, moving I guess, my boobs with my hands so that they will get used to touch and not be so sensitive. No more pain pills cause breast reduction shouldn't hurt after a week. Hmmmm..... Don't know about a couple of these. But I will be nice.

Oops .... Since I was not swollen and red!

Typo fix
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How are you doing? What size did you finally end up as? I am curious because we both had very similar before pictures and I ended up being a ddd afterwards instead of the c/d that I had wanted.
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I have plumped up to a large C almost D. But I think I am still growing! At 2 months PO I couldn't even fit into a B cup, it was way too big! Now at a little over 3 months I still notice me getting bigger a slight bit each week. The last 3 days I have been hurting (throbbing) in my right one. That's the one I had all the skin that died and then it all went to scar tissue. I'm thinking since I am still "plumping" that's it's stretching the scar tissue out and that's where the pain is from. Any thoughts?? How are you doing?
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That does make sense that the pain could be coming from there. My breasts got bigger as well - that is why after my surgery my surgeon thought I would be no bigger than a d and then by month four I was a dd - I thought after the swelling they would shrink but they didn't. If you aren't massaging your breasts - you should try it - it helped me with pain and some lumps that I had - I would just do it in the shower every night. I am actually happy that I had the surgery - I just wish I was slightly smaller and that my nipples are more centered - nipple placement is often something that surgeons don't get quite right.
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Wow! I better not go up to a DD! My surgeon told me I would be a B! I wanted a C at the smallest. So I am happy with that part now. I still have to get some reconstruction work done but he won't touch me again, ever! He lipo'd my side off on one side and only the front half of it. Why I have no clue!! So now when I look straight on into the mirror I see the back part of my side in the mirror which kinda looks like a pointed boob. Yes I do massage every day in the shower. I sometimes forget or in a hurry. I will try and do it a little more. I'm glad I had this done just never wanted to be cut on again. Now looks like I am going to have to, plus pay for it out if pocket. Since my doc said he sees what I see and it won't go away, but insurance won't pay to fix it and I would have to pay out of pocket. He admitted to it and wouldn't fix it! I was in shock. So I don't feel comfortable in his care anymore.
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He doesn't sound like a competent surgeon. You would think if a surgeon admits he made a mistake he would want to fix it. You do look small - I am actually surprised that he was able to take that much off. I think your breasts actually look good straight on.
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Those pics were taken when I was much smaller and still really swollen on the sides. I won't take pics of them anymore. Trying to lose weight. Lots of it. Maybe that will help some. Until I can afford to have something else done. Thank you though.
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How is your healing going? Did the infection and fever finally go away?
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I never had any infection. Just some skin that died off. That's healed now. Read the comment I posted above. That will give you more insight on what's going on now.
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I have been taking ibuprofen since day 12. Had no choice. I am finally starting to feel better. I do feel more pain when they start to soften and drop a bit. Like last night they were killing me. This morning they had filled out more. This has definitely been challenging. Can't wait till this healing process is finished. My nipples feel raw. Hopefully that will get better with time. I'm sure all the nerve endings are just going crazy.
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glad you are feeling better despite the pain; I too feel uncomfortable sometimes with them!! I can't wait until this is over as well! but I'm glad it's done!!
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Me too! Yours look so much better than mine. I have to say I am a bit jealous. ;)
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Hope you're doing well! Please give us an update soon. Would love to see some picture of your healing.
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Everyone recovers at their own personal rate. Do not compare yourself to anyone else's recovery, ok? If you're still in pain, then, yes you are still in pain. Hopefully at this point you're off the narcotics and have switched to Over The Counter meds (like Extra Strength Tylenol) only as needed. Would love to see another update - you should be 4 weeks post op today!
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Checking in on you. How are you feeling??
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I felt like I had a fever on the second night but I think I was just warm :) your body is doing lots of work at moment so rest snd lots of water are crucial - hope your days get easier soon and I'm sure your surgeon knows the signs of proper infection :)
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Fever comes from infection NOT lack of breathing & no pain after a week? Ha is all I can see. I will be consulting another PS! Thank you for this update!
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My fever comes and goes. Nothing of a pattern.
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Keep on eye on things. A fever often means an infection. What does your doctor say about your size?
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Said I would soften.
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He is right, they do soften and they also change shape. Mine took a little over 2-1/2 months to change into the shape that they are now. I was convinced at first that they were going to be different shapes and cup sizes.
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I am glad doc thinks things will setttle. Have a nice weekend and good luck with the healing. We have to focus long term I think. My sis had hers last Aug and now she is right as rain!!!
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OK... I commented that you should visit a doc because of the fever and you already did. I am sorry but this doctor doesn't leave a trustworthy imprint here. If you have a cold and he - guesses- it comes from your lung, he can't be sure about that!! So he would have to check your blood! And give you antibiotics and not tell you to put a cream on it! And what I think is hilarious is, that he wants to see you in a month?!? He should see you every few days now that he can't tell where the fever comes from! Grrrrr. I am getting angry about these doctors who easily grab the money and have no clue!
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I had never heard of that before either. If need be I will see my reg doctor. Obviously not getting anywhere with this one.
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I meant on the fever thing.
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Yes, I hope that he is caring good for you.. Good luck
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