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I just want to say I love this site...every...

I just want to say I love this site...every possible question I could have came up with has been addressed in one way or another. Unlike most people on here my pain did not become noticeable until the last year or so. It seems as though my large breast popped over night when i was very young. I do not remember ever wearing a training bra. My bra size change so many times i never knew what my true size was or even is at this point...VS was never an option, only for underwear....but last year i reached my largest size which i believe to be 42DDD (never measured but that is what the bra said)...i also noticed i was having back and shoulder pain and also began having migraines daily...so i thought about breast reduction surgery....keep in mind i have never had any kind of surgery before and thought of this as not medically necessary or was it? I decided to make the appointment and get the advice of someone more experienced...and low and behold it is 4 months later and i am on my way with a surgery date of 06/27/2012...i have been on a rollercoaster of emotions...yesterday was the hardest because i had my pre-op appointment and i was worried about my iron level and blood pressure as i suffer from Anemia and HBP, but all came back good and i am good to go..the only complaint i have thus far is when i was at the doctors office they were trying to charge me $65 for each post surgical bra and i said no thanks cause i am very "frugal", i went online to the company's website where they were going to order from and i was able to order the bras a $21.95 each..now i more ready than ever to get this done and be on the other side...I

OMG!!!! Its been a while since i have been on here...

OMG!!!! Its been a while since i have been on here but let me say not a day goes by where i do not regret my desicion...I am so pleased with the results...i have not made a switch to an underwire bra because i that i no longer need it...the hanes comfortflex bras are sufficient...my doc said i dont even look like he did a reduction but more like a augmentation...dont know if the was good or bad but i am so happy!!! cant say it was the best money i have ever spent due to the reason that i did not pay anything...my surgery was 100% covered by insurance..
Dr Reginald Buford

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I was like you too. When I was young it seems like my boobs "popped" out over night. It was like I was an instant C cup... then a D and then..DD then after two kids...a G/H.... Probably larger because I refused to buy any bigger...I was disgusted. I had my BR on the 10th of July... I am so glad I did... I asked for a normal D cup... but haven't tried any bras on...YET... soon enough...just trying to heal!
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Congrats Kats!!!! I am 32 days now post op and haven't regretted my decision one sec. I did get tired of the surgical bras after about 3 days so my doctor said I could switch to a sports bra. I went from a 42DDD to a 38B. So excited. The sports bras
that I got were from Walmart came in a four pack for under 10 bucks and have worked out so well. I got these other ones that were about 4 bucks that had some padding which helped with the nips the first couple of days. I have since then removed the padding. I still wear the sports bra. But I did purchase a hanes comfortflex bra. Good luck with everything.
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Good luck Change! You will finally get relief from all your aches and pains. I had the same symptoms along with numbness in my right arm and hand. Daily migraines were the worst. I had instant relief from most of these. The numbness is getting better and so are my shoulder dents. I'm 12wks post op and boobs are healing nicely. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. You are going to feel and look like a new woman!
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Welcome, Change! You will be so relieved once you have had this weight lifted from your back and shoulders. This is really one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was a 34H and now at 10 months post-op I'm a 34DD and I feel so much better! My activity level has increased and my pain level has decreased. I'm the energetic mom I always wanted to be. You will do great, just give yourself plenty of rest the first couple of weeks and after that you will be well on your way to your new comfortable life! keep us posted!!
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