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I'm dying to have an ultimate breast lift done by...

I'm dying to have an ultimate breast lift done by Dr Horndeski! I had a roux en y (gastric bypass) in Dec 2010 and after my weight loss these boobs look like empty tube socks. I only wish his office accepted care credit. I have a $13k limit just sitting there collecting dust, and no other financing options at this time. It's going to take forever to save the $10k for the procedure. It'll have to wait until after nursing school and some serious credit repair. But come hell or high water, I'm getting these bad boys lifted, let the church say amen!

Texas Plastic Surgeon

I saw his profile on this website, and then the news story, and just started doing my own research. I emailed his office about the procedure and got a detailed and prompt response. He is a genius! My breasts will be in good hands.

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Oohjamila are you getting surgery with Dr. H?
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I'm hoping to do my BL too but I was more in need of a TT. Dr. H is on my short list of doctors i want to use.
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Okay, now that is a creative title. It looks like you might have some luck using your care credit! Please keep us posted when you have your first consultation!

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Hi there!
We are proud to announce we are now a participant provider with Credit Care!
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