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I had always been very unhappy with the shape of...

I had always been very unhappy with the shape of my breasts, they were saggy and ugly. According to Dr. Horndeski's diagnosis I had ptosis of both breast and one of them was slightly larger than the other. I chose to have the UBL because I wanted a breast lift but i didn't want the horrible vertical scars from the regular lifts. I found out about the UBL from the realself website and I got in touch with dr. horndeski's office to find out about the price and if I was a candidate. the Bad news was that I was not a candidate for the regular UBL (apparently my breast were too small), the good news is that I was actually a candidate for the mini UBL with was significantly cheaper (I think the UBL was like $9000, and the mini only $5000) I'd never before been actually happy with having small breast until then!! because of this price, i was able to do it sooner than I expected! Anyway, i went to sugarland and had the procedure done and I am really happy with the results! its been just a little over two months and while they haven't healed completely yet, I'm happy with the shape.

There is still a little pleating around the areola but that's slowly disappearing, in fact i was really concerned about that initally but they assured me that it would disappear within a couple of months, and I can see that it already has somewhat. In a few months, depending on the final results, I probably will go back for a areola revision that will make them slightly smaller and rounder. According to Dr. H's assistant, that should cost around $1000 and it would be done under local anesthesia, so I would be awake, and apparently they would have to replace the permanent sutures (I don't really know what this means but whatever haha). This would bring the total to around $6000 (plus blood tests, etc), which is a pretty good price i think! Overall I'm very happy! I'm already a lot more confident and I'm sure I'll be absolutely unbearable after I get the second procedure done and they have healed completely. If I chose to do the areola revision, then ill post pics of the final result!

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your results are beautiful I wish mine could look like that. Congrats!
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this is what I need. Did you get small implants too?
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That's a really great improvement! Your breasts looks so natural, i would never have guessed you have had done anything with them, if i just saw your last picture alone.
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I'm so glad you are happy with your results. I had lift and implants with Dr. H in April. Just had a revision to make my areolas smaller in October. I'm happy with my results and it's healing nicely. Please keep us posted on your revision.
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congrats! you are looking great
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Thanks for sharing. You look great! Any comments on the Dr. or his staff?I'm plan Ning yo use him for the UBL & I'd love your feedback. Also did you travel there & if so where did you stay? How long was your surgery? Thank you in advance for your reply.
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he and his staff were great! i'm going back for more haha. I did drive there, it was about a 7 hour drive. I took someone with me to drive me back. The surgery was maybe about 3hrs (I think, i can't really remember). we spent three nights at a hotel, I drove there the day before he was to see me the first time, then I had surgery the next day, and the day after that he saw me in the morning, and that same day I drove (or rode) back home. Considering it was a pretty long drive, there was some discomfort but not too much pain. I slept most of the way back. Good luck!!!!! If you have any more specific questions you can email them. They were really great about answering all my questions pretty fast! and I had LOTS of questions!!! lol
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Your results are fantastic! I had the same fear as sally372 (especially since I'm small to start with) so it's good to hear that you don't feel like you've lost any size/volume.
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Welcome to the community.  You look wonderful!

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do you feel like you are the same cup size after surgery? im getting a lift with no implant and i am afraid mine will be significantly smaller afterwards
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actually I'm still wearing the same bras so I would say I'm still the same size...but just looking at my before and after pictures, i think they look a bit bigger than before (probably because now they are round and fuller rather than tubular and narrow)
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Looking good, let us know how it goes take care.
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