I Want Boobs but I'm Scared! - Houston, TX

Can't decide on size, moderate/hp,...

Can't decide on size, moderate/hp, saline/silicone, please offer suggestions!!!
I want boobs but I don't like really big boobs I am a size 34a now and would love to be a 34B but scared once I have them I'll want bigger!! I actually like my boob size now but they are deflated and I cannot wear bras or bathing suits without a big gap between the top n my bra, constant areola exposure!!
hp looks much more nat. sil, feels & looks better, 400cc for your frame & hight 5' or so willbe fab. girl friend of mine same hi. went 325 then 400 what dif. in her filling out her tops & dresses. get boobie greed & go for it.
Kewl news thanx
What you want to do is go through magazines / catalogs and rip out examples of what you LIKE (as in I want my boobs to look like this). I also took my doctor photos of what I didn't want (for me that was women who had obviously had implants). I left my ultimate size decision up to my doctor. Always get a board certified surgeon and have a consult. Go meet several doctors and look at their portfolios. Pick the doctor you feel most at ease with. Keep in mind that you may be charged for each consult (I paid $125.00 for my consult but that amount was taken off the price of the surgery). It's well worth the cost though because it could help you weed out a doctor who isn't good. Plus even though this is elective surgery you are putting your life in his hands - you'll want someone you "click" with. I liked my doctor's portfolio - everyone looked natural (which is want I wanted). I was missing volume at the top too and didn't want big boobs - I just wanted to look like the best "me" I could. My doctor took my height and weight into account as well. He has performed the surgery thousands of times and knows by experience what would look best proportionately. And I trust him - silicone cost quite a bit more but he recommended saline under the muscle (which is what I got). That tells me that he was more interested in my happiness than in making money. I am 5'6" and 118 pounds - I've never had children and don't want any). I normally wear a size 2. I used to be a deflated 34B but will either end up being a full 34B or small 34C (I had my ba 3 days ago - it will take up to 3 months for them to settle). My advice - don't focus on cup size - focus on what would look best on you. Everyone is different - what looks good on me may not look good on you or anyone else. While getting a 34D would be fun I would look like a cartoon character - ridiculous! Some people like that look though so if you don't want to look "natural" then go big. Personally I don't want anyone to know I did this and want to keep the guys guessing (are those real or not?). It's up to you - give it lots of thought and again figure out what YOU want and leave the rest up to your surgeon. My surgeon gives me (and all his patients) a hug each time our appointments are over. He has daughters my age so I trust him explicitly! Good luck!

My deflated boobs that fits no cups fully!!!

Wish boobs

wish boobs

what I dont want

Droopy no cleavage boobs
Good luck on your consult tomorrow. Let us know how it goes!
Hey girl! I went with HP when I was afraid of it prior. I also went up more cc's. Everything changes the more you realize what you want. So if you are taking your time, that's good. Oh, and come to New York to my doc!!
As someone who has been to dr Feldman go bigger I think the implant I chose looked bigger before I got them. If in doubt just add 50-100ccs to what you think you want. Surgery with dr Feldman was great, I seriously had way worse flu in comparison.
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