Post Op 6wks Silicone Unders

After breast feeding two kids, my breasts are...

After breast feeding two kids, my breasts are uneven and deflated. I have been working out and feel that I am in better shape than ever...except up top. Finally decided to get what I can't fix, fixed. I saw two surgeons already and liked both of them. But they told me two different things. Its super confusing. The first recommended a donut lift on one side and two different profile implants to correct asymmetry, 320cc HP in the larger and and 400cc MP in the larger. He is a newer doctor, but has come highly recommended with impressive training. The second doctor, recommended waiting on the lift until implants have settled as I may be happy without it and that the areolas will change after the implants anyway. Size wise, he recommended either 371 and 397cc moderate profile or 450 and 475cc high profile. I am 5'5, 115-120#, wear a 32b (barely). I want a full but natural look. I want to be proportionate and have a nice curvy figure, but I don't want my chest to be the first thing you notice. When I was breastfeeding, I was up to a small D. I just want to be sure that I'll be happy with the results. Any suggestions, thoughts, input would be appreciated.

Hey Pilates girl,
If you'd like another consult to see what the majority says, I went to Vitenas down by I45 and beltwy 8. his consults are free so long as you dont break your appt and he does a rapid recovery technique. I didnt even need pain meds after surgery and could lift my arms up right away. I suggest checking him out. I am happy with his work and believe it to be high quality.

There are a few girls who needed lifts on this site and did not get them. They are choosing to see how they look before getting anything lifted.

I find it weird that the one doc suggested two different profiles. That is the first I have ever heard of that and I guess without pics it is hard to see why he would do that.
I got exactly the 371cc and 397cc's, moderate profile, silicone, inframmary incision, subpectoral, dual plane technique. High profile will give you more projection if that is what your looking for. I started out at 38B, and am now a 36D

Fitluv is prob a good example of uneven and lift. Check out her pics and let us know if you have questions!
Uneven and deflated? That was definately my name before!! Check out my pics, I was a 34 A in one and a B in the other. I got a lift and implants 260 in larger 350 in smaller silicone HP. I am 5"2 125. The 450 and 475 seem a little large to me for your size but everyone does not look the same with the same implants. I tried on a 475 and it made me a DDD! Do you have sizers to try on? That does help give you an idea. I also had my surgery in Houston! Please keep us posted on your journey!

I've decided that the second doctor's advice to...

I've decided that the second doctor's advice to wait on the lift makes sense. Besides, I don't think I want a lift due to scarring. I'm hoping the implants alone will give me the look I want. So after much thought, I decided to go with the second doctor, Dr Sukkar. It seems like it has taken forever to work out a time when my husband can take off work for the surgery. We still were undecided when it would work, but the coordinator emailed me that there had been a cancellation before Labor Day weekend and if i was interested, that day could be booked for a discount. So we took it. Now that its official, I'm super nervous. I'm worried about the actual surgery, recovery, the results, what other people will think...Not to mention the size decision. Is this a bad sign, a sign I'm not actually ready or that I shouldn't do it?
I've been reading everyone's stories and learned a lot about what to expect and it seems a lot of you ladies have had the same concerns. It has actually helped just getting it of my chest (pun intended), so thanks for reading.
Sorry about the lack of pictures. I'm not very tech savvy, so I haven't figured out how to get my pre op vectra pictures on here. I'll try again later.
no worries about the pics, my bestie is the same way.
Its just a suggestion and I just love seeing everyone's pics.
btw, nice that your surgeon let you take the sizers home.
I asked my doc and they wouldnt let me. =)

So after an embarrassingly long time, I figured...

So after an embarrassingly long time, I figured how to get my picture up there. It is the preop Vectra images from my consult. The left image is my before and the right is the "after". I was wondering if anyone else has had the Vectra and how accurate it was to their actual results.
Thanks, Kooberry. Your results are great. I'm glad to hear the Vectra is pretty accurate. Not knowing what the actual results will look like was making me nervous. The above picture from the vectra is with a HP implant. Do you think it's unnatural looking? I really appreciate the input.

Hey girl~ Isn't the Vectra 3D imaging cool?? My PS offered it too so I was able to see exactly what I would look like after surgery. My final result looks very similar to the Vectra images. IT IS AN EXTREMELY ACCURATE PREDICTION OF HOW YOU'LL LOOK AFTER THE BA.... If you want more of a natural look I suggest going with moderate profile. That's what I have and the results are great! Look forward to seeing your post op piks.....Btw- you have great abs!! Maybe I should start incorporating pilates into my work out regimen Lol ;-)
Hey Scrappy. Thanks for the input. The doctor uses sizers during surgery to try out the size before inserting the real ones and closing. They even tilt the surgery table to check it out. He says implants alone will not make me completely symmetrical b/c the areolas are in different positions. That why they recommended a concentric lift, to reposition the nipple. I'm hoping that the implants will even out the actual size difference enough, that the lopsided nipples won't bother me. I don't really want the lift.

Just returned from my pre op appt. It was pretty...

Just returned from my pre op appt. It was pretty straight forward. I got my prescriptions, instructions for before and after, and finalized the size. I took some pictures, but they didn't come out very well, so I won't post them. I've decided to go with the 450/475cc HP. The doctor will have final say in surgery though, in case they don't fit or are unnatural looking and I trust his opinion. Honestly, after trying them on again, I understood what people mean by "boobie greed". I've been wearing a Add 2 cup size bra, and the sizers really didn't seem much bigger. But I'm going to stick with that size. Just had to remind myself, its not size but fullness I'm after. Getting kind of nervous, but excited to lose the old lady boobs.
I've got my prescriptions, my bra tanks (no real/sports bras for 2 weeks) are on their way, and I've been freezing meals. What am I forgetting?
Good luck tomorrow, I know Dr.Sukkar you are in good hands. :-) happy healings

My surgery was yesterday. Everything went great. ...

My surgery was yesterday. Everything went great. I got silicone under the muscle via inframammary crease. i have one tiny bandage under each breast. I was told not to wear a bra, so I have seen them already, and other than being super high and hard, they look pretty good. They are smaller than i expe cted, but i know that will change. Pain has been tolerable. I was expecting sharp, excrutiating pain, but its really just soreness. It feels like i did a million pushups and engorged like I need to nurse. I have been taking Vicoprofen and Flexeril as directed. overall, I feell ok. Now its naptime though.

ps- sorry if this post is full of typos, i'm a little from the meds.

Wooohoo! Congratulations!

i look forward to hearing from you if your results look  the same as your vectra photos.

Probably wont be able to tell until they drop, but it will be nice to hear about it.

I am glad you are doing well and we look forward to hearing about your recovery~

I am post op 3 days and feeling pretty good. No...

i am post op 3 days and feeling pretty good. No pain really, just sore and tired. i've been trying to take it easy, but i feel better than i expected. the implants are sitting really high and are hard. i call them spongebob square boobs. Even though i knew they would look weird at first, i'm still a .ittle disappointed that they do. some girls' day 1 photos look great and i was just hoping that's how mine would be. as of right now, i'm happy with the size and think they'll look great. i just want them to look great now! :-)
Hi, I hope your recovery is going well. Did you ever figure out how to post pics. Very rarely are day 1 pics perfect so feel free to show them. I appreciate knowing about the ups and the downs!

So far recovery has been pretty good. I'm not...

So far recovery has been pretty good. I'm not having any any pain. i do have a little numbness on my left side but its not completely numb, just kind of dulled sensation. I think they are dropping and looking less square but who knows. I can't help but keep checking on them. One of the bandages fell off, but the incision looks ok. Its shorter than i expected. It is thicker than I'd hoped, but i think that's my fault. I have felt pretty good and probably not taking it as easy as I should
Tomorrow will be my post op check up and I'm excited to hear how I'm doing. I hope that I'll be allowed to start massaging. My chest feels tight and engorged so the massage sounds like it'd be a relief. I've read other ladies reviews and they mention having to "move" the implant in the pocket. I can't even push mine together so i can't imagine pushing them to the collar bone. Am I misunderstanding this?

Hi Pilatesgirl.

Glad to hear you are doing well!

As far as massage goes, the technique will depend on how your doc put pocket in. You should be feeling pretty tight right now, which is normal but can make massage a little uncomfortable at first- although some just find it a relief. You'll notice they will really soften up though once you start them.

As far as massing/pushing your implants up to your collarbone, it will depend if your doc made the pockets go way up there. Mine are, so when I massage I have to push the implant up as far as it will go. It ends up being about an inch from the collarbone or so, then push them back down unless if it drops down by itself. Some girls are just instructed to do a "four point" massage. I think its pushing the boob in from the outer portion, up from the bottom, in on the inside, down from the top- holding a few seconds in each area. Some I think do a circular motion or something. 

Extra movements could include pushing them together and/or grabbing one with one hand and just jiggle them in every direction you can. i.e. up and down, side to side, circular motion. You'll notice some of these reviews of gals who get cc, they notice they cant push their boobs together. So it is always my opinion to do these movements at least every once in a while to make sure they move. Again, you just got them and are tight, so you will have to just work on them.

I will be interested to hear what technique your doc prescribes or if they say none at all. I dont believe that 'none at all' is a good idea- but that will be an individual choice based on what a person has learned from all these reviews.

Again, glad to hear all is well and that they might even look better than the Vectra images!
Although its still early, I have to say that the Vectra images are pretty accurate as far as size goes, but the shape is not. Hopefully its not just swelling, but in real life the asymmetry is far less than the predicted results photo.

POD12: I went to my follow up, Dr said everything...

POD12: I went to my follow up, Dr said everything is healing well. They taught me to massage and took off the remaining bandage. They also said no bra until they drop to where I want them and to start massaging the scars with scar cream at 3 wks. The pain/soreness has been getting less each day. They still look high and hard, but the dr says that's to be expected and that thry actually are not too bad. He thinks that in the next 2 weeks I'll really start to see a difference.

POD 19: Sorry for the lack of posting. I really...

POD 19: Sorry for the lack of posting. I really should post more b/c people's stories really helped me prepare. Maybe mine can help someone. We went out of town this weekend. Everything went pretty well. Mid-late last week, I really started to feel like my old self. This week, I feel like probably I over did it. Had to carry my 10month old through the airport. My chest muscles are sore and the scar massaging is not pleasant. I also am having some almost burning pain. The location changes, so I am thinking its those "zingers" I've heard about. But that means the nerves are healing, right? My sensation is dulled on the left, but a little heightened on the right, as of now. Today, I really felt like they looked almost normal, a little high, but better. Definitely better than before the surgery. To celebrate, I tried on my bathing suits and went through my old bras. I was surprised that my bikinis fit, although they look much better now! Only 2 of my bras (34d, from when I was nursing) fit. If I stay this size, I'll be thrilled. I know they still have some changing to do, but I'm really happy with my results. If someone asked now, I would say it has been worth it. A week ago, I was on the fence. At this point, my advice to anyone considering it is to really understand that its not an overnight thing. It can take weeks or even months to get the results. Even though I had been reading stories and looking at pictures on this site, I still found myself frustrated and disappointed at times because they weren't "ready" yet.
Scrappy- I haven't really bought any new tops yet. Right now, its a struggle to pull together something that doesn't show Frankenboob or nips. Surprisingly, all my old clothes fit though. I need to starting shopping soon for out Vegas trip!


Hmmm, well I would say that any movement that is like a pushup, a pullup, or force with your arms extended out might be challenging. But just take it slow, try a movement, and see how it feels for you.

I am probably not the best to ask as I haven't been exercising as religiously as some of you gals. =) I have had some muscular issues that came up and so I haven't been working out other than light biking in about 2 months. I have been seeing a chiropractor and hope to be back to normal soon.

That's good that your doing the bike. It's probably really good at this time frame for you as it isnt working your chest so much. Just be careful of ripping any stitches at this point. Things are still healing on the inside.

Let me know how it goes!
Oh, and have you bought any new tops?
Thanks Scrappy! I started riding the exercise bike last week, right before the 2 week mark. I haven't started back to pilates yet. I hope to start next week. Plus, I just ordered a new DVD and I'm excited to check it out.
In your review I saw you started working out at 6?wks. How is it going? Any tissues or info for me?

Today I noticed a couple of things. One, while...

Today I noticed a couple of things. One, while massaging I kind of felt like a gurgle and I think the implant shifted more than it usually does. So I feel like that's a good sign of progress. Another was that if I lift my arms straight out to the side, they look perfect' no frankenboob or anything. I guess I can't walk around like that :). But it did make me hopeful!

So tomorrow will be one month since my surgery. I...

So tomorrow will be one month since my surgery. I started back to pilates on Monday. Since it is more of a core workout, I was only unable to the push ups. I did notice tightness while doing moves that required to spread your arms. Probably, a combination of still healing and not having worked out for 3 weeks. But overall, felt great to get back with it. And my new tape was really good! I have not had any pain this week, although the tingling in my left breast is driving me crazy. But its just a relief to have feeling coming back.
I am liking them more and more each day. They are still high and kind of long looking. But getting better everyday. They look pretty good head on and in clothes. (Still a little weird from the side) I'm really excited for them to settle, I think I'm going to love them. While trying to decide if i should go ahead with the surgery, one of my main concerns was would people judge me for getting implants. Now, having done it, I am so happy with my decision, that I really don't care about that. I realize how much my old boobs were bothering me. I feel much more confident and can't wait to buy pretty bras and bikinis finally!
Hi pilatesgirl. Just wondering how you're doing? My ps is letting me wear a bra now but NO underwire.
Scrappy- yeah, I think I finally figured posting pictures out. hello 21st century!


Its been 6 wks since my surgery. I'm am getting...

Its been 6 wks since my surgery. I'm am getting used to them, they no longer feel foreign. The pain is non existent and has been for a while. I'm starting to get zingers again on the left. It was more numb than the right to start, so maybe sensation will return to normal? The left side is still high, but it was the smaller breast and has a larger implant. The asymmetry is not a severeer as it was preop, but not as closely matching as it was a few weeks ago. r I don't know if this is b/c they are still dropping or if this is my end result...But it is better than preop, They look perfect in a bikini, bra or top. I am hoping they will even up a little more, but if they don't i'm still happy with them. Having the surgery was definitely the right decision for me. I had commented on someone's post about hp implants making the square look. I hope it came out right. I just meant it seemed like immediately post op, they looked "longer" and seemed like they took longer to settle. I just was trying to be realistic based on my experience. Immediately postop, i was disappointed how square mine were and other ladies woke up ready for a bikini photo shoot. For me it has been a longer process. I researched for months and still was a little unprepared for that. I know there was several points while trying to decide, I wished someone would just decide for me. I was tired of going back and forth. Obviously, no one can make the decision for you, but these reviews really helped me make the decision.
Hey I can't see where you mentioned what sizes you finally ended up with?
I have 450/475cc HP silicone under the muscle.
Hey Pilates girl! Looking good! I see what you are saying about the asymmetry. I am wondering if the right one just needs a lift? There are donut lifts that only go around the nipple and could pull the breast up and the nipple. That is something that could be considered at a later date as its till early and you still have lots of healing to do. One of the girls here on RS just had it done. Her doc is here in Houston, and I took her there for him to do it. Was a super easy procedure. Only 1 hour and he even did it in office with local anesthesia. She saw the improvement immediately. But anyways, something to think about. You look great either way!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I knew of Dr Sukkar from when I used to work in a hospital. I chose him over the other dr i consulted with because he had more experience and seemed more conservative in his thoughts on a lift. He was realistic about results and professional. He has his own accredited surgery center, which also helped with the cost. He also acts as an inspector of independent surgery center. His office staff, nurses and coordinator have been great. Really knowledgable and friendly.

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