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I got implants two months ago. I was a 32A and got...

I got implants two months ago. I was a 32A and got 286cc Natrelle 15s (silicone) under the muscle. I'm 5'2" and about 110 pounds. Unfortunately, I'm not totally thrilled with the results. Don't get me wrong, they look and feel very natural, but they don't look near as full as I thought they would nor do they look near as full as the sizers did. For example, the blouse I tried on pre-op during my consultation was very fitted with the sizers I tried on, but post-op I'm still swimming in the blouse. Also, I still fit into one of my old 32A cup tshirt bras and small swimsuit tops - even though I'm getting measured at a larger cup size, nothing fits me differently. I have healed and dropped nicely and quickly and my implants are very soft. I know from word of mouth that I will have to pay for my procedure fully again if I go with my same PS, which I would like to because he did do a great job. My questions are: how much larger would I need to go to notice a difference? - would 339cc be enough or would I need 371cc? (I want to stick with the same profile). I still don't want to be huge, but I want more fullness and to look like I have boobs in clothes. (I've learned through my recovery process that cup size really doesn't mean anything since every bra manufacturer is different) And also, how soon should I mention this to my PS?


I think you look great. You have just the size I'm hoping for. I went too big when I was young and it's just not flattering to have big ones at my age. Because I chose a big size 30 years ago I'm now facing a lift. Monday is my big day!
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Swap ya? I got 360cc and feel they r too big;-)
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You look great! But, it's amazing how we get used to our new breasts, to the point that we no longer feel big! You may want to check with your PS about implant profiles versus more cc's. I would mention your concern to your PS right away, even if you have to wait for a while to get a revision. Keep us posted on your research!

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