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I am a 32 year old mother of 2 awesome kiddos and...

I am a 32 year old mother of 2 awesome kiddos and married to the funniest man ever! I have wanted to have my boobs done for 5 years at least. Currently I am a 34A and looking to be a C/D. I have always been little. I remember when I was trying on my wedding dress (10lbs lighter) the sales lady brought out pads because I wasn't filling out the dress. Anyway, it would be nice to have shape and fullness and that is my goal with the operation. I am not going to post photos; instead I am going to share my experiences with you. This site has help me in so many ways, I would like to help another person as they have helped me.

I have so much to fill in. It seems the time has...

I have so much to fill in. It seems the time has flown by. I went for my second consultation and week later getting boobs! I know it seem so quick. Iis it too fast? I don't know. I had a total of 3 consultations, but pretty much had my mind made up by my second one. So, I had my pre-op this morning and decided on 400cc silicone implants. There I received a book about the Natrelle implants and now I am scared. I thought I read everything regarding complecations and asked questions, not even close. ha ha I am confident on my surgeon, just nervous on complications. I guess this is normal. My appointment is Monday, April 15th. Eek.

14 days post operation and I feel great! I get...

14 days post operation and I feel great! I get small spasms here and there, but I could't be happier with the results so far. A couple of tips if you are thinking of getting a BA. 1) If you do not have one, invest in a recliner. 2) If you have long hair, wash it really good the night before and have it braided. I didn't think of this until after my sister left. Although you can take a shower afterwards, you really don't get a good opportunity to wash your hair until about a week. 3) TAKE IT EASY. 8 days post op was probably my roughest day because I did too much the day before and it caught up to me. Eat right and take care of body. I hope this helps.

PS: I got 425cc in left boob and 400cc in right boob silicone duel plane. I love them! My doctor did a great job. I highly recommend him. His staff is awesome! They are very helpful and friendly throughout the entire process.
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:) so good to hear you are happy! My BA is in 2 weeks!! With dr basu too!:) I love the ladies they are awesome an sweet an make you feel comfortable an the ps too!:) wish I could see your results!;) because I'm a little nervous about the surgery but I just need to think positive
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Oh my goodness...I'm so excited for you! Most women find the "waiting 'til surgery" the most difficult part. We will be here to support you during your recovery. Will your husband be able to help you out with the kiddos during your recovery? Be sure to update us as soon as possible! BTW, I had those same pads for my wedding dress too!  :)

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Congrats it's so exciting right !?! I was convinced I wanted to go with my PS after a couple consultations too, only I couldn't schedule surgery sooner due to work. I can't wait, time can't go by fast enough.
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