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Hi ladies I'm 25 about 122lbs 5'3 and I have two...

Hi ladies I'm 25 about 122lbs 5'3 and I have two little girls 6yrs and 10mon. I've been wanting my boobs done since after my first daughter because I lost a lot of volume. (34B) after the second baby my boobs got smaller I measured a 32A and they sagged. My hubby finally agreed to me getting them done and I was super excited up until after the procedure. The dr. And nurse were all so sweet and the whole process/ surgery went well but everything has been so uncomfortable afterwards... My back is KILLING me!!!!! My family tells me to suck it up but I'd like to believe I have a high pain tolerance. I had both of my girls with no epidural. This pain that I am feeling is worse than labor to me. I'm scared that the pain is because I might have gone too big. I got 475cc HP silicone under the muscle. They look a little weird but then again they need to drop and all that good stuff. My dr. recommends no massages and I am 4 days post op and still taking my Vicodin and Valium and to be honest I don't think it does much for me. I feel horrible because I read about other women shopping within three days and I can barely get up. I went out for dinner with my husband today and I couldn't wait to go home so that I could recline on my sofa. Is this normal? Am I just being a big baby? I think I have post boobie blues because I find myself crying and regretting the procedure. Then I read and see pics of other women and get excited again. I don't know what's wrong with me I just pray that everything turns out well for me in the long run and the pain goes away. Not trying to scare anyone but I'd like to see if anyone went through the same.... Worst part is that I don't have friends who have had them done and can compare situations.

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! Hopefully we can provide you with the support you need! Regarding your back pain, this is common. Check with your PS to see if you can get some muscle relaxers. You're right, according to your photos, you have a lot of dropping and fluffing that will gradually take place over the next few weeks. Is someone helping you with your little ones while you're recovery? Take it easy and keep us posted!

Thank you Beth and yes my mother is helping me out a lot. I'm seeing my dr. Tomorrow so hopefully I get good news about my new boobs :)
Ok. So I've tried on tops and you can't really tell that I got them done. :/ wth.... I'm feeling annoyed right now. They look like they always do with my padded bras. The only way you can really tell is if I wear a low cut blouse or a reg. bra..... :/ the only thing I don't reget is the size I got since I went as big as my dr. Recommended.... 475cc My husband says that it's just my insecurity that still won't let me enjoy them..... Sigh

1 week post op :)

Hi ladies so today is day 9 for me and I feel a whole lot better than before. I feel like I have a little more control of my emotions. Dr. Said that narcotics can mess with your head. My back pain has eased off a little but im taking tylenol extra strength twice a day and the muscle relaxer before bed. morning boob has gotten better but still hurts the first 5-10 min of the day. My boobs are still high but I'm noticing that they are fluffing and looking bigger hopefully it just keeps getting better. :) I'm a little bumbed about wearing the sports bra for 6 weeks because there are so many dresses and shirts that I want to buy and wear for the summer but can't because the straps are too big or they are backless...But I can live with that for a little longer. I am only able to move my arms half way up so my husband helps me wash my hair and straighten it. Wearing shirts that don't button up are a little hard to put on but my husband and I have a technique going on already :) I will keep you posted on any changes.

So glad to hear your mom is helping you and that you have a muscle relaxer for at night. My back also hurt terribly during my recovery as it was difficult to find a comfy position to sleep. Take care!

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