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Ok so I am a 33 year old mom of 6, I have never...

Ok so I am a 33 year old mom of 6, I have never had boobies,I wear a 32A but even that has plenty of space in it. I have breastfed all but one of my kids most up until between 1 yr and 18 months. I have wanted them since the min I turned 18 and realized they were not growing. I'm getting 350cc under the muscle silicon and i just can't wait.

Just changed my date, I will be going in this...

Just changed my date, I will be going in this Wednesday, sooo excited. Hubby has to go out of town for the original date so they let me bump it up. YAY ME!!!
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I was planning on going to another Dr but his bedside manner was horrible. I met Dr Steely and new he would be my Dr.

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How much would it have been if it wasn't paid cash?
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How much was your operation? Did you perform a breast lift as well?
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No I didnt get a breast lift. The surgery was 6385 because I paid cash and this is post op day 2 and I haven't experienced any pain yet. Dr Steely is so amazing he told me to expect to be off for at least 4 days but I promise you I have not had one moment of pain since I woke up from my sugery. Although that may be because my left breast is still numb all over.
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Im not sure how to put oics up with my phone but as soon as I figure it out I will.
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Very exciting! Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Here's a list of supplies you might want to consider for recovery.

Will you be posting your before and after photos so we can see your transformation unfold?

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