After Waiting 7 Years...- Houston, TX

I have always had a small chest and have wanted...

I have always had a small chest and have wanted implants since I was 18, I am recently married and my now husband asked that I wait till after we were married to get them... So here I am after a month of marriage I'm getting my boobs! Finally!

Surgery Pushed up to July 5th, which is a Thursday...

Surgery Pushed up to July 5th, which is a Thursday... Slightly worried about post-op! I have to be back at work Monday and am unsure if that will be enough time off, any thoughts?

Less than 2 weeks! Nerves are starting to set in,...

Less than 2 weeks! Nerves are starting to set in, and now more people have found out and I feel judged because of my decision...mi have to remind myself those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter! I went and bought my first sports bra since junior high!! I actually bought two- a large and a medium, I also bout another warm zip up jacket that I can wear day of surgery... I'm trying to find one of those pillows with the back and it looks like it have two little arms, I think that will definitely come in handy! Friday(29th) I go for my pre-opnso I'm hoping my doctor and I are on the same page with size!

Went for my pre-op appointment today...nwent very...

Went for my pre-op appointment today...nwent very well however, I am a little surprised! I originally was thinking in the 325-350 range and the doctor has picked 286 and 304 cc's. I am very confdent in my doctor and trust his opinion, however I was expecting a little bigger! My left breast sits slightly higher than my right and he said in order for him to get the correct width and not emphasize the difference I height I should stay with a moderate implant rather than a high profile and the higher in cc's I go he would have to do a high profile in order to get the correct width! Any thoughts? 6 days til the big day!

5:10 am headed to the hospital! I don't think...

5:10 am headed to the hospital! I don't think that it has really hit me yet, maybe when he's marking me it will set in? I can't wait to be done with surgery so I can have my diet dp!! I don't drink coffee but diet dp is for sure my vice so I have a nice headache.. Ugh! Before I left the house I set everything up but my meds next to the recliner and set my bed up with pillows! I hoping everything goes smoothly with the surgery! Also has anyone read the 50 shades of grey... Just started yesterday and am hooked.. Glad I will have some down time to read! The next time I post I will finally have my boobs... Hopefully!! ;)

Well 1st day with my new boobs.. They're a little...

Well 1st day with my new boobs.. They're a little smaller than expected but 265 cc was the biggest he could fit, hey anything bigger than what i had is better! I am feeling pretty good today just very sore! I stayed in the hospital last night because I was so sick from anesthesia, I threw up till 10 last night and was finally able to keep down jello, sprite and crackers! This morning was the first time I had pain meds since recovery room and when I'm just sitting here I'm comfortable just getting up is uncomfortable, but not unbearable! Can't wait for them to soften and settle in so I can really see what they look like, but overall definitely worth it!

Ten days post-op, overall the whole process has...

Ten days post-op, overall the whole process has been so much easier than I could have imagined! My surgery was on Thursday the 5th and I was able to return to work on Monday, yes I was tender and sore but it was nothing unbearable. I did take the norco at night just to help me sleep because I am not used to sleeping propped up or on my back... Advice to everyone make sure to take a stool softener whether you think you need It or not, that was my mistake and having to deal with that was worse than the surgery itself! I am still wearing the surgical bra and they have me also wearing the strap across the top.. I have tried on a few bathing suit tops and some sports bras and am beyond happy... In reality people will always think they could be bigger but I would rather them look at me and wonder if I have implants rather than 'for sure' 'know' that I do :)

Post-op went great, they said no more strap and I...

Post-op went great, they said no more strap and I can wear a regular bra just no underwire! They look great good to me, I can't wait till they soften a little because they seem a little to firm! Overall I am very happy with my decision and my doctors decision on size!

So I'm a little over 2 weeks post- op and overall...

So I'm a little over 2 weeks post- op and overall feel great... The whole experience has been much easier than I would have ever imagined! I do feel they could maybe be a tad bigger but I think recovery would have been much more diffficult! I tried to ride today(horses) and not sure that I'm ready for that it feels so different having something move around on your chest when you've never had anything! Sorry I haven't posted any pics, they're all on my iPad and for some reason I can't upload pics to sites except when I send an email so if anyone would like to see I will be more than happy to email them! I was sized a 34c at one store and a 32 at another, I've always worn 32 so I'm going to buy some on that size.. I'm also very pleased with e mid profile rather than high profile! They sit so perfectly in the center of my chest instead of my neck... However if I want the. Higher nothing a little push up bra couldn't take care of... I would do this all over again! No regrets what so ever.. My husband actually told me this morning that at first he really wasn't too happy that I did it( even thought he said he was) but he is so happy with the outcome!
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My Dr wouldn't let me ride my horses until I was 6 wks . I hope you are doing ok from it .
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They released me to wear a regular bra and I got fitted as a 32C.. I honetly feel if I was any bigger it would look silly.. People think they look very natural so I'm happy about that!
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So you got 265cc silicone right? How big do you think that's going to be in the end?
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Sorry I thought I had updated but I guess it didn't go through! Everything has been really good, I had my surgery on Thursday the 5th and returned to work that Monday, however Tuesday became really sick wi a possible virus and puked all day... Other than that pain has been very minimal, I didn't even need the pain killers but took them to sleep! I am very happy with the size.. I think people will always want bigger but amine fit my body so perfectly and look so natural could not ask for better! I go back this Tuesday for my postoperative and I'm hoping they wil clear me of the surgical bra and the strap across the top... Which I don't thinking even need theya aren't high at all but I guess that because of the strap! I wore a sports bra out last night and had so many compliments so I can't wait to see them in a regular bra where they're not confined! Other than the nausea after surgery the worst part was the constipation for all the meds, omg that was worse than any of the surgical pain so make sure to take some stool softener... Sorry it's nasty but I didn't listen to everyone because I hadn't had a problem in the past but boy have I paid for it!
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Yay I'm glad your pain has been minimal :) Hey thanks for the heads up on constipation. I have not had that problem EVER so I was like "oh I bet I won't have to worry about that" but if you thought the same way (probably because we have the same bday :P), then I should probably go ahead and be safe than sorry!
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Everything is bigger in Texas now with your new boobs eh!? Haha I hope you are doing well and are recovering fine!
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Hope you are doing well! How are you feeling about this whole thing?
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New boobies !!!! I'm happy your doing ok ! Get a lot of rest !
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Yay you will have your new boobies today ! Soooo happy for u ! Hope all goes great . Can't wait to hear about your surgery !
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Yes get a prescription for nausea medicine to take with pain pills . You might get constipated so you proubly should get something for that I took meralax . Did you get ice packs ? Your going to love your new boobies ! Good luck !!! Let us know how your doing :-) .
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Thank you! Any last minute advice?
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Good luck on your surgery tomorrow !
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Congrats ! You will be so happy . What kind of work do you do ?
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I work for a pediatric dentist, do no lifting kiddos for a while!
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I think going bk on monday is not such a great idea. I had the first 4 days that needed help constantly. Im one week now and could do light house chores and still not went to work yet and i work in an office. Depends on what work you do but you cant lift ur arms and my back hurts. I think you better take few more days.
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I am also going under the muscle, originally I had thought full b small c but I am leaning towards a full c? I have friend that went from an a to a small c/ full b and she is smaller in frame than I am and I don't feel that they look big enough so I'm kind of torn!
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Hey there! We are about the same size! I am also going with silicone under the muscle. Not sure about size yet though. I'm 34A and hoping for full B/small C. Any idea what size you are going with? Keep us all posted. Surgery is less than a month away for you!! Yippee!!! :)
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Congrats! I had my BA/BL on April 3 in Houston. I'm going back for a slight revision in Aug. I'm very excited for you, are you going with saline or silicone?
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I have chosen the silicone, my doctor feels it will be better for me, and my current size.. I'm 5'3 110 and about a 34a on a good day!
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Congratulations! Do you know what sort of implants you're going to choose?

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