almost six month update

Hello to all.... I am thinking about removing my...

Hello to all.... I am thinking about removing my implants after 11-years. I am so glad I found this site, I wouldn't of never considered it otherwise. I was implanted with saline implants over the muscle. I was a nice 34B and despite my request for a small C; I ended up with a D. At the time I had the extra money and didn't really think it through. I was so unhappy right after surgery they were so HUGE and felt like two hard balls inside of me and still do. I am a small lady at 5'3 and 115 at the time so I always felt a little awkward. I got used to them over time and got to like them. I guess we all adjust to changes.... I did consult with my doctor and expressed my concerns but he simply dismissed them. I consulted with other but all assured me I would have terrible results and I would not be happy. This was all back in 2003 -2005.

Here I am 11-years later and my life has changed considerably. I have had two babies and nursed both. I am a super busy and active mom and I feel that my boobs are too huge. I am always trying to wear things that aren't too revealing or show the size of my breast. I was never unhappy with my size. I wish I would have taken the time to think about it.... But I guess we all do thinks we regret in the future.

The reason I started this whole search is due to a burning sensation and pain on my right breast. I figure it is time to replace my 11 year old implants. My doctor tells me I don't have much breast tissue and I will look deflated and flat. He says I should get a lift and smaller implant put in under the muscle. Maybe he is right and I will look horrible but I will never know what could have been unless I try. I have decided to take them out and be free of this bags! I am scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks. I hope The Lord hears my prayers for no complications and good results.....

I will post photos soon.

Surgery is scheduled for first week of Nov. I sure...

Surgery is scheduled for first week of Nov. I sure hope I am doing the right thing.... I am really worried about the outcome being that my implants are over the muscle and how long I have had them. I have posted a couple of photos. Will post more pics after the surgery. Thank you to everyone who has posted on this website it has help me out a lot in making my decision.

Surgery is scheduled for October 24th. I am really...

Surgery is scheduled for October 24th. I am really excited about being natural again! I am concerned however about removal. My ps wants to use local and no drains. I have also read about enbloc and not sure if removing my capsule is necessary to have better results??? So much to think about and consider.

Gosh....I am so nervous!!!! I want to be smaller...

Gosh....I am so nervous!!!! I want to be smaller as I feel very top heavy for my heigh & weight (125 pounds currently and 5'3) but everywhere I look I see women with big perky boobs. Will I miss having them??? I hope not given i have wanted to be smaller for a very long time. I wish there was a way to still have volume with my small breast. :) I guess VS push up bra will be my new BFF. Seven days to go!

Two days to go! As time passes I am more and more...

Two days to go! As time passes I am more and more excited about the prospect of being able to have proportionate breast. I am a little afraid about going local but confident that for me it is the best move given the risk of general anesthesia. I am also having a simple removal not removing the capsule as mine is very thin. I am still afraid of the final results given it will be out of my control or the ps's. it seems that every women's body reacts different to removal just hope mine is forgiving. I am also hopeful to return to my daily activities quickly, I don't have the time to rest. Lol...

The more I think about it.... I wonder why we are not all informed at the time of implantation that we will "NEVER" be the same. Sure we will age, have children, nurse and naturally sag but it is nothing like the damage an implant causes. Risk, cost, etc., should be the first thing our ps's tells us when looking to get bigger breast. I would have gone home and seriously thought about it before going through with it or not, who knows? When you are young one doesn't really think of the consequences. Anyway, I am babbling. The point is, I would love for our younger generation to make better informed decisions when it comes to plastic surgery.

Thank you all ladies, your post and pictures have given me the courage as well as realistic expectations. Hugs & Kisses to all of you very strong beautiful women!

Surgery went well. Fast and little pain. My PS was...

Surgery went well. Fast and little pain. My PS was fantastic. Very understanding and caring. Unfortunately I did not have the results some of you lovely ladies have had. I am so depress.... I am not sure this was the right move???? Sure I was really big but not deformed. :( My breast have caved in and I am now the size of a two-year-old boy, which wouldn't be so bad if I weren't caved in and wrinkle. The top of my breast have a life of their own. I haven't stopped crying but I know I shouldn't be so vain. I know that there's women out there with worst problems and I should feel blessed that I am healthy. The pro is that I feel much lighter. the cons are that My breast will NEVER be the same as before implants. I am simply one of those women that didn't do so well with implants. This has change my life forever.... I simply wish I had know then what I know now...implants are a life time commitment for some of us women. I am not sure I can live with my results. Please don't let this discourage anyone considering implants. Everyone has different results. :) I am not sure I am ready to post pics as I look terrible and this would simply confirm what my eyes are seeing. :(

I meant women considering explantation. The drugs...

I meant women considering explantation. The drugs are still kicking in.

P.S. I had such high hopes for my breast. :(

P.S. I had such high hopes for my breast. :(

Thank you all you fabulous ladies for being so...

Thank you all you fabulous ladies for being so understanding, encouraging and gentle with my feelings. I have not been able to sleep a wink, combination of tummy troubles from when I came home from surgery I was so hungry I must have eaten my whole fridge. Ha! And of course no changes to my appearance. I know it takes time but I feel that I have butcher myself. I don't know what could I have done different???? Should I have removed the capsule? Is there something my doctor needed to do to better my chances? I simply can't see this getting any better. How? The caved in part latterly does not have any tissue it is like the top of my boobie is being eaten by my lower half. :( You can see the deformity through my shirt. I don't even have a way to hide it. Where I live it is hot and humid, jackets are not an option. I am an emotional mess.... BTW, thank you all for the nice comments about my skin. Like you ladies said, the bottom is fine it is simply the empty pocket left that I am terrified of - I feel like A freak show. :( Sorrry I am venting.... I have no one to talk to.

P.s. I looked up that website with MsHayes but I don't see her pic.

I feel much better today. I am no longer crying or...

I feel much better today. I am no longer crying or angry with my decision to explant. I have decided to give my body time to heal before making drastic decisions. I am not liking the recovery period. I was told this would be a simple recovery. At the moment my breast are in a lot of pain and I feel a constant burning weird sensation. I am also very tired and weak. Has anyone experience the weird sensations in their breast after removal?

I am also on a special diet that will help with recovery. I got the idea from the website. It gives you a list of foods that will help with elasticity of your skin. Basically all healthy fruits and veggies. Yum!

As for my breast, to be honest, I have not seen much improvement but will keep waiting for that "fluffing fairy". :)

Thank you all for all your support and kind words! Couldn't do this without you ladies. Hugs & Kisses!

P.S. I will update my photos in a few weeks.

Thank you ladies for giving me hope! I will say...

Thank you ladies for giving me hope! I will say that I am an emotional mess. My breast have improved a tiny bit and I like the feeling of not having implants. However, I miss having an actual bra size and pretty breast. I have the cup size of my former breast but zero volume. My breast are also still caved and seeing myself in the mirror is very hard. I refuse to let my husband see my breast and no longer feel sexy. I feel like damaged goods. I have good days and bad. Today is a bad day.I keep asking myself if this is really what I wanted? I wish I could be less vain and live with my results but I am just not sure I can. I wish I was as brave as other women on this site. you ladies ROCK! I am going to wait at least until after the holidays and I may consider a smaller implant.

I can't stop thinking of how women who have had cancer and breast issues deal with it??? My heart goes out to these ladies. I plan on getting more involved in anything to help Women with breast cancer, research, etc...

Sorry I am not as optimistic. Maybe with time....

P.S. I have very hard lumps under my incision. I sure hope this is normal. :(

To those of you ladies who are having my bra...

To those of you ladies who are having my bra problem. Cup size is perfect but there's not enough breast to fill it. I went to Target and found this bra that fits perfect! I will post the pic. Hugs & kisses!

Today is my third week since my explantation....

Today is my third week since my explantation. Things have changed and continue to change daily. My breast seems to be improving but still have indentations from the implant. My breast are wide but hopefully that will sort itself with time. Overall, I am happy without implants but not sure what I will do in the future. For now, I am going to give my body time to heal. I feel really great in some clothes but others are simply depressing. The bra issue continues to annoy me but I guess it doesn't matter as I have to wear a fitted sports bra for a while. I am doing everything to try to promote breast tissue healing, changed my diet, hydrate, massage and fitted sports bra. I hope that with time and prayers I will not need the small implant. Thank you to all the ladies who have suggested that I wait and who gave me hope, I would have been back at my ps's the next day if it weren't for you all.... Xoxoxo

It has been almost six months and let me tell you...

It has been almost six months and let me tell you ladies it has been an emotional journey but with a light at the end of the tunnel. I have seen my body recover in ways that amaze me. I still to this day feel weird sensations in my breast and know that I am still recovering and have yet more healing to do. I can't wait to see my lovely little breast at the one year mark. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I love not feeling fake. I also like the idea of no more Breast surgeries. I feel healthy and walk with my chin up. I feel more proportionate.

I still have nothing against implants they were simply "not me" at all.

The weird part is that I think implants are out of style. More and more women are opting to embrace their natural gorgeous selves, I admire that!

A Year Later!

It has been a year since my surgery and since my PS told me my breast would stay deflated and he best option would be more implants!
My breast are healing till this day. I have some nipple issues but I had started to see the problem with one nipple while I had implants so I think it has do more with previously nursing. Overall my little C cups are awesome. I am thankful that I went through with the surgery. The skin retracted nicely. I use vitamin E, coconut oil and massage my breast every day. I am also wearing a fitted sports bra to bed every nigh. I currently wear a no wire bra from VC, size 34c. Sure I don't have the volume that I did with implants but my bra does the trick. Overall feeling blessed!
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YOU look gorgeous! Thank you for coming back to remind us that healing really does go on for a year! :-)
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Hello wow you look so good and I'm happy for you ... I'm 7 days post op and hating life but after reading your story I have hope :) thanks and a quick question when did you start massaging your Breast ???
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Thank you so much for sharing your story..... You are looking great!
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Your journey has been amazing. Thank you for sharing. You look great. Amazing how the body heals itself.
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Thanks for the update, you look PERFECT! I can only DREAM for results that good!!!
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Wow, thank God! I am so happy for you! How amazing your body has proven to be!
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Thank you for updating over time! You give me hope I will get back to the way I looked before :) your struggle is helping others like me! :) when did you notice the firmness come back to your breasts? I'm taking a poll lol.
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You look wonderful! I'm scheduled to have my implants and a lift. I'm so very nervous but your post helps so much! What brand of bra is the one in the photo? Also, If you have anymore info on that bra it would be great! I 'm having a hard time finding it. Thank you!
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You look great, do glad things turned out well for you, it gives me hope.
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Wow Flora!  You look great at one year.  I also had terrible concave under the nipple/areola (maybe from nursing and over muscle implants?) and I am still getting better at 7 months.  You look really fantastic, and I thank you for posting your updates they are wonderful! X Luv
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I have bought many of those same bras in many color and found some on sale. I think that is going to be my go to bra once I switch from the more compressive sports bra. Thanks for the update.
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Thank you for updating. Although, your results were initially less than you desired you have come a long way! Your breasts look beautiful and amazing!
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Beautiful result!
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And your breasts look perfect.
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I am very grateful you popped in to update. Now those of use who are about to go under the knife are fully informed about the possible results and can still have high hopes even if the initial results are less than optimal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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I am glad my post was helpful. I went through very tough and challenging days in terms of accepting my appearance. In the end it has been worth the wait. I haven't fully healed as I feel that my body continues to heal from the trauma I have put it through. But with lots of exercise and eating healthy the body heals. Don't ever let one of these docs tell you it can't be done! After all, they are just people. :)
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Congratulations on your one year 'birthday' Flora. Your results are amazing, you look truly beautiful xxx
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I just have to send you a huge 'congratulations!!!' for having faith in your body. Your results are exceptional! I had my explant 4 days ago but wasn't as brave as you, so I had a lift too. You are an example of what can be achieved with patience.
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I was 13 days ago and did the lift also, because I was a wuss and wanted them to immediately look good. Flora, you're amazing and you have the amazing result you deserve. Wow, such courage!
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About to get explant surgery. Happening on Wednesday and your story - and pics - are so inspirational. Thanks for the awesome share.
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Seeing how you come along flora gives me hope I too have wired feelings on my left breast. My first post op is Tuesday.
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Are you still happy?
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Ahhh i am so pleased for you. I checked out your posts and pictures and brought a tear to my truly are an inspiration to all of us . What a transformation your breasts have gone through. We really do under estimate what our bodies are capable of. You look lovely xx thankyou for sharing x
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Flora, You look great! I, too, feel like my natural self and love how I look in clothes I wore a year ago and just felt like I looked fat. Glad you love your natural self. So do I!
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