Implant Removal - Houston, TX

I got 450 saline implants in 2009 because I had...

I got 450 saline implants in 2009 because I had lost my natural big boobs when I lost 20lbs. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I miss my natural boobs, I hate how big these make me look, my husband doesn't like them, I feel like my chest hurts all the time, I get comfortable when I sleep, They don't make pretty bras that fit me... I can go on forever. I want these things out ASAP.

Appointment set!

I just set up my consultation with dr. Todd Adams for implant removal & a tummy tuck! My heart is pounding just thinking about it!

Went to my consult

I walked into my consult today wanting an explant & tummy tuck, I walked out wanting a replacement smaller implant, lift & tummy tuck. Ugh. All totaled up to a whopping 17,300. Now that I'm home I realized that the doc just really talked me into it at the moment & I know I really do just want an explant. I think I'll be setting up a consult with a different doctor soon cause I want to try to explant first & see how they bounce back. The doc was pretty sure that I would not be happy with my results if I just ex planted alone. Now I'm so confused on what to do.
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