51 yr old explanting 23 yr Old SILICONE Implants and Having Breast Lift and lipo - Houston, TX

I got my implants when I was 28. I had breast fed...

I got my implants when I was 28. I had breast fed my son for a year and I got divorced a year later. My tatas looked like deflated, stretched out balloons and I couldn't imagine EVER letting another man see me without a bra. A friend of mine was getting a "boob job" and I decided to get one as well. I got silicone implants just before all the big news stories broke about how silicone implants were causing so many problems and were then taken off the market for several years. My friend had a lot of problems with hers and she was part of the huge lawsuit against the manufacturer (Dow I believe) and she was awarded $300,000. I never had any problems with mine other than the fact that they were heavy and I didn't have a breast lift at that time, so they were definitely not "pert"...

Jump to today and I am 51 and VERY READY to get these things out of my body! They are still heavy and uncomfortable and I have absolutely no desire to have any larger breasts now than whatever my natural tatas turn out to be. I really do want them to be "pert" though, so that's why I decided on the lift. Shortly after i got my implants I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Crohns. I have had constant joint pain in my hips and knees for years regardless of what the doctors try. I am praying that after my explantation my joint pain will go away or at least get better. My husband is completely on board, so I am very lucky in that regard.

So far I have had a consultation with 1 ps and I have appointments with 2 others scheduled over the next few weeks. I was very disappointed by my first consultation because the before and after pics weren't very good and I actually got to see a patient of his that had a breast lift a year ago and I thought they looked terrible (although I refrained from saying anything negative at the time). I won't name names, but this is a ps that I found on realself and he had some good reviews and the pics online looked pretty good. Anyway... onward and upward! I am hoping to have my surgery in January since I have a lot going on over the next few months. I will update after I have my next consultation next week. I love this site and feel such a sisterhood with everyone that has or will go through the explantation process!


Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf! I am sorry about your Crohn's. I know that can be a rough one to deal with.

Here's a list of supplies that might come in handy for your recovery.

Please keep us posted!
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Thanks Angiemcc. Also - thanks for the link to the list of supplies! I definitely find that very helpful! I'm posting a pic of my breasts as they look today with implants. I can't wait to have my explantation and go back to smaller boobies! I was a medium B before and now I'm a D.

Current pics with implants.


Don't settle for the 1st PS you saw - for whatever reason, you didn't connect with him so it's best to keep interviewing other PSs until YOU FEEL you are in the right hands for YOUR body. You said it well - we are a sisterhood here - offering the support that others in society do not understand. Congrats on making the decision to explant - that's the first step in your healing process. I look forward to following your story as we are close in age and have had these toxic bags in our bodies way too long.
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Thanks for the kind words and encouraging comments Happy and Holistic! My next consultation is Tuesday, so I will post an update after my appointment.

2nd Consultation

I had my second consultation today with a very kind and skilled ps. I was able to ask him all the right questions thanks to all the wonderful information I've found on realself from all you lovely ladies.

His fee was quite a bit less than the first ps I consulted with and I definitely felt more confident with this ps, but he DID mention several times that I would probably be happier with my results if I replaced my current implants with smaller ones. I finally got it through his head that I DONT WANT any more implants in my body and that I don't care if my breasts are smaller after the explantation and lift or that the upper pole will probably not be full.

Anyway, he is a definite possibility, but I still have one more ps that I have a consultation with on September 12 that has tons more before and after pics on his site than either of the other two that I've seen, and I'm excited to hear what he has to say.

I think I've also decided to try to schedule my surgery for the first week of November instead of waiting until January because I just really want to get this over with so I'll quit obsessing about it!!:) :) :)


Hi Naturaltatas! I'm not exactly in the same boat as you, but I live in Houston and just had to tell you about the most wonderful PS. A little about me. I'm 63 and just completed my forth procedure. As a massive weight loss patient we knew from the beginning that it would be done in stages over almost two years. I'm also an RN and have worked with a gazillion docs over the years. Well, have to say that Dr. James Boynton is #1in every category possible: skill, bedside manner, artistic ability and very driven to do the best for each patient. And, believe me, I was a challenge! If you have not decided on a board certified PS in Houston yet, please give him a call. I have had an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair and flank lipo, breast maxopexy (lift) with implants, brachioplasty (arm reduction), medial thigh lift, and just had a lateral and posterior thigh lift. He is a miracle worker and also a really really great person. Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the info Kmbaer, but I actually have made a decision. I haven't taken the time to post that yet, but I guess I will now. I'm glad you found a PS that you like so much on all levels.
Thanks so much all of you ladies for your stories and support. I too am older and wiser. Wish I would have left well enough alone. I can't even remember if I was an A cup or B cup! Fist set silicone at age 23 for 20 years...had problems, pain ...they had to scrape silicone from chest wall (the side that wasn't hurting) so it was silent! What did I do? I replaced with saline, I believe 300cc and 325cc, which brought me to a full D some bras DD. Which wasn't what I wanted, too big, am ready to get these things out....would probably need a lift. They just don't feel natural with a weight loss of over 50#. I am 55, 5'2 and weigh 122. Have a straight boy type body. I am scared of what they will look like. Honestly, I look ok now...but I "feel" them every day....do you all know what I mean? So congrats to all you brave women,....
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3rd Consultation

Hi ladies! I finally had my consultation with the 3rd potential PS and I have made a decision. The appointment went well and because of all the info I've gleaned on this site, there were no surprises. There were many factors that went into my decision, but in the end, I'm doing what my gut tells me. This PS does have an opening at the beginning of November, but I still haven't scheduled my surgery yet because I've been a little under the weather and I want to be in excellent health before I make the commitment.

I am still just a little nervous about having surgery 3 weeks before Thanksgiving because I will have to drive 4 hours to see family and I don't want to be uncomfortable (I will also be having some lipo done and will have to be wearing a compression garment).

Anyway - my big personal debate is - 1st week of November (I'd prefer this option because I am SO frickin ready to be done with this!) - or 1st week of January, when I will have plenty of time to heal without worrying about traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas, nor would I have to worry about wearing the compression garment under my clothes during the holidays, which seems like it would be very uncomfortable and possibly visible under clothing.

If anyone has an opinion regarding the healing timeline and holiday travel, as well as the compression garment for lower body, then please let me know! I guess that's about it for now. Happy healing to all of you that recently had your surgeries!


Congrats NaturalTatas on finding a PS you feel comfortable with. I can't address the healing time since I did not have a lift with my explant nor lipo but I was wondering what the Doctor said about the healing time and travelling in a car for 4 hours? I can totally understand your concerns about comfort level and I'm sure the RS ladies will give you info on this. As far as the compression garments and trying to hide them, at least the weather will be cooler thus easy to hide with the right clothes. And should you have it in early November, I would do the bulk of holiday shopping and wrapping prior( if this is a big holiday you celebrate) - Just my two cents. :D
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Thanks H & H! You must LIVE on this website! LOL My PS said that I should be absolutely fine for the 4 hour drive because it should only take about 8 days or so before I feel well enough to travel and I would actually have 3 weeks. I just wanted the opinion of some of the ladies though because they are the ones that are actually healing - not the PS. ;-) Great idea about getting the shopping done early - I've actually already started (great minds think alike!!). You talk about cooler weather, but remember, I live in Texas and more than likely it will be in the 80's or 90's during Thanksgiving - LOL! Being a menopausal woman, I already sweat a lot and very easily, so I'm dreading having to wear an extra layer, but oh well - that's what I'm signing up for! :-/

Finally scheduled my surgery!

Yeeeehawww!!! I am so excited that I finally scheduled my surgery! Monday, November 3rd will be my big day - explanting, breast lift and lipo. My pre- op appointment will be on October 21st which is only 4 weeks away. YAY!!! :-D


So glad to hear this! Must be a huge relief!! Can't wait to hear about your journey.
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Hi naturaltatas, you mentioned your friend was part of the Dow lawsuit. Can you tell me what kind of health issues she was suffering from? I was also part of a lawsuit but they went bankrupt about 6 years ago so there's nothing I can do. I was told by one Attorney that all I could have gotten is an amount to pay for an explant. I would have been happy with that. The main thing is that mine are now out. It's been a week now. I have also had a lot of health issues due to my implants. I liked having boobs. I was a nice c-cup. Though when I relized my implants could be the cause of my migraines, brain fog, weird joint pains, etc. I knew I had to take them out. I did notice a very slight dent in my right boob. When the doctor was taking them out. That one was totally ruptured. If you look at my pictures you will see how bad it was. I was lucky as my capsule was very thick so the silicon was all contained in it (I had silicon implants). Now that they are healing my right boobie is the one that is painful.
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Hi Lisaroxy. I am SO sorry to just now be replying to you question! I guess I missed it in my email updates or something. Anyway, I'm sorry to say that I don't know what kind of problems she was having when she was awarded the $300,000. We used to be best friends growing up, but some things happened and we have been estranged for many many years. I spoke to her about 10 years ago and that's when she told me about the lawsuit, but she didn't go into any detail and I haven't spoken to her since. I know she had silicone implants and I know she got the same kind that I have - the doctor called them "fuzzy" implants because of the textured coating which was supposed to make us less susceptible to capsular contracture. I personally never had capsular contraction and I feel so fortunate for that because I know that "back in the day" the doctors used to literally PUNCH women in the chest to break up the hardness!!! Sounds EXTRAORDINARLY painful!! I HAVE had the symptoms you mentioned - brain fog, joint pain and although I have only ever had 1 migraine, I do have really bad headaches on a regular basis. How are your symptoms now that you've been explanted? You've probably written about it, but I've read SO many postings it's hard to keep everyone's symptoms straight. :-)
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