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I have had saline implants for six years and maybe...

I have had saline implants for six years and maybe liked them for one. I kept telling myself I would like them more if I lost weight, but I just realized I don't like them at all. So ironic since all my life I wanted big boobs. I miss running without two bra's. I hate exercising because I feel men are just watching my breasts. I don't wear revealing clothes because I'm a modest person. My sister and mother tease me because I have these huge breasts that I paid money for, and I don't "show them off" I didn't want them this big, but after two kids, and weight fluctuations they are. I had my consult last week and will be getting them out next friday, I'm not sure I'm done with having children so I'm holding off on a lift. I have a feeling they may point south but I really don't care at this point, I will wear pushup bras! I cannot wait, and I think I'm more excited having them out than keeping them in!

I'm glad you're able to get them out. You'll feel so light and free. Thanks for sharing your story here on RealSelf. Please do let us know how your surgery and recovery go.

Hi, I hope everything goes well for you. My surgery is the day before yours! xx
Hi! Welcome to the forum! We are are familiar with the anxieties that goes along with the "explant" decision, but I can tell you that once its over regardless of what your breast look like you will have a weight lifted off your shoulders! I wish you the very best in your upcoming surgery and may you heal quickly!

Well I go into surgery in the morning and I am...

Well I go into surgery in the morning and I am still really positive about it. I have to say I am surprised how my family and friends have reacted. I think they all are just afraid of the word "surgery" and think I should just leave things alone. However implants do not last forever and unless you have them you know the maintenance required. I know I'm going to feel so much better, but I have to admit I am nervous on how they will end up looking. Whatever happens I know I'm making the right choice for me.
Good luck!! We will be thinking of you! It sounds like you are ready....and when you are'll feel good no matter how they look at the beginning. I am 2 weeks post explant now...and every day gets better (looking :)). But even more importantly..I feel like myself again. I am so excited for you!
So exciting! Is surgery tomorrow? I have only told a handful of people that I will be removing mine. I've had 2 kids, weight changes, and feel like I look FAT because they are so big and sagging. Im getting explanted and capsule removed on 6/20. Make sure you update as the healing happens! Good luck tomorrow!!
Good luck tomorrow!

Well I'm in bed at home proped up and I feel sore...

Well I'm in bed at home proped up and I feel sore but good! I think all the hospital staff are wanting to get the day over because everyone was very efficent! I can tell that my implants are gone because I don't feel that heavyness and I love it! The drains are a drag but hopefully I will only have a few days with them. More later!
Best of luck to you today and wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing your story, please keep us updated on your recovery!
Keeping you in my thoughts today, I am sure all will go well!!
How are you feeling? Lighter I hope! I pray that all went well with your surgery today and that you are resting! Take care new explanter! Ciao

Hey ya! Well I stopped taking my pain meds...

Hey ya! Well I stopped taking my pain meds yesterday and just want these drains out. My breasts look a little droopy and my husband asked would they tighten up, I said I hope so! However I would do it again because I don't feel my implant and I always felt my implants, they were heavy to me. Once I get my drains out I will post a picture.
trulyitsme I am sorry for your loss! I am however very happy that you are doing what you feel is best for you! I will keep you in my prayers! I pray that you will have a speedy recovery! I am 3 weeks post op and happy as a clam to properly fit in my shirts and dresses! Will check on you after your surgery! Best wishes!
Well, after reading all about those of you that have the implants out or are going to..I just wanted to tell all that on Wednesday the 30th of May, I am going to finally have mine removed too.I have had these things in me for 18 years!Yes, you read right. I am sooo excited I can hardly wait to go the store and buy a bra that won't hurt..wear a size blouse that doesn't pop open in the front or isn't just too big for my small frame.Sooo many reasons to be happy.Now, I can go back to sleeping my best sleep ever..on my stomach!No more fighting to get in a comfortable position for a good nights sleep.NO more walking the aisles for hours looking for a dress that will accomodate these huge abnormal looking breasts. I would have had this done several years ago except..that my husband didn't want me to have them removed.Now that he has passed away..sadly..I am doing whats right for me.Soo..I will let repost in a few days to update on the surgery.Sooo glad I found this site! Very encouraging.
So happy for you and so jealous at the same time. I want mine out so badly and for the same reasons you stated. You definitely made the right decision. Please keep us posted on your recovery and new life.

Hello and good morning! I just had my drains out...

Hello and good morning! I just had my drains out and talk about annoying. I think the drains were the worst part of the whole explant surgery for me. As for the girls they are really deflated but honestly I'm so happy that it really does not bother me (yet). I am posting a few pictures and keep in mind that I just had the surgery last Friday. For anyone that is on the fence about explanting without replacement: You feel so much lighter. I feel free from having that foreign feeling, like everything that is supposed to be a part of me is and the implants just didn't fit into my lifestyle. I may do a lift in the future but I know I will not replace my implants ever! Have a great week ladies!
Thank you louloubear, I am surprised on how much tissue I have left I went bra shopping and I'm a D cup but I'm also post baby by six months so I'm hoping to lose weight and be a "B" or "C" cup..I'm also hoping they will perk up just a little, I do not want to have another surgery, I really don't want a lift either, but I'm giving it time!
You're looking great snwbrgrl! Thank-you for keeping us updated :) I'm glad your recovery is going well :)
Hi leann, you look great! good luck with your recovery x

So after about a week I'm seeing improvements. My...

So after about a week I'm seeing improvements. My muscles are sore, but not bad. I stopped all pain meds a few days ago and I wear normal bras. I am a "D" cup now, but I am happy I can shop at a normal bra store and hope as I lose my post baby weight (I had a son six months ago) that I will continue to lose a little more breast tissue. I would be happy with a "B" or "C" cup. Anyway I'm posting a photo to show you what a week later looks like, and I deleted my upside down photos!

Just checking to see how you are doing!  I hope each day is getting better and better! Truly you are you!  Take care! 
Hey Green Temple...I am doing great! No swelling no soreness..just a little bruising on the side that had to be ruptured before extraction.Still have the stitches..will have them removed on Wednesday.I am still in awe at the way in which my doctor was soo skilled at making sure I was not in pain during the procedure with no anesthesia at all, just novacaine. He is surely one of the best plastic surgeons around.I hope you are doing well also.Thanks for asking about me.

I am so happy you are doing well and that you are satisfied with your PS!   Continue to take it easy even though you are not in pain its important to take your time to heal....of course this is from someone who's been a little to busy herself..tehehe  So learn from my mistakes!  Take care!

Sitting in class today it hit me: That feeling of...

Sitting in class today it hit me: That feeling of carrying something was gone, and I started to smile, and I was just happy. I really wanted to share this feeling because for the women out there who are scared to explant, I can tell you for me, it was 100% the right thing to do. I feel a little muscle soreness still but I am telling you ladies, I just feel so free. It is like I carried this weight physically and emotionally and now I'm done with implants, and hating my body.

I'm so glad you're feeling that a weight has been lifted and that this was the right decision for you! That's wonderful.

Can I ask why you chose a different doctor to take them out? My doctor seems irritated with trying to figure out why my implant is hurting me and honestly doesnt know what is wrong for sure. they look fine on teh outside. Before implants I was a 32A and I miss crazy is that?? !! My husband wants me to jsut repair the one side that is bothering me...and I fear he wont be able to look at me after I get them out..but i know he loves me and I think I know deep down i need them out of me. Did your doctor talk about the possibilities of fluid filling the capsule if it is not removed? That is my fear but as I am finding there are doctors who dont want to remove the capsule as it can cause bleeding
Snwbrgrl can I ask you about your experience with Dr. Gill? I have an appointment with him next Wednesday for explantation? I"m also in HOuston located near Baytown and desperately searching for a great doctor soon!

Well it is 5Jul12 and I'm healing pretty good. I...

Well it is 5Jul12 and I'm healing pretty good. I must say the new boobs (boobs without implants that is) are something to get used to! I feel lighter and free of that artificial feeling but the after is a little saggy and just different. I am in a "C" cup and can tell that a "B" cup is in the near future as I lose weight. I will post new pictures in a month or so. Anyway just keeping my journey real and updated for you all!
Hi Real friends, I am so happy to have found this site and have all the advise and support from all you wonderful ladies ot there. I had Breast implants put in when I was 23 after having two beautiful boys and had lost volume and sagging. I am now 39 and a new mom of a 7 month old son. I am breastfeeding my son. My left saline implant ruptured when my son was just over 5 months. I was thankful for this site and when the surgeons told me it was safe to continue to breast feed. I am planning on breastfeeding my son until 10 months and have time to decide what to do. I l unhappy I got them and I hate having something foreign in my body and they never felt good. I told very few people I had implants I was ashamed. I wont to explant them but I am undecided on a lift yet. I am scrared of surgery and how I will take care of a toddler.

Cant wait to hear your thoughts have a great week ladies!

Thanks Dasiy
Hi Daisy! There is a lady on another forum who explanted and then continued with breastfeeding a week later. I wonder if this is an option for you?

Most people seem to have a lift (if they're going to) about 6 months after, because it means you dont have two major surgeries at once and you may find you actually like them as they are after a few months of healing.

I was scared of surgery too...I cried before! Just remember it will be the last time...if you had them replaced you'd be back again in a few years.

You'll probably need some help with your toddler but really the surgery is easier than original implants- most people say this and that was my experience.
Thank you so much for your blog!! I am debating about taking this step and your information helped tremendously!!! THANK YOU! I may even use your dr.
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