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I had my breasts enlarged when I was 21 years old...

I had my breasts enlarged when I was 21 years old almost 5 years ago. I stressed to the doctor that it was very important to me that I would be able to breast feed my children and he assured my that if I got them under the muscle there wouldn't be any problems which is what all plastic surgeons say. Well I had my first baby in July of this year and breastfeeding has been a nightmare! I have suffered from two severe cases of mastitis in each breast with permanent skin discoloration from the infections. I have had to go to some extremes in order to keep the clogged milk ducts at bay. While I was getting over the infections I started pumping because nursing was too painful and now that they are better she won't latch. Luckily I over produce a little so I have been freezing the extra to feed her through 6 months so I can dry up my milk in a couple of weeks in order to have this surgery in January. I know the clogged ducts are caused by the implants because they are large and pushing on the ducts.I also have done some extensive research and about 85% of women who get implants even if they are behind the muscle have problems breastfeeding. If I would have known that I would have never got them. I feel awful that I'm not getting the breastfeeding experience I wanted to have because of this and I want to have at least 2 more kids.

I want to get them out! They are so heavy and my back constantly hurts. I just feel stupid looking with these huge boobies now. They are too big like an E bc I am still pumping right now. I can't even stand up long enough to make my family dinner without my back hurting to the point of having to lay down. I must say they turned out really nice after I got them and served a purpose then because I was a swimsuit model at the time, but now that I am a mom I don't see the point. I was pretty small before an A cup or maybe a little bigger. I am 5'5" and I was 120 before the surgery. I was 130 pre-pregnancy and right now I am about 145 haven't lost all of the baby weight yet due to all the complications. I am hoping for the best I have soft round saline 425cc in the left and 450cc in the right. I wouldn't mind getting a lift if I needed one but I think I want to wait until I'm done having kids because I am just terrified of any more complications with breastfeeding. Is there anyone out there who has a similar age, implant size, etc? I would love to hear how they turned out once they were taken out. I am a little afraid of how saggy they are going to turn out but I'm only 25 so I am hoping my skin bounces back. I will post pictures once my milk drys up and they go back down next month just because my nipples are all jacked up right now because of the pump. I'm not sure what the cost will be yet because my PS won't give me an estimate until he sees me after my milk dries up so the $4,000 is just a guess. thanks for any comments in advance


Hi Newmom, congratulations on your new baby! I remember the breast feeding days... So precious... I never had issues breast feeding but notice both my kids had severe rashes not sure if it could have been related to the implants. I also noticed that my breast shrunk after my last baby but that could be to loss of breast tissue. I guess I will find out Wednesday. You are very young and only one baby I think you will have good results. If I could go back I would have explanted after my first baby six-years-ago when I was under 30. :) believe me it isn't much fun chasing after toddlers with two huge breast. Wishing the best results possible. Xoxo....
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Thank you! Your very sweet:) I'm hoping for the best outcome for you on Wednesday and very thankful for this website and all the ladies who post their stories. I'm really glad I decided to do this now before more kids like you said chasing toddlers around with these honkers sounds awful!
i have 350ccs and i think they are overs and i am only 5'3" 112 lbs! and mine have dropped like a rock in a sock. i am sure you look better. thank you for this story as i want mine out before kids and hearing how awful it is to have them in during pregnancy solidifies my choice.
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Well the more research I do the more I freak out...

Well the more research I do the more I freak out about the technique being used during surgery (en bloc, etc) Also drains and sewing the pocket shut. I don't think my plastic surgeon removes the scar tissue if its thin and I'm not sure yet if he uses drains or not. I would hate to have another surgery to correct something that goes wrong while having the implants taken out. I know I don't need the en bloc since I have smooth saline but since they are under the muscle they say it's hard to remove all the scar tissue. I also read that sometimes you shouldn't have the PS that put them in take them out since they probably aren't as skilled in this. I have been online searching for other plastic surgeons to get info on explantation experience. I even called the hospital to ask for a breast specialist to see if they can refer me to someone with lots of experience in this. I just want to get it right the first time! Wishing I could fast forward to 6 weeks after the surgery like I'm sure all you ladies too. Hoping I don't have to wait too long after I dry my milk up next week and praying its long enough for boobs to adjust back pre-pregnancy to have it in January.


hooters! funny! what you went through sounds horrible! this website is fantastic isn't it! it makes you feel like everything will be okay! did your implants drop like mine, or just your breast tissue over the implant? the worst part is that my boobs have grown naturally, making them so much heavier and saggier, uggg! i have read that doctors don't consider removal after pregnancy until they shrink back down and stabilize. at least you were able to breastfeed, that's a good thing!
I'm not really sure if its the implant or the tissue I haven't seen my PS yet since they want me to wait till my milk has been dried up for a month. I am hoping since I am starting the drying up process next week (I have no more room in my freezer for frozen breast milk) that it will be enough time by January to have the surgery but if I have to wait a couple more months I guess I will have to. I was just hoping that I could have up to a year of shrinking back to normal before we tried for our second baby plus my thought is better to have it done the younger my little one is because when she starts to crawl watch out people! We plan on trying for number 2 in 2014. I'm really excited for your surgery coming up! I'm sure they will turn out great. I think I will post some pictures while breastfeeding and then when I'm all dried up as well so I can see the difference too. Hopefully they will shrink back down a lot in the next few weeks (fingers crossed)

Well looks like I won't be able to have the...

Well looks like I won't be able to have the surgery until late in March early April. 3 to 6 months is the recommended time to wait after your done breastfeeding. I went with 5 months as now that I think about it my boobs probably need that time to recover from the pregnancy and I will most likely (fingers crossed) be back to my pre-pregnancy weight but 10 pounds heavier than when I had my BA. Thanks to all the support on here! Wish I didn't have to wait so long but I'm sure all you ladies will be to the point in March when your so happy with your decisions you can give me some reassuring words as I'm sure it is very hard the first couple of weeks as I have read. Prayers to all recovering! :)


Sorry you have to have the surgery later than you'd hoped. If you haven't already, check out this great post by GreenTemple about her explantation.

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Best of luck to you in April. I'm sure you will have no problem losing weight taking care of your babies. :) I understand how you feel, I have had my saline implants 400cc for 13 years and am getting them deflated on Monday then explant in a couple of months. Enjoy every precious moment with your little ones, they grow up so quick.
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Hey newmom, Bless you! I just read your story, and I can totally relate. Take good care of you, and your new baby girl : )
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Well I successfully weaned without another...

Well I successfully weaned without another infection yay! I can't believe I was keeping up with pumping every 4 hours. Now that I don't have to worry about I can't believe I did that for so long, it was miserable! My poor husband has been a saint, but now we can go out whenever and I don't have to be attached to my breast pump! I finally got my pre-op pictures and I forgot how small I was :/ so I am a little more nervous about the surgery. Luckily I know my boobs aren't an issue for my husband as we starting dating before my surgery and he told me at the time not to get them, but I know he has enjoyed them so there is always that little insecurity that they won't be as happy which is just silly since he is all for me having them taken out. I have found 3 surgeons that I know I will be scheduling appointments with in March and will be doing more research to see if I want to meet with anyone else. I will be posting photos today I would have done it sooner but my husband didn't want me to at first I had to explain to him what this site was really about and no face shoots haha. I will post one more picture before as I will prob have lost some weight currently doing beachbody insanity OMG its so hard! This might also just be in my head but other pictures on this site of 400cc or more that had A cups before look bigger to me than my boobs. Maybe its just me. Now for the waiting game.....


Thanks! I can't believe she is already 4 months old. My husband catches me all the time watching the videos of her when she was a few weeks old haha.

Well I can't even explain how frustrating it is to...

Well I can't even explain how frustrating it is to have to wear 2 sometimes 3 sports bras while working out. If I don't they just bounce around and hurt like 2 ridiculous water balloons (literally). It is getting really annoying having to wait so long to get them out. Every time I look at those pictures I notice my that my left boob is trying to run away or something.. It looks like the implant might have fallen out of underneath the muscle. I don't know I'm just so over these stupid boobs! They get in the way of freaking everything!


I just had my surgery, and wanted to tell you that it went great and I'm sure you will be as happy as me when you get your implants out. I'm so happy to be free! :)
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I'm so happy for you! Your pictures look great and especially at only 3 days post op. I'm getting pretty impatient and about ready to rip these things out myself if you know what I mean. Just a few more months though and I will hopefully feel free too. How is it with the baby? That's my main concern is not being able to pick her up when she wants me to. I hope you have a speedy recovery! :)
Thank you! The last two months have gone so fast, so before you know it, you are lying on the operating table as well:) I think it's harder for me than the baby. I just want to pick her up and cuddle her like before, but I can't. That makes me very sad:( But her father is here all day and she gets all the attention and affection she wants from him, so she seems fine. There have been a couple of times when she wanted to sit on my lap/ being held, but when her father is there to pick her up, she quickly forget. I have cheated a couple of times and dragged her carefully on my lap when she wants attention, and it doesnt hurt, so since I'm carefull I dont think it's dangerous. I think as long as I don't carry her around, it's ok(?). I'm also thinking that its only one week, and tomorrow is already day 4, so its not a long time:) I hope time flies to your operation date! I'm looking forward to an update:)

Well I keep getting emails to update so here goes....

Well I keep getting emails to update so here goes. I still have to wait until April to get my explant. I will be visiting with Dr. Melmed the beginning of March and pretty sure he will be the surgeon to perform as he actually called me personally to discuss my concerns. He also recommended waiting the six months after breastfeeding so that's what I'm doing considering he is the best at what he does. I'm about ready to rip them out myself at this point. My right breast is starting to get what feels like muscle spasms or something. Not really painful but really weird. My back hurts in the left upper part all the time. That is the side my larger implant is on so I'm guessing that contributes to that pain. Trying to get comfortable with a 5 month old in the bed is just a joke at this point. When I lay on my side they hurt and feel like they are sitting on top of each other. If I lay on my back they both fall to the sides. Working out has become uncomfortable as well since I now have to wear 2 sports bras. Its amazing how aware I am of the actual implant inside of me now compared to 3 years ago. Hoping the next couple of months go by pretty quickly and I can put this all behind me and fully enjoy the new me. Sorry its not much of an update.


I had 525 cc smooth saline implants removed after 7 years, a lot of the same issues with them (except i breastfed my kids pre-implant). You can look at my photos, I am thrilled how it turned out! Hope you get some relief soon, you will feel so much better. You're such a good mom, breastfeeding (and pumping) can be so difficult - the fact that you pumped all that time with painful implants is impressive! Best of luck to you :)
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Thank you so much! Your pictures look great! I hope mine will turn out like that. As much as I want them out I am still nervous about the result.
I think not being able to pick her up will be my biggest problem as I remember how awful I felt when I couldn't pick her up when I had mastitis. My husband is able to work from home part of the time too so I think that will help. I just hate this waiting game! They are starting to get a little painful so I hope the time flies by too!

Well I made my consultation appointment to see Dr....

Well I made my consultation appointment to see Dr. Melmed in Dallas for March 15th and my surgery date will be April 12th. I wanted to make the consultation a month in advance so I can discuss all the vitamins and oils I use and if I need to stop them prior to the surgery. I really wanted April 5th but it was booked :/ My breasts are really getting painful and I am afraid i'm getting CC. I also have weird pinching pains if I move certain ways and the weird shocking feeling still comes but not as often. I'm so ready to be done with these things and move on with my life. I have been so tired lately with headaches but I'm sure that's all in my head since they are saline implants. Hope you ladies are doing well.


I wish I had been more informed when I had implants put in-I didn't develop mastitis (was terrified that I might), but did develop let down issues on one side and my then baby wouldn't latch. I figured out a technique that made it work, but not without a great deal of anxiety and additional stress. Breastfeeding was always something that was really important to me, so I was crushed that because of my choice for implants, this became MUCH more difficult. Congrats for sticking it out as long as you did! The more you mess with your breasts (lift), the increased risk for scar tissue, nerve impairment, etc. I would definitely recommend anyone who plans to have more children to wait until they are done. It sounds like your breasts can change even more between pregnancies (mine are definitely softer after the 2nd, but it could also be I'm 40 now!). Best of luck to you!
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hi there, newmom! lucky you, dr. melmed is an explant pro! sorry to hear your breasts are hurting more. mine never hurt with implants, but i was so much more aware of them the closer to surgery i got. wishing you the best of luck and i will be watching for your updates! i posted new pics you might want to check out, since our boobs are similar. x
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I started hating my implants after being pregnant and nursing with them.. They went from already huge to super duper enormous lol. I'm so thankful I was able to nurse 3 kids with these things, I didn't realize the issue some women had nursing with implants :( though my only bout of mastitis was with implants (never had it with my kids I nursed prior to implants). Anyways, Melmed is an explant pro and he does the internal lift so that will be great! You are in good hands! I'll be explanting around the same time as you, I'm hoping for march during my spring break but I don't know yet, waiting for tax refund to schedule lol. I'll follow your story, good luck! Oh and I think your pre-implant boobies are beautiful! Have no worries!
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Had them out yesterday. I feel great and got a...

Had them out yesterday. I feel great and got a little peek when he took my Drains out this morning and was shocked how great they look and how much tissue I have. I'm so glad I made the drive to Dallas with dr. Melmed. He was great and everybody at the surgery center too! I'm on my way home and with take pictures and post in the next couple of days. So glad I did this and never have to look back again.


Thanks so much for your updates! Glad to hear you're on the other side and feeling good about your decision.

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Right on, girl! See, more tissue than you thought! It's impossible to tell how much is in there with those implants. You disappeared for a bit, but glad to hear you were able to make it happen! :-) Happy healing and looking forward to your updates!
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Thank u

I added some photos. Still very pleased with the...

I added some photos. Still very pleased with the result and looks like they will improve even more. The left boob is bigger than the right but they were like that before the surgery and doesn't really bother me. The only thing that bothers me is when I take a shower the little heart stickers get wet and then I can see my stitches. I know that they will go away but I just get sad seeing what I have done to my body. All in all I am so happy with my decision!


What a great result! You look fab!!! They'll get even better too! x
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Hey, wow you look great already! And things are going to get better and better too! Love the heart tape! Thanks v much for sharing. You've given me hope. Take care and have a lovely weekend x
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You look great. So happy for you!
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Here is 2 weeks not much change but I will be...

Here is 2 weeks not much change but I will be taking a picture weekly till 6 weeks. Going to start massaging this weekend to see if anything changes.


I'd love to see how you are doing, I'm considering Dr Melmed as well, and I'm hoping to have some boob left. :/ you look great :)
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I'm doing great will post a pic at 12 weeks I just responded to your private message :)
Hey, great to heat from you. You look amazing! I'm over the moon for you! I hope I have some boob left, just something to sqaush together hehe. Keep us posted :o) x
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3 months post op

I am very happy with the size and shape of my breasts however I am very upset right now with the scars on my nipples. The right side is caving in. I sent a photo to my surgeon and he said to massage every day which I have been doing and to check back with him in September. He said it will most likely flatten out but if it doesn't he will fix it.I don't know what "fix it" means but I in no way want to have another surgery ever. I am also upset that I let him convince me to let him take them out through the nipple when I still want to breast feed. He assured me all his other patients could still breast feed even though he took them out through the nipple. I am really hoping this will be the case with me but why give me even more scars? I have talk to some women that had no problem with breast feeding after having them out through the nipple but I am still very scared about it. We are going to start trying soon for the second one and I terrified I made the wrong decision in trusting another plastic surgeon. I am trying to be patient Really hope these scars flatten and fade soon I get upset every time I see them.


Hi Newmom87, I'm explanting with Dr. Melmed on sept 16th. After reading your review are you still not happy with your scarring? Do you feel the surgeon did a good job? I would like to have more children too and he told me I would to be able to breast feed. Why are you having seconds thoughts on that? Sorry, you just got me a little nervous now.
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I am not very happy with the scarring still. I massage them everyday and they have softened a little. I wish I would have pushed to have them out through the previous underneath scar. I'm not sure if that would have affected the outcome of the shape or not. I know he can do it that way. I have seen women on here that he took it out that way. He also assured me I will be able to breastfeed. I'm am praying he is correct as I am now 6 weeks pregnant. I am accepting the scars as I know I can't go back now. He said he would fix them for me but I don't want to do anymore surgeries until I know if I can breastfeed or not. If I can I won't touch them until I am done having kids and hopefully by then I won't even notice the scars. If I can't breastfeed in April I will consider having them "fixed" If they still bother me. I really don't want to have any more surgeries. I'm trying really hard to realize that I made the best decision but if I can't breastfeed I will be absolutely devastated. I know there is nothing wrong with formula since I was a formula baby but that is something that has been very important to me. No since in getting upset until I know for sure. For Dr. Melmed he is great. I think that he did an amazing job on the shape of my breast. I could not be happier with that. I'm thinking maybe I just scarred funny since I have seen pictures of other women who had no noticeable scars at all. My regret is that I'm more worried about breastfeeding at this point. Seems silly to go through the nipple and risk that now that I'm on the other side. I would call him and ask him to explain how he won't impact the milk ducts. I wish I would have done that but everything went by so fast and its a huge decision I looked over a lot of questions during the consultation. The excitement from having them out probably clouded my too. I think if he would have explained the technical part to me I would feel better. Or maybe to talk to patients who have successfully breastfeed afterwards. I don't want to scare you just want to let you know my thoughts. As for having the implants out I love it. Its so wonderful to sleep on my stomach and have no back pain. My memory problems have gotten so much better. Anyway I feel like I have rambled for an hour (haha) Let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to help! :)
I think you look fantastic! I can relate to being upset about scars, but at least yours are in the proper place! :-) I think since you are only 3 months out that you are still far from your end result as far as scarring goes. I put pics up of my scar progress and one of mine was pretty disgusting, but you can see how much better it is now at 6.5 months. I think your areolas look really pretty- the lift took out the discoloration from the pump/mastitis. As far as being upset about areola incisions and breastfeeding, try not to get upset at something that hasn't proven to be a problem yet. One of the ladies on here had a full lift followed by implants and she was still able to breastfeed 3 or 4 kids afterwards. Doesn't it just feel so much better to have those heavy, awful things gone?! :-)
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One year check in

I'm over a year after explant and 26 weeks pregnant so they have filled out nicely. Left is a lot bigger than right but that is ok. My left produced more milk than my right when I was breastfeeding my daughter so I'm hoping this is a good sign. Will let y'all know if I'm able to breastfeed successfully this August.


Did you have more problems with the stitching up around the nipple then when you had them put in? I did, it's been about a year and they're still pulled in like that. What upset me the most was the fact they cut muscles when they put the implants in and I didn't know that so now if I flex my chest muscles at all they look really weird. I think yours look great now, you have more now than you did before the implants. I do too, just wish they didn't cut the muscles.
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I didn't have mine put in through the nipple only taken out that way do it was an extra scar I didn't want. As far as flexing I'm too scared to do any chest exercises at all but yes they look funny when I flex however I never looked to see what they looked like before I got the implants when I flexed haha. I also don't know if they cut my muscle or not. Sure they did but I never asked. I'm pregnant now and so they have filled out a lot and the pulling in is not nearly as bad. Hoping it doesn't come back once baby gets here.
Well, you look great. And I know I feel so free now that I'm rid of those DD's. I'm 5'4" and weigh about 117 and it was hard to carry those things around. And they have so many cute clothes that look so much better now that I'm smaller. It was a great decision!

Had baby

Well for those who were curious about being able to breast feed after explant with dr Melmed since he take them out thought the nipple. I am breastfeeding successfully. I'm a little over 2 weeks pp and little guy is gaining like crazy so I'm producing plenty of milk. Also haven't had mastitis yet. I got it right at 2 weeks with my daughter.


Congratulation & I'm So pleased for you - plus you look great xx
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Congrats on a successful transition from explant to breastfeeding your sweet new baby son! What a gift you're giving him!! Best wishes to you and your family.
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