58 and Implant Free -Houston, TX

I will update this again. I've had my story erased...

I will update this again. I've had my story erased twice by trying to post photos so bear with me! Short: I was 34B, had kids, nursed, had a life in my 30s. Husband #1 left with younger woman so had a moment of panic and had 225 cc saline "unders" in my early 40s. What a mistake. I gained a few lbs and became a 34DD. I found a PS to take them out under local as I think general anesthesia is hard on an older brain! I'm 2 days out and happy! I don't have "before" pictures as I didn't think of it. But I have to post after ones to thank all of you brave women for sharing!

I had only the local, and I was in no pain, and...

I had only the local, and I was in no pain, and even drove myself home. I did feel pressure and tugging. I think I knew I could remain calm as I delivered all my children (including twins) during the "natural is best" phase of childbirth, so I did not have an epidural. I figured I could do this, and I am a calm person. I was fine, and no pain. I got my pain prescription filled on the way home, and I took it before the local was completely worn off.

I think it hurts more now, in some ways, that it did the first 48 hours. Perhaps because I am doing too much, like ordinary loading/unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry etc. or else it is just the typical "3rd day after (any) surgery" that they say is the worst. If so, it is a breeze in comparison to getting them in!!

You guys are the BEST! TY for your words of encouragement. It is SO nice to be soft and squishy again. I am at 34B and wearing a tank top with my sports bra, and don't look like an old lady trying to show off her boobs. I look like a nice middle aged woman who takes care of herself!

Wow I knew I posted too fast. LOOK gals, in my...

Wow I knew I posted too fast. LOOK gals, in my 30s after nursing my kids(and being 36E) I had a breast lift. LIFT only and No implants! I was never the really "high and cleavage" kind, even when young, so yes I am SO happy that the implants, while they made me a little saggy, did not put me back to where I was after having/nursing kids, and before the lift. I could hold pencils under my 34B boobs then. How DUMB I was to have the implants!
I am happy with my results now, and if the "fluffing fairy" comes and puts a little on the top I would be so thrilled, If not, I am still happy. I can't thank you enough for your comments. I was a little afraid for my husband to see them as they were very full on the "top" before (that and under my armpits when I laid down!), but he sees them as better than before as they are so soft. I can't thank all enough! You are amazing women, and I feel like my "RealSelf" again. Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You are lovely, inside and out.

You were so brave to have the 'local', not sure I could do that. I am 59 and have had the fake boobs since I was 27. Going into my 60's with them is silly and I want to be myself again, flat and free! Thanks for posting your story, it has me psyched to have the implants removed and now, since I am going in for a diagnostic mammogram soon, I may have to have them removed anyway.
Yours are old like mine....when I was 60, the mammo gal said they looked 'fuzzy', but ok....she said they get that way when they're old....I've always been concerned that mammos on old implants can burst them, that I've gotten thermograms since then instead of mammos. Good you're thinking of explantation....my countdown is 75 more days 'til my "flat & free' day, as you say! Good luck.

I didn't have a "before" but took a picture of my...

I didn't have a "before" but took a picture of my doctor' "before" photo. I also took a picture of my doctor's "after" at one week. It doesn't show as well from this shot, but I looked a lot bigger "before" in clothes. I wanted to update to thank all of you for lending me your courage ! So glad I did it. I will update in a month or so. At this time they look the same as at one week.
Oh, I wanted to share, also, that I went through 2 days of "did I do the right thing?" as I still look so flat with my sports bras on. While it felt very real and uncomfortable at the time, that went away pretty quickly. I am really happy and bought myself two fun colored bras that I can begin wearing soon!

You look fabulous! I am inspired to go through with it. Thank you for sharing.

Were your implants above or below the muscle? Obviosly the 'lift' you had earlier helped with the shape of your breasts after the implants were removed as you look great! I never had enough breast fat to 'lift' after 2 kids and breastfeeding, as I was a 32AA and went to a 34D during pregnancy. I wish you all the best! Thanks for your post.
under the muscle and thank you. No regrets and I give real hugs again!
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