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Im 5'2, 107 lbs and barely an A cup. Not even....

Im 5'2, 107 lbs and barely an A cup. Not even. Ive always wanted bigger boobs but never really gave implants a thought. I did however waste $100 bucks on herbal boob growers thinking that JUST MAYBE a miracle would occur. NOPE! Believe me, Ive been desperate.. So then I started thinking..."maybe implants arent such a bad idea".

I did my research and scheduled my consultation with the Doctor. I found a wonderful Female doctor here in Houston and so far she has been fabulous! We picked the surgery date (Its scheduled for March 21st) and discussed sizes. I am going with 325cc Silicone Gel under the muscle. She's going to make the incision at the crease under the breast. I am SOOOO excited for this. ALTHOUGH I MUST SAY I AM SCARED! I have never had any kind of surgery (besides my wisdom teeth being taken out) and I am very nervous about being put out for it. I know it will be fine but....Its a surgery.

Anyway, I am super excited and cant wait to be able to put on a regular bra and actually look semi decent in a swim suit! Well I will post again later. I have my pre-op appointment on the 7th. :) :) :) :) Thanks to all the other woman who have had this done and have shared their stories!

The closer we get to the 21st the more excited I...

The closer we get to the 21st the more excited I am. :) Ive been going through the normal anxieties I suppose. ("what if the results are terrible?" "what if I go too small?" "what if I go too BIG?" etc) And of course still just nervous about the surgery itself. But I know it will be ok. :) Dealing with pms issues along with the worry, you know how terrible that can be. I know I will be happy in the end though. I noticed the comment below about loving yourself as who you are.. Well of course I love myself, thats why Im getting this done. :) ha. I totally understand what "anondude" means and I do agree. But again, I am not doing this for anyone but myself and I know I will be happy with it. I do love my body, but I want bigger boobs to fill out my bras and clothes. Simple. If you were born without one leg and you had the opportunity to get a prosthetic leg, would you not do it? I think a lot of us would. But it would be up to you. Maybe that was a silly comparison but.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can make their own decisions. Anyway its late and I am probably rambling on about nothing now. :) Pre-op is this Wednesday :) Exciting!

My pre-op appointment was today, its getting more...

My pre-op appointment was today, its getting more real every day! Got one of my surgical bras to wear right after surgery and they gave me some scar cream to use along with a huge packet of do's and dont's before and after the surgery date. (whew scary) Also did the "before" photos today. (Awkkwaaarrrrddd) This is definitely happening! :) woo

Yep, another day closer and another post! Haha,...

Yep, another day closer and another post! Haha, but I am so excited its ridiculous. I picked up the Jcpenny front zip bra that has been mentioned and it seems like it will be good. It was a little difficult picking out the size just because they didnt have a 32 and thats what my band size is. Sooo, hopefully it will work fine, Im sure it will. Funny trying it on, its so empty right now. Ha. Soon to change! :) I also ordered a memory foam wedge pillow, I hope that helps with the whole sleeping arrangement. Im not looking forward to that because I am an everywhere sleeper. Anyway, hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Its extremely humid here in Houston with a hot rain. Eh.

Well we're getting closer :) I have been trying to...

Well we're getting closer :) I have been trying to work as much as I can since I will be out for a while. Pretty exhausting. Even though Ill be recovering, Im looking forward to just doing nothing for a bit. Heh. Even though I am still very very excited, I have been more anxious and worried about all this. I have found myself questioning everything. Everyyyyythinngggg.. All the reviews on here have really helped though. This site has really proved to be a source of comfort. You ladies sharing your feelings and stories with everyone has been amazing, thank you for the comfort of knowing that I have not lost my mind (ha) and for keeping all of us updated on your progress, giving us newbies an idea of what to expect. Its been a tremendous help :) Well off to bed, good luck ladies :)

Today has been so mixed with emotions. What is...

Today has been so mixed with emotions. What is going on with me? Hah, the closer I get to my surgery date the more nervous I am. I was literally weak at the knees while thinking about it today. Yet I am still so excited. I just wish it was over and done with already. Also I am scared to death that I may be getting sick.... uuuggghhh pleeeeeaaaaase noooo. If I am I will have to reschedule the whole thing. Im hoping that its just allergies. Yep, thats what Im gonna go with. Allergies. This time next week Im going to be checking out my new and improved boobs. ;)

I have a cold.......... :( :( :(...

I have a cold.......... :( :( :( plleeeeeeeaaaaaaase let me get better by Wednesday :( :( :(

Well ladies tomorrow is the big day. :) As long as...

Well ladies tomorrow is the big day. :) As long as I dont have a fever then everything will go as planned. I woke up this morning and had one for a while but am feeling much better now. I plan on keeping it that way!!! ;) Haha. If worse comes to worse then we will just have to reschedule. But ughhh.. The waiting is terrible. Anyway, if everything goes as planned (which it should) I will be going in at 6am tomorrow. (so earlllyyyy) I picked up some soups and crackers today and some ginger ale...thinking maybe that will help with nausea. I am super excited :) but very nervous at the same time. Im sure I'll be saying that it was silly of me to be so nervous just like all the other ladies have said haha, But until then Im just trying to keep my mind calm. :) I keep thinking about swimsuit shopping ;) Im going to a beach wedding in Florida the end of April. Hopefully I'll look semi normal for that. ;) haha Anywho I will update soon! Have a great night ladies. :)

Hello everyone, doing good over here. Been in and...

Hello everyone, doing good over here. Been in and out of sleep all day. Curious to see if Im going to be able to sleep much tonight. When I first got home this morning I was sore but I have gotten much more sore, I took 1 Vicodin to see if I could get away with only taking 1. Helped but not much. Decided to take 2 the next time around and it helped but... bleh made me a grouchy old lady haha. I just finally ate a sandwich and feel much better. My breasts are extremely tight and my shoulders keep wanting to go forward towards my chest. Im trying to keep my posture straight. Definitely more swollen than earlier as well. I have a surgical bra on and an ace bandage that I get to take off tomorrow. I posted some pictures and while I was looking at them I had so many mixed emotions. I am so happy I got this done but at the same time I really hope I didnt go too small... I actually started crying at one point but I know it just has to be from all the medicines going through my body. I think the size is going to be great for my body and my surgeon said they are going to look great and natural. And after all that is what I wanted. I just need to get through these first couple days. I also need to learn patience. heh. After I took the 2 Vicodins it made me so irritable, lol I dont know why. Feeling much better now though. Thank goodness. Well back to Netflix I go. ;) Again thank you all for your comments! :)

Oh and I forgot to mention, I havent had any...

Oh and I forgot to mention, I havent had any nausea problems which I am very thankful for!

Finally I am able to update! Things have been...

Finally I am able to update! Things have been pretty rough honestly. My anti biotics were giving me trouble but I'm good now. Very sore today but really don't want to take any more pain meds. My right side has been bothering me more than the left. The right muscle keeps spazzing and it feels like its grabbing the implant, so I feel like i constantly have to hold it. It's strange. I have Valium which may help but I really don't want to take any more than I have to. The past few days have been a big blur. But anyway, they are still very tight, hard and high. I've been very emotional and not sure if it just because of the medicines I had been taking or if it's just pms or what but ugh. Want it to be over. Hah. I've had a very hard time sleeping on my back because of the muscle pain. I also have this sharp needle like burning sensation near my right armpit. Comes and goes so not sure if that's just nerves or muscles stretching but wowzee ha. I know im going to be happy when everything is over, and honestly I am happy. It's so weird, but I just seem to be having a hard time right now. They look so funky that it makes me panic and think oh my gosh what if they don't change :( lol I need to calm down. I'm sorry for getting on here and going off like this and being such a negative nancy, I just need to snap out of it. I hope everyone is doing well and I will post more pics as soon as I can.

I need patience!!!! lol

I need patience!!!! lol

Well we're at day 8 post op. things are going...

Well we're at day 8 post op. things are going well, no more pain just occasional aching in my side boob area. I'm hoping that's from the area stretching and them dropping into place. My right breast has dropped a bit, creating a little bit of an actual side boob but my left is being quite stubborn it seems. Haha time will bring it down. Until then I am stuck with awkward looking breasts haha. But I'm do glad to have done this, now instead of being all padding from a superdy duper push up bra, it's me :) I have been dealing with some odd feelings post op and not really sure what it is from. But the most disturbing of these feelings is this overwhelming depression, and its not even about my breasts or my surgery or anything, I honestly don't even know the cause, or what's making me feel so depressed. It's kind of scary but im just going to give it time. Has anyone else experienced this after surgery? Other than that I am great. Still sleeping on my back but definitely sleeping better than I had been. :) tomorrow is my first post op appointment so I'll update after that. Can't wait for my girls to drop, it's very exciting :) I tried on a couple new swim suits and was very excited to see myself filling out these tops that I never ever could have before :) I hope all you ladies are doing well :) talk to you soon

Had my post op appointment today and everything...

Had my post op appointment today and everything looks great (so she says!) ha. They still look funky to me but I have been given the "okay" to massage them and I know it just takes time. I am feeling 100% better than even yesterday! I am finally off ALL medications and I honestly believe that was the cause of A LOT of the feelings I was having. Ive never been one to take lots of medicines and I just dont think Im used to it.... or something. :) But Im so happy to be back to normal. I know, im sure I sound crazy, one minute down in the dumps and the next jumping for joy. ;) But anyway, she said everything looks good for 9 days out. Im glad I got that reassurance from her. Have to wear the compression bras for another 2 weeks.. I dont like them but I dont mind. Also have another appointment with her in 2 weeks. Im sure time will fly. Especially after going back to work. I took off 2 weeks for this and am soooo glad I did. My first day back will be Thursday. I have a very hands on, somewhat physically demanding job, so not really looking forward to that. But Im sure Ill be fine. After she said to start massaging I really got to it, been massaging quite a bit today, maybe a little too much, been very very sore today. Guess I need to slow down a little. Haha. Other than that everythings okie doke. Hope everyones doing well out there with their recoveries! OH and the OFFICIAL info for my implants:
Natrelle style 20 325cc

Hello everyone! Its been a long time since I have...

Hello everyone! Its been a long time since I have updated. I am officially on my 25th day post op. Everything seems to be going well. Feeling great! I have been back at work for a little over a week and have been a little worried about how much physical work I have been doing, but I think everything is ok. (have to lift a bit and what not....) I woke up extremely sore today but I think thats just because I worked alot the past 2 days. I am in a regular bra now, except my Doctor still wants me to be in a sports bra at night. Im so happy to be in a regular bra! So much easier picking out outfits now :) I went to victorias secret to try on a few when I was looking for a new bra and when I tried on a 32C (thinking I would probably be that) I was busting out of it! I ended up getting a 32D and it fits perfect. I know a 32 D is going to be smaller than any other D cup but it definitely made me smile to have to go to a bigger cup size! Ive never had a bra be too small for me. haha :) My breasts are still high but they are definitely dropping and getting softer every day. (I can push them together and can move them now!) I have been massaging downward like crazy. lol I am loving my new girls! I feel so much more confident in shirts than I ever have. I love it. I fit in all my old clothes but everything looks so much better. :) This sounds funny but they are starting to bounce a bit when I walk fast lol, so Im not quite used to that yet. I have been having a little bit of pain in the inside part of my right breast, like in the cleavage line. I dont really know what that is from but most likely just because Ive been more active. I have been sleeping on my side for part of the night, I try not to just because Im not sure if Im supposed to be doing that yet but sleeping on my back has been a nightmare. I started taking melatonin before bed and that has helped me stay asleep. Back pain has been an issue. And this is kind of strange but since my surgery any time I sweat I sweat a ton....? Haha I dont know what is going on but I had to buy clinical strength deodorant today because its just embarrassing! lol But anyway, I am verrrrryyyyyy very happy with my results, sometimes I do wish I would have gone a TAD bit bigger but I am still beyond thrilled to have my new ladies. :) I am so happy I did this. I used to wear super heavy padded bras and still look small up top. Now Im in a regular bra and its me! NO PADDING!!!! :) lol Anyway, I hope all you ladies are doing well! I feel like I havent been on here in ages. Thats another thing, I dont know why but it feels like my surgery was a year ago! It hasnt even been a month yet! When I was giving my implant info in my last post I forgot to say they are high profile. Well ladies, I will keep you updated on my progress and post more pics soon! Have a great night everyone!

Sorry! I went a little picture crazy!! :) And...

Sorry! I went a little picture crazy!! :) And yeah, my right side is dropping much quicker than my left for some odd reason. I would think it would be the opposite since I am right handed and would think that side would be tighter....? Hmmm...
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Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your story with us :) they look amazing!!! My surgery date is coming up next month. I have similar stats so hopefully mine will b just as great ;p
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You look great!
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It's nice to hear that you are doing well!  I too am right handed and my right breast dropped much more quickly than my left.
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Im so happy to see that eventhough you went through a rough patch you are happy! You look amazing btw. :)
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You look AWESOME!!
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Thank you!! I am really excited they are getting more normal looking :) :) :)
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Thanks ladies, I am feeling so much better :)
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You look great and as the girls have mentioned depression is very normal after your BA. I am just one week post op now and I seem to be getting out off my rut. A walk or just getting a little sunlight helps tons. Hang in there.
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I too had depression after BA. It is quite common after surgery, so don't worry .What is happening to you is normal. It will pass, I promise! Distraction works well - maybe watch a movie, read a book or whatever other thing you like to do. What would work even better is a light walk. I can almost guarantee you will feel better afterward.
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Hi Nichole,
Just read your update and wanted to assure you that depression after the surgery has happened to quite a few girls. (I havent had my BA yet, so noexperience here with it yet) I think one of them said it lasted about 4 days or so? I may not be recalling correctly. Just hang in there, I am sure it will go away and you'll feel good again soon. Hugs!
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already looking good! congrats girl!
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Thank you for sharing your journey on here! :) I'm having my BA next Wednesday and am starting to go through that freak-out moment like you mentioned.. But just thought I'd tell you that you look great and I can't wait to see how they look in another week or two!
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Hi Nicole27, I've been reading your post and from what I'm seen you are a trooper, I'm consider BA also but a bit scared, you look wonderful, I've done my consult just the next big step, yeah for you!
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You are looking great!Congrats!!how much cc's you ending having? keep posting pics!!
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You're looking great! Much patience is needed after BA. My breasts were scary looking right after surgery. I almost cried! They were swollen and kinda funky shaped and my left nipple was facing downward. They started to look better after maybe a week? I'm a little over 3 weeks post-op now and they get better looking everyday. Hang in there! I hope you feel better soon :-)
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Hey Nancy,
Thanks for being real about your update! I think it's better not to sugarcoat or hide the negative aspects of going through the surgery so that way if someone else gets the same way they will know that they are not alone and will know that it is actually pretty common!
So thanks for being honest!
Congratulations on your new girls, I am looking forward to hearing about your progress~
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Hang in there! I'm sure you'll be happy with the end results. Keep us posted :0)
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Hi congratulations on ur procedure!! After The procedure I did feel somewhat emotional a few times, but i think it is the meds. I think 350 r going to look great on u. Just rest and try Not to move ur arms if u don't have to, I think i over did these past couple of weeks and still feeling sore, but I'm going to take it easy Till I'm completely healed. I keep forgetting I had surgury and have implants sitting on my chest..lol
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Yay! It's all over and done with! Can't wait to see more pictures and read more updates :-)
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Congrats!!! And get some rest...the first day is full of emotions period...you will go thru a phase of second guessing yourself on size but in the end you will realize you chose the right size that fit your body! Take care!!
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Hello there! had to comment as soon as I saw you updated! Hope you are having a good recovery take it easy :)
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Thank you!
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So happy for you.!! I hope you get to feeling better soon. ; )
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Thank youuuu, it really does feel like an elephant sitting on my chest ha
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