Want Breast Implants, but I'm Kinda Nervous About It...- Houston, TX

I'm 19, have had a child, and really want breast...

I'm 19, have had a child, and really want breast implants because when i was pregnant my breasts grew from 34B, to 34D, and the size remained a while after having her...the rest of my body went back before the breasts so I thought I looked better with the bigger breasts, and hoped they'd stay....they didn't...now my breasts are even smaller. :( so I want implants to get the hour glass shape i had back...mother nature is a tease! D: the only problem is...i'm scared of surgery...i have the money to do it, just kinda...worried about being out and not knowing what's going on...has anyone else had that problem? and i'm scared of them not looking good, or having complications, but i heard going just 2 cup sizes is the best thing to do, and i only wanna be a D, if that.


Oh...& I'm scared of waking up during surgery...that would suck.
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Violet, your fear is EXACTLY what i feel! I've had surgery once, and the not knowing SCARED THE CRAP out of me, i didn't know how long i was out, i didn't dream, Nothing! so going under scares me, the surgery was supposed to be 1 hour, and it took like 3- so i am weary of it, but damn i miss my big boobies!
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            wow! your breast were pretty big after having your baby: no wonder you want to keep them that way: they look great! mine never got really big while i was pregnant with my daughter: i only got a little bigger than what i originally had! i know how you feel i just had revision surgery and i was terrified that i wouldnt wak up from it: because i feared something might go wrong: i never feared surgery before but now that i have my daughter i had to look out for her! im thankful everything turned out well for me: its perfectly normal to feel nervous and have fears and doubts: 
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People are mean sometimes.

So i've thought about what i want my results to be like, so i got a good idea of what i want out of this...I want them to look natural, but big, not too big like a stripper though...my boyfriend dislikes the whole idea but he knows i'm doing it anyway, he says he hates the attention i draw as i am, having bigger boobs will make it worse...it's not about attention, or how OTHER people think of me though, it's to make me feel better, so i don't have to feel self conscious in a bikini, so i don't need a push up bra/bikini to feel like i look like a woman, and not a kid...I hate when people ASSUME everyone who gets implants is some kinda attention whore, or some kind of slut, or something...funny how most people who say that WERE BORN WITH BIG BREASTS so they dunno how I feel. :/ my boyfriend used to look at porn those girls had implants, he doesnt anymore cuz he saw it upset me...or at least he hides it better idk...anyway... i'm hell bent on getting them because I want to feel more like a grown woman, like i look good in my clothes without some special bra or whatever...still scared though...and need to start looking for good surgeons around me. maybe then my anxiety will go away...idk


Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. It's great to see all the support and feedback you are getting from the community. Here is a list of important questions to ask the doctors during your upcoming consults. Be sure to bring your inspirational boob photos to your consults. This link will give you some basic knowledge about different breast implant options. Looking forward to your updates!

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how much does moliver charge you think? Idk if I can get silicone implants, you have to be 22 or sign some waiver i think...not all surgeons will do the waiver...i need one who will...or it's saline for me. D:
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I wasnt 22 when he did them on me O_O;;; maybe I signed somthing or was so close to 22... I dont know. But ether way, he did 2 revision surgerys on me... his a perfectionist I dont think he is very expensive for a regular BA ether.

Online consultaation 1!

So I've done a consultation online with Dr.Patronella, his coordinator Eva is answering my questions, they've looked at my pictures even...I'm hoping to get this set up in the next few months, just waiting on my big 'ol settlement check (I was hit by a F1 50 ford truck walking) to come now to add to the money i have for this, I'm really hoping i get good results from this... I'm really nervous as well, hoping but Eva is answering my questions, and it's making me feel better...I've always wanted bigger breasts, I have a nice hourglass shape i think, and bigger breasts would make me feel SO much more confident about being in a bikini, or wearing a pretty dress without a bra...having to wear a 2 inch thick bra to make me look good in my clothes SUCKS even if my boyfriend accepts me as I am, I feel more beautiful when wearing it, but i want even bigger than the bra makes them, like D-cup or DD...I hope this goes good...Consulting online to give me an idea is helpful, traveling long distances isnt easy with a 1 year old, it will take some time to plan out, but i'm sure someone will help me after surgery, and watch her while i'm going to houston to try on implants & get the surgery...:/ So sick of feeling self-conscious!


Hi. I went from essentially 32-34 A to a D. My early pics are fairly scary....jump to the last. I am very happy.
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