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So, I had my consultation 11/7/13 with Dr. Paul...

So, I had my consultation 11/7/13 with Dr. Paul Vitenas in Pearland, Texas. After months of research on the pros, cons, procedure types, implant types, incision types, placement types, pre and post op medications, complications, and "Best Doctors", I decided to go with Vitenas who favors dual placement of Natrelle silicone implants.
The clinic and staff are wonderful and very personable. Prior to my consultation there was a phone interview with a patient coordinator, which really got me excited. So, I met Dr.Vitenas, had my fitting asked thousands of questions and recieved stellar answers. And......
My surgery is scheduled for 7:00a December 9th, 2013.
As of right now we are set for 397 Natrelle Silicone implants (again dual plane placement). My goal is to be a D cup but i want a naturally large appearance. I want that never need a pushup/padded bra again look. However, I don't want to be to top heavy.
My current Measurements are:
146.3 lbs
Bust: 34a/34b
Waist: 26 in
Hips/Butt: 42 in
Thighs: 24 in
Body Fat: 22%
muscular/toned build

1st Pre-OP

Just wanted to add pre-op photo. Oh and btw, my implant is 397cc Natrelle style 15
and i wear an xs shirt.

COUNTDOWN, 2 Days To GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First thing, I'm really excited I have to check-in at the hospital for surgery @5:15a in Pearland. So with my morning shower, shampoo, and traffic I will be awake at 4:00a Monday morning.
Next thing, I already have all of the items on my doctors Pre-Op shopping list. *thumbs up me* Including my prescriptions which will be going with me and my boyfriend to surgery.
This is kind of weird but this morning i think I had a little early Post Pardum this morning. I was looking at my old boobs in bed thinking "hey they've been good to me, and they're kinda cute". However, I have heard this is normal and I'm still one hundred percent confident in my decision.
Anyway, that's all only about 60Hrs till I head to get the girls!!!!!! :D
P.S.: Can't wait to be able to get back to my HerbaLife

all prepped for the or

Ahhh, I'm so excited I'm prepped for Surgery love this facility will give details later

Here they are.

Still a lil drowsy full update later. For now meet the girls
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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Im thinking about going to vitena. Can I ask you questions about your experience?
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I love him I had no swelling no bruising no pain didn't finish my first bottles of pain killers or muscle relaxers my scars look great I was back in the gym in four weeks and at full strength within eight weeks of surgery my boyfriend best friend and mom saw them uncovered and can't believe there not real they're so soft and bouncy love them and dr vitenas so much! I wouldn't recommend anyone else as a ps
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Oh wow that's awesome! I was talking to the coordinator on the phone and she says he does a different method where it doesn't hurt as much and you're able to lift your baby like the very next day. Would you say that's true?? I have a consultation in 2 weeks with him so I guess I could ask then. Wow back in gym in 4 weeks is great! Do you have a recent pic of what your results look like? I'm still debating back and forth between saline and silicone
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Sk!im_deep- You might be "able" to lift your baby the next day, but you shouldn't. You'll mess up your boob job! You can't lift more than 5 lbs for a set amt. Of weeks. VitenaS does great boob jobs, but you've gotta follow his rules. He's not the best for no reason
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They told me that is what Vitenas specializes in is you're able to lift a certain amount of lbs and your kid the next day. But I already went with a different doctor and had great results so far. And absolutely no pain from surgery whatsoever :)
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That's awesome! Do you think you'all update your photos?
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my photos? I have my review of my doctor and pictures on my page
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Do you have any more recent photos?
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Hi beautiful ! Happy healing! Big kiss
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Thanks lady
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You will arrive at boobieland before me!!! Mine is booked at 12pm :-( Anyways I'm sooooo excited ! Good luck and happy healing! See you in another side. Xoxo
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Your time is coming!! Good luck! xx
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I went with 375 on both sides and Im happy . I as looking for a natural look. I posted some perhaps Ill get brave tomorrow and post a full picture.
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Have you tried the other sizes yet? What are you going with?
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Yay!! It's almost your big day so excited for you girly your will Do great!!!:):) xoxo
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Thx, hon. I'm so excited I wish it was Sunday.
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Good luck to you too mine is tomorrow. Im excited but falling apart too... I'm about 1 34-36 A in a non padded bra... 158 lbs and 53.
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How exciting for you. Not long to go. Can't wait to see your results. Did your surgeon offer a varied amount of sizes? Or was that your own choice? Good luck...mine is on the 20th of December.
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I personally want to try 421cc because I'm afraid of losing volume with the 397cc dual plane but the concern is if I have enough tissue for 421cc
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