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Hi my name is Stephanie and I am 28 years old. I...

Hi my name is Stephanie and I am 28 years old. I am 5'2 about 135, bottom heavy. I have never really had any breast. Have definitley always wanted them. What girl doesnt. I have a 7 year old daughter. I guess after my pregnancy my breast have gotten a little saggy. i am a small B cup now. My goal is a big C small D. I am very nervous about being put under. I have never had any surgeries. My husband is very supportive but he is a man. I was wondering if anyone else is going or have gone through this feeling??

Hello ladies! Another day closer I'm getting...

Hello ladies! Another day closer I'm getting very anxious. My nerves have calmed down a bit since last week. Still a little nervous, but I know things will turn out great. This is all so surreal. I have always wanted bigger breasts, but never thought it would happen. I just cant imagine myself with boobies. : ) I pick my husband up tomorrow from airport. He works for oil company so he works for 3 weeks and is off for 3 weeks. Im glad he will be with me for this. I'm so exited.! This review board has been so helpful to me. All of the beautiful ladies on here are great. I am so happy to have stumbled onto this site. Another update soon..
Thanks Musical Soul! Those pajamas are soo cute and look very comfortable. I got a pair. You have been so helpful these past couple of days. You are such a sweet person..
Your day is so close! Congrats! :) The waiting for mine is killing me. I am having a hard time finding button up pj's as well, if you find some let me know since we are both in the Houston area. :) Good luck on the 14th and keep us posted!
HI Nicole! I know it is very close now so surreal. I still cant believe I am getting them done. I cant imagine myself with bigger breasts. I ordered some from Victorias secret. Musical soul put the link above. They were a little high so I only got one pair. She has been an angel. I also just went to Target and found some cotton ones pretty cute for $25.

Hello ladies!! Omg I cant believe tomorrow is the...

Hello ladies!! Omg I cant believe tomorrow is the big day. Been running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off. Im so exited!! Was getting a little nervous so I took a xanax. Better now. : ) I cant believe this is really happening. I always dreamed about it but now its real. Its crazy. Im so glad to have had the pleasure of talking to all of you ladies. Erika you have been soooo sweet and comforting. I cant wait to throw all of my bras away and cutlets in the garbage. No more pushups. I still cant imagine myself with breasts. I will update as soon as I can tomorrow. More pics soon. Thank you all so much for everything. Also my husband has been great Im so happy he is here. I know he's tired of hearing all about this. Well my nerves. I know everything is gonna be great. Well Im gonna try to get some sleep tonight. Have to be there tomorrow at 6:00 am surgery starts at 7:00 am. Yay.......!!! : )
Good luck on your big day tomorrow!! I will be thinking about you and all will go well!
Good luck tomorrow! I'm thinking good thoughts for you!
OMG!!!! TOMORROWS YOUR BIG DAY!!!! good luck to ou and keep us posted :)

Good morning everyone!! I'm on my way there....

Good morning everyone!! I'm on my way there. 5:00 am in Houston. Im glad they scheduled for so early. I'm actually pretty calm right now. An hour drive fun. I slept great last night. Surprisingly!!! I just want to say that there is a special place in my heart for all you ladies I have been speaking to. All of you are great. This review board has helped me get here to this calm state I'm in. Well I will post later on today.

Whoo!!! I have boobs. Can't believe I did it....

Whoo!!! I have boobs. Can't believe I did it. I was so worried for nothing! I love Dr. Straka he is amazing. That whole experience was great. Almost home. No pain just a little pressure. To be expected though. I have D's. I'm so happy. Can't wait to see them.

Oh yes and he put 450'ccs. I feel reat fo just...

Oh yes and he put 450'ccs. I feel reat fo just having surgery.I think the anticipation and waiting to go home afterwards was the worst part of the whole thing. I goe in tomorrow to get the bands taken off. Yayyyy! I cant wait to see them!! Everybody st the hospital was great.
You look amazing! Wasnt it such a breeze?! I wish I wouldnt have stressed out over it for so long. Hope your post op went well today. Keep us posted!
Yaaaaay! Congratulations! How exciting!
Congrats!! you look great!

Hello ladies!! So I finally have breats. As many...

Hello ladies!! So I finally have breats. As many women on here described it was a very quickly done. A blink of the eye (literally). We got to the hospital at 6:00am, and they took me right back. All of the nurses were great. They made me feel very comfortable. Its still doesnt feel real. I keep looking at myself in the mirror.I thought I was gonna need something to calm my nerves. Honestley I didnt. They did have a great leg massager. The anesthesiologist was great. He was very funny. I was so scared of getting put under for this procedure. Now I really feel silly. I think its natural to be affraid of the unknown. So once I woke up about an hour and a half later. I was in recovery and there was my nurse right by my side. I wanted to get up and walk around, So she only had me in there for an hour. Then I got to see my hubby and daughter. I was sooo happy to see them. My little girl noticed right away! Nothing gets by her. Lol. So this is 2 1/2 days out post op.I feel great. Breasts are definitley high tight and hard. So now its the waiting game again. Thats the worse part of all of this, the waiting before surgery and the waiting for them to drop. I got some milk of magnesia, it has not worked yet. I dont know if Im taking enough or not. Well I will have more updates soon.
Hi Erika!! Im doing great now. I have only been taking one pain pill when my script says two. So today I was really feeling it. So I took 2 and feel great. A little out of it at first, but good now. My boobs feel so heavy. I am eager for them to drop. It still doesnt feel real. I cant believe I did it. My hubby loves them. How are you doing. You are looking fabulous!!
How are you doing Stephanie? I've been thinking about you. Hope you are recovering well!
You look great! I just had a BL and BA this morning now home. Took on pain pill but my stomach is a little upset. I am all bandage up going to doctor in morning so will see them.. How are you feeling?

Day 3 post op feeling alot better. Chest still...

Day 3 post op feeling alot better. Chest still pretty tight. Thought I didnt need the pain pills anymore. I was wrong lol.They make me really itchy. I cant wait till these babies drop. I love them. I am happy with the outcome so far.I am so glad I finally did this for myself. I feel very silly that I was so scared. More pictures to come....
You are looking great Mrs. Lindsay in Houston. :)
I'm glad to hear you are doing well! I am doing sooo much better - and thanks for the compliment! I can't wait to wear cute outfits that I can actually fill out now! lol
How long did yours look scary?? Mine are so high on top and look crazy from the side.

Hello ladies!! I went in for my one week post op...

Hello ladies!! I went in for my one week post op visit. It went great. Dr.Straka took out the 2 stitches out of both sides. My incisions are healing very nicely. Also I thought he went 450 cc's, but he went 485 in my right and 485 in my left. Im so very happy with my results. I finally have boobs. lol. I cant believe it still. I know they have a long way to go. At least by summer they will be 100% right. He told me to start taking 800 mg of vitamin E. Also in a week to rub vitamin E oil or cocoa butter on the incision site. He taught my husband and I how to massage them. Omg the bottom half feels good, but massaging them from the top hurts soooo bad. Almost burns. So I am going bra shopping after school tomorrow so exited. I saw some really cute sports bras on Victoria's Secrets website. Have to try them on first. So I will be on here to update soon.

You are looking awesome! Thank you for saying how easy it is, my surgery is Fri and its hard not to say what if! Your review has helped me a ton! You look awesome, so happy for you :-)
I know exactly how you feel. I was driving my husband crazy with those feelings everyday. So when it was all done I felt so silly. They get you in there and it happens so fast. I didnt even have time to be nervous once i got there. If you do feel nervous just ask them to give you something to calm your nerves if they dont offer. Im so exited for you. It is so worth it in the long run. Oh and thank you for the compliment! :)
You look great!!!!

Well I havent posted for a while! My breasts are...

Well I havent posted for a while! My breasts are definitley dropping now. I absolutely love them. They are so big now. I was actually able to start sleeping on my side again. Finally. It kinda feels weird though. I massage every morning and every night. I have been rubbing vitamin E oil on them after my showers, and cocoa butter at night. I have not taken anything since the end of second week. Im just nott sure when I can really start working out again. I feel like I have gained a few pounds since my surgery. So far so good. I am posting a couple picsof them!! Well I hope all you beautiful ladies are doing okay. : )

It's been a while!  How are you doing?  I haven't been on here much lately myself.  Things are going really well with me!  I'm very happy with my results and am healing well.  Hope all is well with you :-)
Hey girl!! Im happy to hear everything is good with you. Everything for me is great. I love my boobs!! They are really nice and dropped now. I need to put some more pics on here.
I'm so glad I read your experience! I am so nervous about the procedure, and recovery. Your story helps to think I may be as lucky, and have a good experience! I have an amazing PS, so hopefully it all goes smoothly!
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